Top Website Development Companies

Top 100+ Website Development Companies

Official sources claim that in 2022, there are around 1.58 billion websites in the world and approximately 23 million Website Developers in the world according to 2021 survey. These numbers would hike per day or hour, as now and then a business shifts to online now. According to statistics and surveys, a normal user would spend about 5 seconds on average on a website content. So there is a massive competition taking place inside the field. You need an exceptional website with impressive design and relevant content to stand out and engage the right audience. Also, it should possess convenient business information and goals.

Technology has been fierce and it has contributed a lot to the internet world in terms of websites and many software applications. Every kind of business is trying to mark their digital presence to widen its market horizon with potential customers. For this, you need to depend on the best available Web Development Companies for they have come a long way through this with a full package of service including Software Development, Website & Mobile App Development, Software Product Development, and digital marketing.

If you're looking for an experienced, reputed and efficient company for your web development solutions, here are some of the best and brightest for you to choose from:


IPIX TECH SERVICES INDIA enquiry@ipixtechnologies.com
2007 www.ipixtechnologies.com

IPIX is one of the leading software & web development company with more than 13 years of experience in crafting world-class software solutions for major and minor businesses, located in India, USA & UAE. Providing bespoke, affordable, scalable and flexible solutions, IPIX has risen through the ranks steadily, carving a niche for itself in the industry, as a company to bank on.Being one of the most preferred and best development company in USA, their expertise is brimmed with reliable and dedicated team resource using advanced platforms. Their programmers are highly proficient in all the latest technologies like Laravel, Magento, Zend, Python,etc. and are capable of building complex websites with large numbers of API integration. Striving to work collaboratively with the clients their services include website/mobile app development, custom software development, e-commerce, along with software products like LMS, PMS, CRM, etc.


LOUNGE LIZARD New York, USA info@loungelizard.com
1998 www.loungelizard.com

Based in the USA, Lounge lizard has its working space in New York, Washington DC, and Los Angeles with over 25 years of experience in the field of website design and development. They are also leaders in digital marketing, mobile app development, social media marketing, etc. They possess a great service in the IT industry around the world providing sleek and user-friendly websites with advanced functionality and performance.


BLUE FOUNTAIN MEDIA New York, USA info@bluefountainmedia.com
2013 www.bluefountainmedia.com

They claim themselves as the best option for digital transformation you require to change the world. Blue Fountain has been an established firm headquartered in NewYork, USA and is specialized in providing end to end software solutions to their clients around the globe. Here, you can enjoy technology development services like mobile app and website designing and development, branding, digital marketing, digital strategy, SEO, etc.


ONE DESIGN COMPANY Chicago, USA info@onedesigncompany.com
2005 onedesigncompany.com

Assuring pure communication, One design is an experienced and passionate group of engineers based in Chicago. They are creative in providing every solution at its best being specialized in web designing and development, app development, branding, iOS and android development, etc. assuring comprehensive project management.


IFLEXION Denver, USA contact@iflexion.com
1999 www.iflexion.com

With over 2 decades of experience Iflexion provides end to end custom software solutions. They have been a trusted partner in the industry with 500+ customers across the world including Philips, PayPal, adidas, Shell, and more. Their service range includes enterprise software development, application integration, QA and testing, web app/mobile app development, etc. They comprise well versed engineers committed to offering flexible delivery and effective project management, creating unique solutions.


OXAGILE New York, USA usa@oxagile.com
2005 www.oxagile.com

Oxagile is a custom software development company based in Newyork, USA. With excellent expertise and a skilled team, they guarantee to deliver quality services and products. They have shown remarkable presence in web development, Custom software development, quality assurance, etc., with a flexible team to augment tailored solutions to ensure business development. Having 15+ years of excellence, they promise to drive in innovation along with cutting edge technology.


BIG DROP INC Los Angeles, USA start@bigdropinc.com
2013 www.bigdropinc.com

Collaborating with leading brands, they are multicultural teams dedicated to creating future proof digital experience. Apart from design and development, they proffer branding, digital marketing, support and hosting services. Big Drop expertise comprises a productive team of designers and mastermind engineers, creating innovative and memorable customer experience through dynamic strategies. Founded in 2013, they work across 5 global locations including Newyork, Miami and Los Angeles.


BRAINVIRE New York, USA info@brainvire.com
2000 www.brainvire.com

Based in South Jordan, BrainVire is one of the good firms sharing workspaces in the USA, UAE, and India. Known for specialization in custom ecommerce development, they have been providing all sorts of web development services like mobile apps, websites, gaming apps, ERP, CRM, etc.


ANDPLUS Texas, USA info@andplus.com
2015 www.andplus.com

Located at Southborough, AndPlus has been serving clients with reliable software product development and web application services. Having an experience level of more than a decade, they strive to offer a wide range of services in web solutions for mobile apps, web, IoT, firmware, big data, AI, ML, and many more advanced technologies.


BACANCY TECHNOLOGY Gujarat, India solutions@bacancytechnology.com
2012 www.bacancytechnology.com

Using advanced technology in the software development platform, Bacancy Technology is having an asset of 250+ professional developers. Based in India, USA, and UK, they proffer custom website and software services to fit the exact requirements of their clients. Being one of the most-preferred companies for website development they have been leading the position with a special technical team.


