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Learning Management System

Leading organizations go for LMS systems to plan, deploy and evaluate the learning process. IPIX Learning Management System (IPIX LMS) helps to develop interactive and intuitive courses that make the learning experience fun-filled. Through features like gamification, points, etc;  we make learning more exciting. We also build innovative IT solutions with the e-learning platform through a powerful base in both research and technology.


Enterprise Resource Planning

An Enterprise Resource Planning system supports an organization,s business processes with an integrated, cross-functional software package. As a custom ERP software development company, we help companies manage workflows and processes in diverse industries so that they can work more efficiently. IPIX manufacturing ERP,s unique selling point lies in its ability to seamlessly integrate processes, boost operational efficiency, and enable informed decision-making through a user-friendly platform



IPIX is known for its expertise delivering top-notch e-commerce software cart services worldwide. We provide businesses with a wide range of powerful features for their diverse needs as an industry leader in advanced technology. An intuitive user interface, seamless integration options, and secure payment processing make setting up and managing an online store easy. The commitment to innovation and flexibility of IPIX makes it a top choice for businesses that intend to improve their online presence and increase their e-commerce success.


Project Management System

IPIX Project Management System, (IPIX PMS) aims at keeping track of every project and associated tasks while also considering the time spent on these processes. With the expertise of delivering the best IT services to businesses, IPIX PMS serves great to both managers and employees. The application login screen has two fields, where one is to enter the username and the other is to enter the password.


Customer Relationship Management

IPIX CRM is one of the most recognized CRM solutions in the marketplace. We are equipped with this unique platform that minimizes manual processes, scales sales conversion rates, and prompts quick decision-making with the help of a centralized customer data repository. Being your reliable IT solutions provider, we infuse technology into your marketing efforts, helping you improve overall productivity