Why You Must Have A Learning Management System..!

A Learning Management System is a software solution that helps organizations to manage, record, track, report and implement training programs or courses for employees. In certain industries, it is mandatory to conduct training programs for employees to ensure they are up to date on current regulations, developments, technical improvements and so on.

A centralized learning management system solution can help organizations to streamline and efficiently manage their training programs; they can engage more readily with learners, and content management and report generation becomes very easy. Reports will help you see whether you are achieving your goals vis-a-vis your training.

Though the 'Why' may change from company to company or industry to industry, there are certain common reasons why organizations need LMS software:

  • Ease of Administration: An LMS helps you to manage and administer the learning program with ease; it includes aspects like classroom, enrollments, trainers, course details and so on.
  • Centralized Solution: The learning management system can be implemented throughout the company, across all departments. It is streamlined, easily accessible and safe, and can be easily integrated with other systems in your organization- like your HR system, for example, and make sure that your data is always up to date. Centralized training solutions also ensure consistency of training quality, as there is one source for content, instructions and materials.
  • Access on the Go: Being cloud or web based apps, your courses and student information can be accessed regardless of the time or place you are in, and what device you use to access the app.
  • Boosts engagement: A learning management system is a very novel approach to education; it contains games, social media integration and other interactive and immersive features that attract and engage learners, especially the younger generation.
  • More accurate Reporting: An automated learning system eliminates the need for manual reporting, providing more accurate reporting and tracking features that allow you to evaluate the progress and development of a learner precisely. This will help you identify the more talented employees, and determine promotions, increments and so on. By integrating your LMS with CRM and HR systems, you can even support business reports, and engage better with vendors and clients.
  • Cut Costs: Learning management systems significantly reduce the time and costs required for travel, and resources. When you implement feature rich software like IPIX LMS, your implementation costs and annual expenditure is also much lesser in comparison to similar learning software.
  • Cultivate a culture of continuous learning: Healthy competition among peers will ensure that employees will be eager to learn and boost their skills and learning to come out on top when pitted against one another. This will obviously benefit the organization because they will have a highly skilled, knowledgeable workforce.
  • Meets GRC requirements: Many industries are mandated to train, evaluate, and report performances of employees to comply with regulations. IPIX Learning Management System can help you meet these GRC requirements.

How we can meet your LMS needs

IPIX Technologies, a top web development company, has a solid reputation for crafting exciting and immersive experiences for learners; IPIX LMS is feature rich, has customizable modules and reporting features, and has a user friendly, top-notch UX that has proven to drive results.


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