KONSTANT Rajasthan, INDIA sales@konstantinfo.com
2003 www.konstantinfo.com

This refers to the gathering of data about consumer behaviors, preferences, needs, buying patterns and so on. It helps marketing activities like fixing price, negotiating, enhancing product features, and building strong customer relationships as this data can be leveraged to provide customers a tailored and enhanced purchase experience.


SPARK INFOSYS Telangana, INDIA kishore@sparkinfosys.com
2006 www.sparkinfosys.com

Within a short time, this company has gained a name for itself in the industry for its solid knowledge of domain technology. They specialize in developing tailor-made websites that suit the requirement of your businesses. Based in Hyderabad, Sparkinfosys is also skilled in digital marketing, and provide services to small and medium businesses at affordable prices.


INDIA NIC Ahmedabad, INDIA hello@indianic.com
1997 www.indianic.com

With more than 10 years of experience under their belts, India NIC offers affordable website development services that will help you establish a robust online presence and grow your business. They are adept at identifying the exact customer requirement, and a great deal of planning and strategizing goes into their development work. They provide superior offshore web development and mobile app development services. They have professionals who are expert in technologies like Zend, Python, Laravel, Mongodb, Elastic Search and more.


BOLDARE Warsaw, POLAND hello@boldare.com
2004 www.boldare.com

A Poland based firm with dedicated and organized web developers committed to providing web and mobile app development, UI/UX designing, code audit and UX audit, prototyping, MVP, ML, digital transformation, etc. Integrated with highly skilled and flexible expertise they have around 14+ years of experience in the IT industry. They are specialized in building responsive business websites and software applications, with high load back-end, and complex workflow.


AALPHA INFORMATION SYSTEMS Karnataka, INDIA contact@aalpha.net
2007 www.aalpha.net

Aalpha is an Indian based software outsourcing company since 2007, having offices in the US. They are specialized in IT services and solutions, including web/mobile app development, e-Commerce development, and custom software development. Apart from this, their service area is vast and offers AR & VR Solutions, eLearning & Online Training, Omnichannel Solutions, MVP Development, IoT Solutions, SaaS Development Services, Blockchain Development, etc.


ALTOROS California, USA barry.w@altoros.com
2001 www.altoros.com

The base experience of 19+ years makes them one of the top website development companies located in the USA, Norway, Finland, Argentina, and Eastern Europe. Their committed service using advanced technology and irreplaceable methodology makes them unique and trusted with 1400+ successful projects. Their service range includes custom software development, cloud consulting, BI & big data consulting, blockchain, and artificial intelligence.


MENLO California, USA info@menlo-technologies.com
2010 www.menlo-technologies.com

They possess a team of technicians committed to offering the best services in software development and all web applications like cloud applications, mobile applications, etc. integrating the latest design and technologies. Based in the USA they are having seven enterprises in India and South America. The company has been listed as leading web development companies for their strong service in helping the clients in their business growth.


MAGORA London, UK info@magora.co.uk
2010 magora-systems.com

Magora is a UK based company which provides quality services in software and web applications with talented professional website and app developers. They comprise ambitious people working closely with their clients to deliver what they exactly need with the best outcome. They are one of the Top 10 developers in the UK with their user-friendly software solutions.


NEXEVO Bengaluru, INDIA info@nexevo.in
2012 www.nexevo.in

Nexevo is a premier web development solutions provider in India, and they have immense experience in designing responsive, attractive and efficient websites by leveraging the latest web technology. Customer requirements are considered at every stage in the development process. They are also specialized in logo designs and mobile app development.


RADIXWEB Ahmedabad, INDIA biz@radixweb.in
2000 radixweb.com

One of the oldest web development firms in India, Radixweb keeps abreast of trending technology, and apply their domain expertise and efficient processes to provide their customers with the best web experience. The in-depth analysis performed by their IT consultants and business analysts about the customer's needs helps them to roll out awe inspiring websites, that perform as amazing as they look. Till now, they have delivered over 2500 projects, and deal in custom software, web applications, cloud consulting, enterprise mobility and so on. They count XEROX, Ricoh and the New York Times among their customers.


HUMAN Zagreb, CROATIA hi@humaninteraction.com
2001 www.humaninteraction.com

Founded in 2001, Human is a design and software development company headquartered in Zagreb, Croatia, and has expanded its office in Osijek, Croatia. Their team of more than 50 professionals is well backed and experienced in mobile app development, digital strategy, web development, and UX/UI design.


INTUZ San Francisco, USA getstarted@intuz.com
2008 www.intuz.com

Rolling out over 1500 projects in just over a decade is no mean achievement and all credit to the savvy programmers at Intuz. Their main specialities include CMS, enterprise and custom app development. By implementing the Agile methodology and using a highly collaborative approach , Intuz has been successful in handling complex projects across industries. Cambridge Publications and Songwriter Pro are among their impressive customer pool.


CYBER WORX New Delhi, INDIA info@cyberworx.in
2013 www.cyberworx.in

Cyber Worx has years of experience in designing interactive websites and ecommerce sites to help businesses make their mark online. This Delhi based company has certified programmers who have created impressive websites, web applications and mobile applications for 500 companies.


