Must Have Features of LMS

Why we need a Learning management system?

  • LMS is a software application that allows instructors to create, manage and deliver online courses to their students.
  • They can also access the detailed reports & statistics to track the progress of the students.

Are you an LMS user? Does your LMS have all the features that you were looking for? Prior to buying an LMS, the user must make sure that the following features exist in the LMS.There are certain features that a Learning Management System must have. Some of these features are listed below.

Must have Features:

  1. Simple user interface.
    • The first thing an LMS should have is an interactive and simple user interface.
    • User should be able to create and attend online courses easily.
    • It must be user friendly.

  2. Customization and personalization.
    • The LMS should be customizable. Different institutes or users should be able to customize the LMS according to their needs, and in a way they can promote their brand.
    • The user should be able to personalize the LMS according to personal interest.
    • The user should also be able to personalize his/her account by changing the theme.
    • The user should be able to choose their online training activities and modules.

  3. Integrations - Social Learning.
    • Corporate learners should be able to access social media discussions through the LMS.
    • This allows them to interact, share and exchange information.
    • LMS should integrate these informal learning tools.
    • Corporate learners should be able to post their blogs in the system for course credits.

  4. Responsive Design:
    • The LMS should be accessible on any device
    • The learner should be able use it whenever and wherever he is
    • There should be downloadable contents so that the user can learn offline without an internet connection.
    • The progress should be updated when he logs in next.

  5. Powerful Reporting::
    • In order to keep track on various aspects of the LMS, it must have a reporting and analytics system.
    • It must also provide visual representation of the report so that the user can quickly adjust the online course accordingly.

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  7. Data security:
    • LMS should ensure complete data security.
    • It should have protected servers to keep sensitive data.
    • Encrypted protocols to prevent hacks.
    • Ask the vendor and previous clients about safety policies.

  8. Assessment:
    • LMS must also have an assessment system in order to check the engagement and progress.
    • The instructor must be able to evaluate the participation and performance of his learners.

  9. Certification:
    • Proper certifications should be given to the user based on their performance.
    • Must be able to keep up-to-date records in the event of an audit.

  10. Feedback systems:
    • It is the best way to gather opinions.
    • Ask corporate learners to post their feedback.
    • This system helps the user to make changes in the system according to the learner’s suggestions.

  11. Resource compatibility:
    • Your LMS should be compatible with your current resources.
    • All formats should be supported.
    • Migration of resources should be an easy process.
    • It should not make you change the format into another one in order to migrate.

  12. Collaboration tools:
    • It must provide you collaborative tools to include video conferencing software, add calendars etc.

  13. Gamification:
    • Gamification will engage and motivate users on their activity.
    • Users will be more interested and will get better participation with fun elements.

  14. Cloud Based LMS:
    • Cloud based LMS is an online learning system or e-learning which is available in the cloud.
    • The resources of the learning system are stored in a virtual environment
    • The resources can be accessed from various forms of web enabled devices according to the circumstances.

These are the must have features of an LMS. You must ensure all these features exist in your system before buying one.


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