Things to Consider Before Launching Corporate Online Training

Things to Consider Before Launching Corporate Online Training

         With an up surging number of organizations adopting e-learning technology today, you have to be keen-eyed when you are on the verge to start a corporate online training program; you have to do lot of researches and identify training needs, develop proper planning, and of course, you will have to stick on to it! Here we discuss some important questions that you need to ask yourself before starting an online training program.

1. Are the learning objectives and course materials based on key business goals?

         When you create the content of the course, you must be responsible to ensure that the content of the course covers entire goals of the learning program. For that, before launching the e-learning corporate training, you should first make sure that the learning objectives have positive impact on business goals. In turn, learning objectives are based on employee’s needs and business goals.

2. Is this course tailor-fit for intended learners?

         Two biggest considerations in learning design are content of the course and context of learners. That is, the content should be professionally rich and easily understandable and also should address the learner’s context. Otherwise, learners won’t be able to apply learned things to their real time task. Whenever you create or design a course content, first thing you have to consider is your learner’s context. Hence, it’s better to work with a subject matter expert for content creation.

3. Are the assessments completely scenario based?

         At school level, there will be academic and standardized tests to know the status and performance of each student; same concept is important in online training courses to know the performance level of each employee.

         Scenario based assessments is important to address the learner’s context; assessment may also have to reflect the real-life scenario, as the main goal of training is to develop skills that needs to be applied in workplaces.

4. Whether the delivery means are adaptable to current needs of businesses?

         Another important thing is that, we need to ensure that the means of delivery can adapt to current business needs. Depending upon the learner and business, the means of delivery will vary. Some learners may access the course from a fixed place (Eg: office desktop) and some others may access it from different working fields. That is, the course must be accessible via all commonly used devices like mobile phones, tabs and so on…

5. Is it correct in grammar, spelling, and punctuation..?

         Any grammar or spelling mistakes present in the content may negatively affect the training program, as it may seem unprofessional and will give learners an impression that, you’re not refined in the language. These mistakes may also lead to the loss of confidence of your learners. Such mistakes can be eliminated by proofreading the content as many times as you can. Furthermore, you can ask some others to proofread your content to correct grammar, spelling and punctuation.

         From the above points, it is very clear that launching your e-learning training is not a stressful process. But a pleasurable hard working is mandatory for its final success. Hence, there is no possible excuse to miss the final check!

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