RUBY GARAGE Dnipro, UKRAINE info@rubygarage.org
2012 rubygarage.org

A Ukrainian web development company having branches in the USA, UK, and eastern Europe. Their services in the field includes all software solutions like website and mobile app development, UI/UX designing, testing, Minimum Viable Product, Spree Commerce, Ecommerce, Marketplace, Code Review, Outsourcing, etc. They also assist entrepreneurs in setting up start-ups with robust technology and care for their success.


NMG TECHNOLOGIES New Delhi, INDIA info@nmgtechnologies.com
2008 nmgtechnologies.com

This web development company's clients are made up of 50% repeat customers; once they come to NMG, they don't seem to look for another company. Their web developers create powerful, scalable custom web solutions that help businesses increase conversions and boost revenues. They also have the expertise to transform legacy systems to make it more appealing to the current generation by crafting innovative interfaces. Their big clients include Nikon and Bacardi.


LUMINARY Melbourne, AUSTRALIA hi@luminary.com
1999 www.luminary.com

Based in Australia, Luminary is a digital marketing company that provides UI/UX design, digital strategy, content services, and web development services. Since 1999, they have served various industries like finance, consumer product, services, education, etc.


UVIK SOFTWARE Chernivtsi, UKRAINE info@uvik.net
2015 uvik.net

Since 2015, UVIK has provided its clients with full-cycle software solutions with a team of skilled niche developers. Their service range includes UI/UX design, mobile app development, project management, web development, etc. The company is based in Ukraine and has been digitizing industries with web solutions. Their client scale spans across educational, health care and medical, media, and financial industries.


HUSTLR SINGAPORE hello@hustlr.com
2018 www.hustlr.com

Founded in 2018, HUSTLR is a digital agency based in Singapore. They offer web development and design services, SEO, Content marketing, e-Commerce, and Data analysis. Their clients include various local and international companies from education, consumer products, and many more industries.


BUTTERFLY Melbourne, AUSTRALIA melbourne@butterfly.com.au
2006 www.butterfly.com.au

Being specialists in web design and UX, Butterfly is a digital agency founded in 2006 based in Melbourne, Australia. They comprise 40 experts specialized in web development, hosting, marketing, mobile app development, and digital strategy.


WEBPUPPIES DIGITAL SINGAPORE contact@webpuppies.com.sg
2000 webpuppies.com.sg

Having 20 years of excellence in the web development industry, WebPuppies Digital is a Singapore based company with around 50+ professionals working in coordination. They provide all software solutions, including e-commerce development, mobile app development, web design, system integration, and AR/VR development services with a promised delivery of products and values.


EZRANKINGS Noida, INDIA contactus@ezrankings.org
2010 www.ezrankings.org

Based in India, EZ Rankings is a digital marketing company offering custom and effective software services. They are also located over the USA and strive to create unique websites to match their clients' business. Their primary service range includes SEO, Social Media Optimization, Online Reputation Management, App Store Optimization, Pay Per Click, Web Design & Development, and more.


WILLOWTREE North Carolina, USA info@willowtreeapps.com
2007 willowtreeapps.com

WillowTree is a leading mobile and digital product agency located in the USA since 2007. They comprise a team of skilled mobile strategists, UX/UI designers, and developers. From Web App Development and designing, their services include Product Strategy, Prototyping & Concept Development, Product Design, iOS/Android App Development, SAP Development and have successfully delivered more than 1000 mobile and digital solutions to various leading enterprises and industries.

33. ABOVE1

ABOVE1 SINGAPORE sales@above1.com
2006 www.above1.com

Since 2006, Above1 has been contributing innovative ideas with advanced technology and designing skills. It is a Singapore-based company specialized in e-commerce, content management system, online store, and custom web development. They promise to help clients with high ROI, from startups to large enterprises. Their primary services include e-commerce solutions, SEO, web maintenance, mobile app development, search marketing, and Facebook marketing.


CKDIGITAL Lagos, NIGERIA info@ckdigital.net
2011 ckdigital.com

CK Digital is a Nigerian web design and graphic design company. They are known for its excellence and reputation for providing efficient and result oriented web solutions. With excellent knowledge and substantial experience in the industry, they have created websites, digital marketing services, branding, and various training programs.


VAIMO web development Stockholm, SWEDEN info@vaimo.com
2008 www.vaimo.com

Specialized in web development services, Vaimo is based in Stockholm, Sweden, founded in 2008. Their mission is to develop unique, reliable, and user-friendly websites to brand your identity. Their services are e-commerce development, Cloud hosting, optimization programs, digital strategy and consulting, UX & Designing, and support and SLA services. Having around 300+ digital and ecommerce experts, they span across 15 different countries.


INVERITA web development Lviv Oblast, UKRAINE contactus@inveritasoft.com
2015 inveritasoft.com

InveritaSoft helped their clients build their brands to stand out in the crowded market, creating a better impact on customers and services. Based in Ukraine, they are also located in the US and count various global brands among their clients. They achieved wide success and popularity in multiple industries with cloud and development, software development, product design, and testing services.


