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Add Me to Search: Create Your People Card on Google Search

Add Me to Search: Create Your People Card on Google Search

Posted on : 24 January, 2024

The “Add me to search” query helps you to create a people card on Google and link it to social media, websites, and web pages from a single place. The current digital-centric world lets you establish a significant online presence to make personal branding the most crucial.

The quickest way to earn a presence on Google is through the ‘Add me to Google Search’ query. You can relate the people card to the virtual business card, which becomes visible on Google while somebody searches for your name.

Google People card is available to users in countries like India, Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa. But, to bypass this limitation you have a workaround and include yourself in the Google search.

In this blog, let’s explore the guide to create your people card on Google easily and manage the personalized people card.

What Are People Cards on Google Search?

Ensuring your presence in search results as a person could be riskier, particularly for those who are not popular or don’t share the same name with the network.

For those who search it could be challenging to understand the data about particular particular people if those people don’t maintain a good online presence.

Through people cards, Google focuses on addressing the following challenges. This virtual visiting card is where you can portray your social media profiles or the existing website that you wish the people to explore and the other personal information you want others to know.

Any business, professional, entrepreneur, influencer, job seeker, employee, freelance, or anybody who wishes to grow their online presence, scan design, or people cards.

While anybody you search for on the Internet has got a people card, you can find a module with their name and other personal information. Tapping on the module can help you to view the full card.

What You Need to Create Your Google People Card

Add me to Google Search requires the following:

  • A personal Google Account
  • Mobile browser/Google Search app
  • Web and app activity

Setting up and updating the Google profile card is easier. When you update your profile, it makes it easy for others to find your profile. To create the people card, you need information such as Google account email, name and about, profile picture, location, job title, links to social media, blogs, etc., and a summary about yourself.

Step by Step Process on How to Create People Card

Step 1: Input the query “add me to search” and on the top of the screen, you will find the option to create a people card. Choose ‘Get started’ to start creating your people card.

Step 2: Fill out all the required data. Enter the fields required such as name, location, about, and job. Below these fields, you’ll see another section to include additional information if you wish to add. In this optional field, you can add links to your social media profiles.

Except for phone numbers and email, you can enter the information manually for the most part. Google automatically adds the number and email fields with your Google account information.

Unless you change these fields in your Google account, you can’t change the number and email on the people card.

Step 3: Once you fill out the fields, you need to preview the card before it is live. After you become satisfied with how the card looks, you can save it which gets indexed in the search results.

Note: If you are located outside the countries where Google People cards are accessible, a VPN can help you set up your People cards.

How to Edit Google People Cards?

To edit people cards on Google search, the following steps can help you out.

Step 1: from the Google search, make sure that you are signed in with the related Google account. 

Step 2: Search for the option “ edit my people card”.

Step 3: On the top part of the people card, tap on the edit button.

Step 4: Click on the fields you need to change the information and make the changes.

Step 5: Check the changes at the preview button at the bottom.

Step 6: make sure everything is changed as you wish and click the save option.

How to Remove People Cards from Google Search?

Step 1: From Google search, find “edit my people card”. 

Step 2: On the page where you can add/edit or remove the information, scroll to the bottom section.

Step 3: Under the preview button, you can find a blue color line that says, ‘Remove my search card from Google’. 

Advantages of Adding My People Card Google Search

  • It enhances online visibility. People get a sneak peek of you while they search for your name.
  • As it is created by yourself, you can control what information the audience should know about yourself. This makes your profile essential and authentic.
  • You can link your social media to the people card which helps in increasing your reach.
  • This is an ideal way to portray your personal branding and also grow your networking possibilities.

Guidelines to Follow While Using Google People Cards

After creating your people card, you should keep it up-to-date to make sure it is showing in the Google search results. Even if a long time has passed and your card remains not verified or updated, Google can stop showing the card. 

You can edit what’s been shared on the Google People Card at any time from the ‘edit my People Card’ section or your Google search contributions page.

It usually takes a few hours for the People card to be displayed on the search results. But Google can’t guarantee that the cards of everyone will be shown.

The more information you feed, the more likely it is the people card shown in the search. So if the card has been shown up, even after stipulated hours, you can try editing it to add more information.

Content Guidelines for People Card

The content on the People card should be a true representation of your identity, and what you do. Your name should be what the others might end up with when they try to find you. Your profile picture should be a pic that is appropriate and recognizable. Don’t try to pretend, fake, mislead, or confuse people.

It should not contain solicitation or any form of ads. Don’t use subjective terms like ‘cheapest’, ‘only’, ‘best’, etc.

The content should not include any derogatory or comparative statements about other people, events, or any concerns. This should strictly avoid mentioning negative statements about the organizations or employers you belong to. 

It should not promote or support violence and unethical behavior. It should not include any vulgarity or inappropriate language, and shouldn’t support unlawful behavior.

It should respect the rights of people which contain privacy rights and intellectual property rights. Particularly don’t upload text or images that you don’t have the authority to use.

Google depends on the help of other users and algorithms to detect the fold or inappropriate content. After review the card is subjected to being permanently or temporarily disabled based on the information it might contain.

Add Me to Search: Things To Keep in Mind

Note that only people in specific countries with Google accounts are eligible to gain access to the Google People Card. You should enter the details like work title, full name, profile pic, address, and online profile links. 

You should also consider the privacy issues since the data you give will be accessible to everyone who makes your name search. Securing the professionalism and integrity of your profile is necessary through avoiding offensive language or photographs, and any sensitive information. 

You should maintain and update the Google people cards to make sure you and your abilities are portrayed appropriately. Following are the important points you need to know before you go to the ‘add me to Google search’ feature.

  • Ensure that the Google account is active and you have signed in.
  • Choose a self-service claim form from the Google Knowledge Panel. 
  • Fill in the information like name, location, occupation, profile pic, etc. 
  • Verify your identity either through Google search or through receiving postcards at your address.
  • After verification, the information will be displayed on Google search as a people card.

This process can take many weeks, and the availability differs based on the region. 

Improve Online Visibility through ‘Add Me to Search’ Feature

Google Pay Cards can be the most advantageous step towards establishing a strong online presence. When you create a Google people card and activate it, add me to the search option. You can give a summary of all your personal information which makes it easier for people to find you on search. 

Nevertheless, having control over the data and the Google search results can help you to enhance your reach. By diligently following the guidelines and the process, you can win control of your online identity and grow your personal and professional identity.

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