Top Web Development Trends you can Expect in 2018

Web Development trends tend to change with lightning speed. This means that to survive and stay ahead in the industry as a web development company worth reckoning you need to stay on top of the major trends. At the beginning of the year, let's check out the trends that are likely to be dominant in the year 2018.


Less is more in 2018. Single page websites, static web pages, clean, uncluttered design - we're likely to see more websites of this type. The web development agencies across the globe seem to be going back to the basics: to the static pages of the early days. There is a move to simplify websites from the present dynamic web page structure, use more HTML, and reduce GIFs and Flash images. Also, single page websites, with a lot of scrollable content are marking their presence now. The biggest advantage of single-page websites is removing the need for navigation; however, the application for such sites is limited.

Progressive Web apps

Studies show that Smartphone users - who are in the billions already - spend around 89% of their time browsing mobile apps. It's only logical to expect that if websites were more like apps, more people would spend more time on them. Progressive web apps leverage the features of a web browser, with a mobile app interface. This will allow the user to work offline and receive notifications and it will load quickly and function more reliably. These web apps are easier to design than mobile apps, and can work for all users. They can be deployed and maintained without hassles - win-win for web app developers and users.

UI in motion

Interfaces allow developers to make a website more interesting and engaging, and show users specific actions or parts through the use of transitions or animations. This technology allows a great deal of customization, by giving the web development experts numerous choices to create an engaging and functional website. UI movements may include parallax scrolling, cloning, games on dimensionality, superpositioning, easing, obscuration and more.

Laravel 5.x

When it comes to website backend development, PHP is the go-to language for most developers, and has only increased in popularity with the release of version 7.x. Laravel, the PHP framework, has just released its version 5.x; industry experts believe this is going to trend HUGE in 2018, as it's the most commonly used open source PHP framework. This platform has readymade solutions to accomplish complex tasks. The development process also happens quicker, and is more reliable to boot.

Fluid Shapes and Gradients, and even more Video

Video is so much a part of websites that web development firms are now using video beyond just the main page. Their ability to deliver loads of information quickly and more engagingly will make their use even more popular in 2018; we can expect to see more video content on several inner pages. In keeping with the simplicity trend, web developers are using more fluid shapes with gradients. Tons of white space with large, soft shadows, animated CSS and typography - all this will be part of the website development space.

Consistency and Focus on End Users

Today's business organizations are focusing a great deal on really knowing their target audience - the end users. By engaging with them, businesses can learn about what really troubles them, what solutions they'd be happy with, what will truly delight them, and so on. This means that web development agencies will need to maintain consistency in the websites they create. They need to make sure that the company's message to its target audience remains consistent across the various channels they employ for the purpose; like say between its social media posts and mobile app. This consistency includes colors, design, fonts, language, tone, message, and more. At IPIX Technologies, we pride ourselves on staying abreast of the major trends in web development - and everything digital. Our team receives continuous training so that they are not just familiar with the latest tools and trends, but experts in them. Looking to revamp your existing website, or get a new one? Just call us; we would love to help you!

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