CONCEPT STUDIO web development Yerevan, ARMENIA info@conceptstudio.am
2008 conceptstudio.com

Based in Armenia, Soviet Republic, ConceptStudio is a branding company with a dedicated team to focus on innovative web development and creative product designs. They proffer fully-fledged support throughout a project life cycle to help significant brands create their brand image and reach a grand success. Promising a bespoke experience, they specialize in digital strategy, e-commerce, branding, and creative web design services.


ENKONIX web development Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS info@enkonix.com
2016 enkonix.com

Since 2016, Enkonix has been transforming into a large team of engineers sharing a vision to provide design and development services for their clients' seamless workflow. Located in the Netherlands, Ukraine, Australia, and the USA, they develop strategies connecting engineering services to support clients throughout their projects. Over the past years, they have been developing reliable and premium products with expertise in e-learning, healthcare, e-commerce, advertising, finance, sharing economy, and many more.


MERIXSTUDIO web development Poznań, POLAND contact@merixstudio.com
1999 www.merixstudio.com

Established in 1999, Merixstudio is a Poland based company providing front end and web development services. They serve various industries, from international brands to small startups. A full-stack team of 150+ developers resolves complicated projects to deliver high-quality web applications and services on time. Being a one-stop software development company, they offer Mobile app development, game development, product design, and UI/UX design.

40. 10CLOUDS

10CLOUDS web development Warsaw, POLAND hello@10clouds.com
2009 10clouds.com

Specialized in Fintech and Blockchain development, they are 100+ passionate and experienced developers based in Poland. 10Clouds has long-term experience designing and developing web and mobile applications for 90+ businesses for their worldwide clients. Since 2009, they have built agile software development, project management, testing, digital products, edutech, and health tech.


IT CONSULTIS web development SHANGHAI, CHINA contact@it-consultis.com
2011 www.it-consultis.com

Since 2011, IT Consultis has been an IT consulting company based in Shanghai, China having around 70+ employees. Their service range includes web development and designing, e-commerce, and IT consultation like CRM, web development, and custom software development. They are also located in Singapore and Vietnam, coordinating with global brands around the world.


UMBRELLA IT web development Taganrog, RUSSIA hello@umbrellait.com
2009 umbrellait.com

Headquartered in Russia, Umbrella IT is a web development company founded in 2009 that provides various software solutions like mobile app/ web development and design, QA and testing, MVP development, customer development, and UX design, etc. With around 150+ professionals specialized in Big Data analytics, ML, and consulting services, they span across the US, Canada, and Netherlands.


MIQUIDO web development Kraków, POLAND hello@miquido.com
2011 www.miquido.com

Miquido is known for its data-driven software services with a successful history of accomplishing 100+digital products for various industries like M-commerce, fintech, etc. Their team excels in web/mobile app development, UI/UX design, Research & Development, product design & strategy, AI, cloud deploying, etc. They are based in Poland and located across the UK, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.


Digital Cover web development Lyon, FRANCE contact@digital-cover.fr
2012 digital-cover.fr

The Digital Cover is a web development company based in Lyon, France, specialized in digital communication, branding, etc. Since 2012, they have been active in the industry creating new insights, innovative solutions, and project management. They serve in various fields that include web development services, web marketing, SEO, UI/UX design, communication, and digital strategy.


DNA TEAMS web development Moscow, RUSSIA office@dnateam.io
2014 www.dnateam.io

DNA Teams is a Russian based web development company offering website/ mobile app design and development. Founded in 2014, they comprise 20+ expert developers flexible to work with various industries like IT, business services, advertising, and consumer products. They also share workspace across the USA and Europe and offer solutions in blockchain, cybersecurity, ML, CRM, etc.

46. DEPT

DEPT web development Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS amsterdam@deptagency.com
2015 www.deptagency.com

Founded in 2015, Dept is a web development company in Amsterdam, the Netherlands comprising a vast team of 1300+ talented engineers. They offer services in UX/UI design, and mobile app development, brand strategy, content marketing, and SEO to all midmarket and large enterprises around the globe. They have workspaces in over 13 countries across Europe and the USA, including Boston, Berlin, and Manchester, etc.


POWERCODE web development Kiev, UKRAINE contact@powercode.co.uk
2015 powercode.co.uk

Since 2015, PowerCode has been experts in web development services with a strong team of 66+ professionals. It is based in Ukraine and has over six workspaces in over five countries, including the UK, US, Germany, China, and Ukraine. They specialize in software development services, branding, IT consulting, web and mobile app design and development, etc., for various large and small industries such as business, finance, etc.

48. 69 PIXL

69 PIXL web development FRANCE contact@69pixl.com
2014 69pixl.com

Supporting clients with improved efficiency and productivity is the mission of 69Pixl. It is a web development company in Lyon, France developing custom software solutions since 2014. They have a well-versed team to provide digital solutions using unique themes and collaborative tools to digitize businesses. Their service range comprises web and mobile app development, UI/UX design, consulting, digital strategy, etc.


ATTRACT GROUP web development Odessa Oblast, UKRAINE sales@attractgroup.com
2011 attractgroup.com

With an experienced team of 43+ developers, Attract Group is a web development agency in Ukraine. Since 2011, they have been trusted partners in website and mobile app design and development, e-commerce development, Project management, MVP development, marketing, cloud services, and more. They also share offices in Las Vegas, the US, and Amsterdam.


