How to Choose the Right SEO Keywords for Your Business

Digital marketing companies anywhere in the world will tell you that keywords have driven the growth of the internet for at least the past ten years. Google’s revenue of over $25 billion, is also due, to a large extent, to keywords. What you type in to search for products and services on search engines – those are keywords..

Companies optimize the various pages on their website for search by assigning keywords. This is why it is absolutely essential that you choose the appropriate keywords for your business. In fact it is crucial to the success of your digital marketing campaigns as well as for attracting organic search, and achieving a good ranking on the search engine result pages.

Only if you’re able to identify the keywords vital for your business, will you be able to effectively market your products and services to your target market. Here are some tips to help you pick out the best keywords for your business:

  • Think of the right phrase: keyword implies single words; but what we actually need is the right phrase; also sometimes known as a long-tail keyword. For example, if you sell healthy snacks, you need to have the phrase ‘healthy snacks’ as your primary keyword, and make it more specific by adding other words. For example, if you also sell gluten free snacks, you can have ‘healthy gluten free snacks’ as a keyword, and so on – you get the idea. Just ‘snacks’ will not serve your purpose at all
  • Look for keywords that drive the right traffic: Continuing with our earlier example, the term snacks may be highly searched for, but ranking high for just ‘snacks’ may not bring you the right traffic. You want those people who are looking for healthy snacking, so the more specific you can get the better. By ranking high for ‘snacks’ you may get a lot of visitors but if they are not interested in healthy snacks, they may just go away without buying. Not only is the competition for terms like ‘organic dry roasted peanuts’ much less (though it may not be the most searched, it’s more relevant for your business), it will also get you the right kind of visitors; your conversion rates will be higher!
  • Repeat, repeat: Use variations of your keywords repeatedly throughout your copy; for example: healthy snacks online, healthy snacks benefits, healthy snacks reviews, healthy snack brands. There is a very slight difference in the meaning but the eventual purpose is the same: to convey that you are among the best dealers for healthy snacks! Just ensure that you’re not just using those keywords for the heck of it. For example, if you use the term healthy snacks benefits, make sure, you mention a few benefits; if you use healthy snacks reviews, mention a couple of reviews left by customers, and so on.
  • Keywords should guide your content strategy: your keyword research reflects not only what users are looking for, but also how search engine deal with them. What you need to do is leverage the needs of users; when you know their pain points, you can create a great user experience by showing them how your products and services can help resolve those problems. For example, as a seller of healthy snacks, you can create content about how healthy snacks can help them lose weight, manage their sugar, lower LDL cholesterol, and so on. You can be sure that you will not only experience higher rankings and relevant traffic, but also enhanced ROI on your marketing efforts.
  • Consider tools: Google’s keyword research tool, wonder wheel (both free) , and word tracker (paid) are all valuable and helpful tools you can use to come up with the most appropriate keywords that can help you boost relevant traffic, increase conversions, and in turn, increase your revenues.

Talk to the professionals who are creating your website and handling your digital marketing campaigns, and work out a strategy for picking out the most relevant keywords for your business.

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