Understanding the Effects of Web Design on Customer Experience

How your website looks and functions has a huge impact on a visitor's experience, and whether a visitor becomes a customer or not; which is why, effective web design is a crucial part of marketing strategy for any online business. When you understand how each aspect of your website design affects customer behavior, it can help you make improvements to enhance performance and revenues.

The Look

Looks do matter! A customer is going to judge you on this, make no mistake. You need to get a web development agency to update your website based on the contemporary design trends; otherwise it sends a message that you're not really bothered about the appearance. The trend today is neat, uncluttered design - too much color, too many images, too much text - is all passe'. Today's websites are all about :

  • Responsive design to provide seamless browsing to your customers regardless of devices used
  • Parallax scrolling to offer an engaging and exciting visual experience to visitors
  • Clear, crisp text that conveys your message succinctly
  • Easy to read fonts
  • Hero Images that provide a visual summary of the text below, and grab attention instantly
  • Multimedia elements like photos, videos, video animationor other interactive elements that provide instant information without resorting to bulky text

Who Are you?

Nobody likes engaging with a faceless company. A competent web developer will recommend that you tell your story - who you are, why you're in this business, what drives you, what your culture and values are, your CSR activities, and so on. Also include pictures of your employees, the workplace - everything that will show the visitor the human side of your organization. You can also highlight customer results - it will help convey that you are customer centric.


How user friendly is your website? An experienced website design agency will design your website in such a way that visitors to your website can find what they are looking for in the least possible time. For this, your site navigation has to be intuitive and simple. You can use either the breadcrumb method or drop down menus to ensure this. A drop down menu lets a visitor hover over a menu title to see the categories or products; the breadcrumb method adds the previous page of a visitor to the navigation bar when they click to a new page, letting them go back to that page whenever they choose. If customers don't find what they want quickly, they may abandon your site and go to another site with better navigation.


Quick load time is a golden rule of web development; if your site doesn't load in 2 to 5 seconds, you can be pretty certain that the visitor is going to leave; patience levels are pretty thin nowadays. A competent website development company will use lean code, avoid Flash, eliminate auto-play multimedia elements, optimize image sizes and use white space to ensure that your website loads fast.

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You need your visitors to convert to customers; but how will you make that happen? Getting traffic was just the first hurdle; getting them interested and engage with your website were the next hurdles; the final one is to get them to buy. The most important aspects of website design that affect customer decisions are:

  • Color: In your website, you need a color scheme - that we know. But when it comes to your CTA, or your selling proposition, you need to use a contrast, so that visitors can see it easily. For example, if you're using pastel shades throughout in your website, make sure your CTA buttons are dark or bright - attention grabbing

  • KISS principle: Stands for 'Keep it Simple, Silly'; clean, simple designs are best. There is no need for over-the-top graphics or images.

  • Easy Checkout: Make it a one-click operation if possible, or use the minimal steps. Get their contact details including email, but don't force them to create an account; allow guest checkout, but display a message that account creation makes for speedy checkout the next time.

Does your website design incorporate all these features? If not, it's time for a revamp. At IPIX Technologies, we help our customers to make sure their websites feature the latest trends, and are user friendly. As a top web design and development agency in India, we have nearly a decade of experience in helping our clients enjoy phenomenal online success.



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