GLIGX web development Dubai, UAE info@gligx.com
2010 www.gligx.com

Based in UAE, Gligx is a global software development company founded in 2010. They specialize in Artificial intelligence, website design, development, Mobile app development, Digital marketing, IT consulting, and web hosting. They work for all startups and enterprises as well as delivering the best and unique user- centric solutions. They have a stable and flexible team of around 50 experts to work in coordination with their clients.


WEBALIVE web development Melbourne, AUSTRALIA info@webalive.com.au
2003 webalive.com.au

Headquartered in Melbourne, WebAlive is a web development company and digital agency offering web design, mobile app development, e-commerce, and online marketing services. It was founded in 2003 and has now widely expanded its workspace to Melbourne and Sydney in Australia, UK, Canada, and the Middle east. Working for various industries, they comprise a team of 100+ employees and accomplished around 1000 and more projects until now.


COMMENCIS web development Istanbul, TURKEY hello@commencis.com
2000 www.commencis.com

Commencis is a Turkish digital agency founded in 2000, providing seamless web development services. With 20+ years of experience, they have 200+ experts working closely with clients around the world. They share offices in Istanbul, Izmir, London; UK, and Berlin; Germany. Their services in different fields include mobile app development, web development, UX/UI design, and cloud services for various industries like banking, consumer goods, transportation, and retail.


MENTALSTACK web development Taganrog, Russia hello@mentalstack.com
2016 mentalstack.com

Mental Stack is a software development company located in Taganrog, Russia comprising around 60+ trained and experienced professionals. With three offices in the country, they serve various sectors of midmarket and large groups. Their services include web development, mobile app development, research and development, consulting, automation, QA and testing, and UX/UI design.


BELITSOFT web development Minsk, BELARUS info@belitsoft.com
2004 belitsoft.com

Since 2004, Belitsoft is a renowned software development company that serves a range of industries and businesses based in France.They serve well-established companies and small startups in various fields like IT, education, and business services sectors. It has about 140+ employees skilled in web development, web design, custom software development for healthcare and finance sectors, and e-learning.


AgileTech web development Hanoi, Vietnam contact@agiletech.vn
2015 agiletech.vn

Since its start, AgileTech Vietnam is a renowned web development company providing peer services to their clients. They are a reliable software solution provider for every business based in Hanoi, Vietnam. With five years of excellence, they specialize in services like AI- BigData, blockchain, digital transformation, testing, and website/mobile app development.


Orange soft web development Belarus, Russia hello@orangesoft.co
2011 orangesoft.co

Located in Belarus, Orange Soft is a European mobile app and web development company offering services to businesses of different sizes and themes. Completing around 250 projects, the firm developed its expertise in delivering end to end digital solutions. Since 2011, with 60+ experienced employees, they are specialized in core services like Android & iOS app development, web development, UX/UI app design, business analysis, QA, and testing.


CodigoDelSur web development Montevideo, Uruguay info@codigodelsur.com
2007 codigodelsur.com

CodigoDelSur is one of the best mobile app developers in Latin America. They have provided expert software solutions since 2007 with a professional team of 75 developers and designers. Incorporating advanced technology, they create outstanding digital products for large enterprises and startups, including Software, Web & App development, UX/UI design, demand generated marketing, digital marketing, QA, and enterprise apps.


CodigoDelSur web development Skopje, North Macedonia wonderit@wonderit.io
2019 wonderit.io

WonderIT is a full-stack web development firm established in 2019. Located in Belarus, Europe, they provide the finest solutions to all types of businesses comprising all expertise and platforms. Their services include Web apps development, Mobile apps development, SAAS, Data Analytics, Enterprise apps, and Spreadsheet automation.


ALTAR.IO web development LISBON, UK lisbon@altar.io
2015 altar.io

Based in Lisbon, London, and Milan, Altar.io is a well-known product and software company that builds products and services for entrepreneurs and businesses. They are passionate about what they do and deliver high-quality premium products to their clients. Their services include Custom Software Development, Web and Mobile Development, Big Data Analysis, AI Applications, etc.


SELLEO web development Bielsko, Poland hello@selleo.com
2005 selleo.com

Selleo is a website and mobile app development company founded in 2005. With a talented team of 60+ professionals, they are specialized in custom software development, e-commerce development, UX/UI design along with business, advertising and marketing services.


DEVRIX web development Sofia, Bulgaria +359-877-485-898
2010 devrix.com

Devrix is a website development company located in Sofia, Bulgaria with 30+ employees and have work space in New York. With 10 years of experience they are specialized in web development, web design, technical wordpress development, marketing assistance, and digital strategy services.


CODICA web development Tallinn, Estonia hello@codica.com
2015 www.codica.com

Codica is a web development company headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia, founded in 2015. They specialize in peer technology and innovation, especially Ruby on Rails, Angular, React, and Vue.js. They are committed to creating reliable, user-friendly, and high-performance web products. Their talented engineers provide various solutions like Custom Software Development, SaaS Development, Marketplace Development, PWA Development, MVP Development, and UX/UI Design.


