Watch Out For These Ecommerce Trends In 2018

Industry experts predict that revenues from e-commerce could cross $450 billion in 2018. With technology making giant strides, we're likely to see even more impressive innovations in this field, and consequently, more competition. Here are some trends that are likely to dominate the field and influence Ecommerce development in 2018.

Voice Search

The younger generation frequently uses voice commands to search and purchase online; in fact, experts estimate that about 40% of young Smartphone users use voice search, and they expect this number to go up even more. While the searches now are for simple stuff like ordering a meal, searching for movie timings and so on, we can well see people turning to voice search with more complex commands, for serious online purchases; we may even see a very minimal to zero use of the keyboard in the near future. Providers of e-commerce solutions need to take serious note of this trend, and ensure that the web pages are optimized and picked up by the search bots.

voice search

Video Content

Content continues to rule - especially visual content; in fact video is growing so fast, other channels are hard put to compete with it. The smarter brands will use more video content to stand above the competition. It enables companies to have a direct conversation with their target audience. New apps that allow easy and quick creation of simple videos, proliferation of live video- have all helped boost engagement with customers.

Rise of the Chatbots

Reading FAQs and sending emails to resolve customer queries is so yesterday, and so blah. No ecommerce development company today can afford to ignore this channel of customer service. The customers get the feel of talking to a company employee, and can access the customer help-desk almost 24/7; the company is able to provide this service to multiple customers round the clock: it's a win-win situation. Chatbots can also help customers make more informed choices by displaying personalized content, recommend ideal buying options and special deals, and gain valuable, actionable feedback from customers directly. As they are compatible with most messaging apps, there is a safeguard against app fatigue. Make no mistake; chabots are going to be HUGE in ecommerce in 2018, and fuel online business like never before.


Big Data and Analytics

Almost every action taken by a customer can be recorded and used for future decision taking- that action becomes data for businesses. Data thus recorded will enable e-commerce sites to understand their target audience better, and offer better service in the form of personalized recommendations, engaging experience and so on. Online entrepreneurs will have the intelligence that enables them to deploy the right type of marketing at the right time and to the right customer.

Multi-platform UI

Several customers start the online shopping process on one device, and end up making the actual purchase on another. We will likely see increased integration between the numerous online platforms and the devices used by customers to get there. It will therefore, be no longer enough to ensure UI/UX design on the website; ecommerce development companies will need to ensure seamless UI/UX of the ecommerce app across platforms, to create the feel of interaction with a single entity. Consistency in branding, designing, navigation, sales processes, payment gateways, advertisements and social media posts; neat, uncluttered and SEO friendly interfaces, relevant videos, sidebars, animations; heightened responsive design - all these are of crucial importance this year.

Increased personalization

Yes, in today's world, it's all about personalization, in every aspect of our lives; and in 2018, we're going to see it bigger and better. E-commerce development will soon see the inclusion of curated and personalized suggestions for purchase, based on not what others are buying, but solely on your personal habits and preferences. Yes, the buyer's journey is all set to become smarter this year.

Augmented Reality

What can be a more exciting way for marketers to engage with their target audience than through the use of AR? After all, it's fast, and it's simple, and it's engaging; everything the present generation wants. Experts predict that social networks will innovate to include AR in their platforms. Snapchat has started already, and others may follow soon. IKEA's app, 'Place' already enables projecting their products into homes via special filters, and other brands are likely to hop on this bandwagon. Ecommerce development agencies will need to start thinking of ways to incorporate this feature in their products.

Augmented reality

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