SEO Strategy for WordPress

Around 70 million websites are build with wordpress. It is the most popular content management system. If we take random 10 websites then there will be minimum 2 wordpress website. . You can decide or as your website.

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Post often : : Google will promote only high quality content which is updated frequently. For this you want to post more high quality content to your website.

Keywords : There are many keyword finder tool there which helps you to find the main keyword of the article. So you can focus on that keyword. Keywords help you to rank that page ni google for that specific words. So you will get more traffic to that webpage.

Url Setting to post name : By default, wordpress will set a url parameter that will post the url automatically. So change that and write custom seo friendly url.

SEO for

WordPress SEO by Yoast : Joost de Valk is a wordpress consultant and plugin developer. He created a plug-in which automatically preview the snippet which you can see the title and meta description. So you can easily find the mistakes or you can easily optimize by seeing the snippet. Also we can edit the htaccess, sitemap and integrate the social medias etc features are there.

All In One SEO : It also similar to yoast. In this plug-in also you can see the live snippet by giving meta description and title. You can edit the htaccess, sitemap, and also you can integrate the social media to the website. There are only little difference with yoast. You can choose the better seo plug-in by looking both.


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