SENLA INC web development Oryol, Russia sales@senlainc.com
2012 senlainc.com

Senla is a software development company providing reliable support services for all sorts of businesses. With an experience of eight years, they offer services in software development, mobile app/web development, QA and Software Testing, IoT Development, and blockchain. Founded in 2012, they comprise 350+ engineers with workspaces in Belarus, Israel, Russia, Croatia, and Lithuania.


GENOLIS web development North Ryde, Australia info@genolis.com.au
2000 genolis.com.au

Genolis is an Australian website development company since 2000, delivering custom software solutions and consulting services. With two decades of experience, their experts are skilled in creating innovative and scalable web solutions for startups and enterprises at competitive pricing. They provide software and mobile app development, business intelligence and reporting and database applications, cloud-based development services.


ESTER DIGITAL web development Tallinn, Estonia hello@ester.co
2015 ester.co

Since the start, Ester Digital is a leading web development firm in Switzerland with five years of experience. We have a well-versed and experienced team of developers, designers, artists, full-stack engineers, and DevOps. They work flexibly as per the requirement of clients and serve various industries of various sizes. Their service range includes business strategy, UI/UX Design, Graphic Design, and Development.


BAMBOO AGILE web development Tallinn, Estonia contact@bambooagile.eu
2011 www.bambooagile.eu

Headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia, Bamboo Agile has an experience of more than a decade of service quality IT solutions for their clients across the world. Located in Minsk, Belarus, they are experts in telecommunications and GIS, Shopify solutions, security solutions, and more. The services provided by their team comprise MVP development, Custom Software Development, Custom Integrations, Web Solutions, Mobile App Development, and Performance Analysis.


NEXTAPPS Poznań, Poland contact@nextapps.pl
2015 www.nextapps.pl

Next Apps is a web development company based in Poland with a decade of experience in the industry. They are unique in delivering mobile app solutions connecting businesses and lead them to reach success with productive and progressive growth. Apart from that, they offer services in web applications, IT consulting, performant mobile apps, cloud services, fintech, and offer migration of existing business architecture to the cloud.


IT CRAFT Ukraine site@itechcraft.com
2001 itechcraft.com

Located in Germany, Canada, the US and Estonia, IT Craft is a Ukrainian IT development company providing web and mobile app development solutions. Since 2001, they have been priding over productive services with 280+ employees, 19 years of excellence and 2250+ projects. They offer various custom Software Development services including MVP Development, System Administration, DevOps, Code Inspection, and Automated Testing.


CYBERCOM GROUP Stockholm, Sweden info@cybercom.com
1997 www.cybercom.com

Cybercom Group is one of the leading software development firms based in Stockholm, Sweden located over various countries like Denmark, Finland, Poland, and India. With an experience of 23 years their developers strive to provide best available services in web development, custom software development, mobile app development, Sustainability and business design, cloud services, product and service development, etc.


PEDRERA Doylestown, Pennsylvania hello@pedrera.com
1997 pedrera.com

Being one of the best web development companies in the US, Pedrera is headquartered in Doylestown. Since 1997 they have been offering cutting edge solutions in strategy and consulting, user experience design, web development, web security, performance optimization and UX/UI design. Pedrera is known for its non-profit website services that provoke their clients to keep coming with a long term relationship.


LFORM DESIGN Montclair, New Jersey 973.233.3333
2005 www.lform.com

LForm Design is one of the top digital marketing agencies located in Verona, New Jersey, and New York. Having a wide experience level of 15 years, they provide services including content marketing system, web design and development, SEO, Inbound marketing, corporate branding, and more. Their expertise is high in skilled technicians to focus on B2B manufacturing companies and consultancies in particular.


ANNERTECH Dublin, Ireland hello@annertech.com
2008 www.annertech.com

Since 2008, Annertech has been a web development agency in Dublin, with a vibrant team of experienced engineers working for various businesses and industries. They are committed to delivering the best available solutions when it comes to software services. Their expertise is excellent in web development, CRM consulting and SI, UI/UX design, and e-commerce development. They specialize in web development, digital marketing, strategy services, CRM consulting & SI, web design, and e-commerce development services.


NEUSOL Dubai, UAE info@neusol.com
2010 www.neusol.com

Founded in 2010, Neusol LLC is a top web development company based in Al Nahda, Dubai. They comprise 50+ employees and share workspace in Melbourne, Riyadh, Karachi, Canada, and Abu Dhabi. Their talented professionals offer custom software development, mobile app development, hosting, SEO, Social Media Content, Cloud Services, and IT Consultancy to small and mid-market industries. They have expertise in technology and has considerably increased with a strong base of experience.


VERGE SYSTEMS California, USA info@vergesystems.com
2011 www.vergesystems.com

Verge Systems is a software developer based in California founded in 2007 with more than 80 employees. They have offices in the US, Canada, Pakistan, and Australia. Their expert technicians provide IT consulting services like cloud consulting & SI, Web Human Resource, Cloud-based financial management apps, and Cloud-Based Complete Solution for educational institutions. Verge offers services to various industries in business services, education, financial services, and other industries.


XDESIGN Edinburgh, Scotland hello@xdesign.com
2010 www.xdesign.com

Since 2010, xDesign is a web design and development company based in Edinburgh, UK. It has a well-versed team of 50+ skilled engineers providing unique solutions among web development and mobile app development services. Apart from development, they have specialists in Discovery & Estimations Workshops, Product & Technical Consultancy, UI/UX, Prototyping & User Research, and Digital Innovation like AR/IoT.


POPART STUDIO Novi Sad, Serbia art@popwebdesign.net
2010 www.popwebdesign.net

PopArt Studio is a digital web development agency based in Novi Sad, Serbia. Founded in 2010, they have a team of 27+ employees specialized in web design, development, and UI/UX design. They coordinate with various businesses in IT, eCommerce, and marketing industries to improve their digital business. Working in around 61 countries, they have accomplished about 11000+ projects.


INTEGRAL VISION Budapest, Hungary hello@integralvision.hu
2009 integralvision.hu

Being one of the best web design and development agencies in Budapest, Hungary, Integral Vision has grown into a full-fledged Drupal-based website and mobile app developers. Founded in 2009, they serve mostly the European markets. Integral Vision's service ranges entirely around web design, web development, and UX/UI design. Other than Drupal, they have significant service experience in Vue.js, Node.js, and Solr technologies.


DIGITALYA Iași, Romania hello@digitalya.co
2014 digitalya.co

Digitalya is a digital product development company based in Romania. Founded in 2014, they are also located in Switzerland. They help the clients reach success with their digital products and supporting them at every point of the development stage. The team believes that simplicity and clarity pave the way to a successful digital product and those two are present in each step of the development process. Services Provided by Digitalya includes startup Product Development, Dedicated Development Teams, Digital Marketing, Digital Transformation, Mobile App Development, Product Strategy Workshop, MVP Development, and Web Application Development.


CVISIONLAB Rostov Oblast, Russia info@cvisionlab.com
2009 www.cvisionlab.com

The primary focus of CVisonLab is developing computer vision software with deep research and state of the art technology. Since 2009, they are a group of established web development company based in Vietnam, Russia. Expertise in image processing, pattern recognition, and machine learning, their developers have years of experience in research (image processing, image retrieval, machine learning, statistics, neural networks) and web development (C/C++, Python, Matlab, CUDA, Distributed and Cloud Computing). Service offered by them includes Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Big-Data, Computer vision and Custom-Built Computer Vision Software.


INOXOFT Lviv, Ukraine contact@inoxoft.com
2014 inoxoft.com

Inoxoft is an international software development company based in Lviv, Ukraine sharing workspaces in Israel and the USA. Founded in 2014, they deliver custom software solutions for enterprises and startups. They help their clients improve and develop business through digitization and technical expertise. Their highly-skilled mavens offer services like Mobile/Web Development, Cloud Development, UI/UX Design, and QA services.


INGIC Dubai, UAE clutch@ingic.ae
2010 www.ingic.ae

Ingic is one of the leading web development companies in the UAE providing web and mobile apps. With an experience of 10 years, their developers strive to deliver innovative products and services for their clients. Our range of web and mobile services is extensive, including mobile app development, IOS, Android, other major platforms, and customized software solutions providers in the UAE.


TIGREN Hà Nội, Vietnam info@tigren.com
2012 www.tigren.com

Tigren is a Russian based one of the pioneering outsourcing Magento development company founded in 2012. They offer to deliver unique and high-quality Magento services along with cheap labour charges. Their services range from Magento website design and development, Magento migration, Magento extension development, Magento mobile app development, Magento website optimization, Magento monthly support, and other Magento e-commerce solutions.


FATFISH Jerusalem, Israel info@fatfish.co.il
2005 en.fatfish.co.il

FatFish is an open source software developer based in Jerusalem. Israel. Since 2005, they have been serving their clients with expertise and advanced technology resources. Their service ranges from web development, web design, and UI/UX design for businesses of varying sizes.


BOCASAY Neuilly-sur-Seine, France contact@bocasay.com
2012 www.bocasay.com

Bocasay is one of the leading IT services companies based in Neuilly-sur-Seine, France. With an expertise of 140+ employees they are committed to serve small businesses and enterprises in various industries. They offer various software services including web development, custom software development, mobile app development, and e-commerce. They also have offices in France, Madagascar, Vietnam, Mauritius and Singapore.


MARKUPUS Vilnius, Lithuania hi@markupus.com
2015 markupus.com

Markupus is a leading web development company located in Vilnius, Lithuania. They are a front end focused design agency since 2015 with around 50+ employees. They are specialized to provide on demand development, bootstrapping, testing, page optimization, Wordpress development, UX/UI design services, WooCommerce, and CSS animations.


THRIVE.IO Krasnodar, Russia info@thrive.io
2008 www.thrive.io

Since 2008 Thrive.io has been a team of web developers dedicated to offer unique software solutions, headquartered in Goryachiy Klyuch City, Russia. With a team of talented designers and developers they offer services in mobile app(Android & iOS) development, and web design, Highload systems, Blockchain solutions, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, neural networks, Design, UI/UX design, and prototyping.


ARTEZIO New Jersey, USA sales@artezio.com
2000 www.artezio.com

Artezio is one of the best custom software development firms based in the USA. Over two decades they have accomplished around 1000+ projects and extended their locations to Belarus and Russia. They help clients to establish and grow their business with multi platform applications. The service range of Artezio includes Product Development, Product Customizations & Integration, Mobile App Development, Enterprise App Development, Software Consulting Services, and Software & Product Re-engineering for various small scale and medium businesses.


DINARYS Dnipro, Ukraine sale@dinarys.com
2014 dinarys.com

It is one of the leading IT firms providing e-Commerce web development services in Ukraine since 2014. They have an experienced team of professionals specialized in Custom software solutions enhancing user oriented and functional products and websites. Located in San Francisco, and Germany, Dinarys is committed in providing template-based web development, web design, UI/ UX design, Brand identity, custom ecommerce development, Magento development, Shopware development, e-commerce chatbot development, technology consultancy, design consultancy, and business intelligence. Also the team provides deep business analysis and software consulting. They offer e-commerce development in various platforms like Magento, Shopify, Woocommerce, and Bigcommerce.


CLAP CREATIVE Los Angeles, USA info@clapcreative.com
2014 www.clapcreative.com

Clap Creative is one of the best web development companies in Los Angeles pioneers in e-commerce web design. They have created numerous e-stores for their international clients with six years of experience. Having a dedicated team of developers they are highly talented in delivering services like Web Design/Development, E-Commerce Development, Magento Development, WordPress Development, Mobile App Development (iOS and Android), Digital Marketing, and SEO Services.


CELADONSOFT Minsk, Belarus sales@artezio.com
2000 celadonsoft.com

With two decades of experience, Celadonsoft is a custom software development firm in Belarus. They have been building websites and applications deploying multi-platform apps using advanced technologies. With well versed technical expertise they extended workspaces in the USA and Russia. The services of Celadon Soft include Custom Software Development, Technical Consulting, Business Analysis & Consulting, AI/ML development, and Software Quality Assurance.


SLOBADA STUDIO Kharkiv Oblast, Ukraine a.nesvit@sloboda-studio.com
2010 sloboda-studio.com

Slobada Studio with 10 years of service excellence in the web development market is located in Estonia and Ukraine. They are known for their expertise in Ruby on Rails and excel in online marketplaces and machine learning, after 150+ accomplished projects. With a strong base in expert technology and flexible developers, they provide services including Startup Development, Full-cycle Software Development, Requirement Analysis, Architecture & Design, Code Audit, Maintenance & Support, etc. Their client range varies from fintech, healthcare, media to PR industries.


BERG SOFTWARE Ghiroda , Romania contact@berg-software.com
1991 www.berg-software.com

Berg Software is one of the top software development companies based in Romania, providing outsourcing and custom software solutions. With 30+ years of experience, they have been committed to offering various services to businesses of all sizes. Having a proven track record, Berg has technical expertise specialized in technology consulting, software development, Web and Mobile Applications, Business Intelligence Solutions, Cloud Solutions, SAP, IT Consulting, Support & Maintenance, etc.


ENOZOM Alexandria, Egypt info@enozom.com
2012 www.enozom.com

Enozom is one of the best software development companies in Alexandria, Egypt offering premium web services. Focussing on web development, Web Design, Mobile App Development, and Software Testing, they serve small and medium businesses across the world. Having experience of more than eight years they provide all types of software solutions such as Web Development, Web Design, Mobile App Development, and Software Testing.

94. GRIO

GRIO San Francisco, USA info@grio.com
2008 grio.com

Grio is a US-based software development company located in San Francisco, Ciudad de México, and Salt Lake City, Utah. They were established in 2008, with a flexible and vibrant team of 50+ employees. Offering a wide range of services they specialize in web development, strategy planning, iOS/Android/ web app development, and UX/UI design services.


EVINCE DEVELOPMENT Gujarat, India info@evdpl.com
2012 evincedev.com

It is one of the leading web development firms located in Gujarat, India, providing web and mobile app development services. Having experience of eight years, they pride themselves in delivering successful projects on time. Evince is a full-time service provider with e-commerce development, NFP/MVP, UI/UX, consulting, testing, and marketing solutions.


LAYER ONE MEDIA Wisconsin, USA 414.224.0368
2000 www.layeronemedia.com

Based in Milwaukee, Layer One Media is a top web development agency specializing in marketing automation and web solutions. With two decades of experience, they have a team of young, talented, and creative professionals working in coordination with the clients in exchange for trust. They provide all sorts of software solutions, including web development, digital strategy, DXP, Analytics & Data, and e-commerce development for midmarket and enterprise businesses, ensuring successful growth and market value.


ZOOCHA Hertford, UK info@zoocha.com
2009 www.zoocha.com

With more than a decade of experience, Zoocha is a popular web development company headquartered in Hertford, in the U.K. Time and trust of clients made them extend workspace to Valencia; Spain, Balneário Camboriú: Brazil, and New York. They are known for the best Drupal Development and support, hosting and consulting, digital strategy, e-commerce development, UI/UX, and automated testing. They have a great asset of creative digital experts to work in collaboration with the clients to deliver unique and irreplaceable products.


MOBOMO Virginia, USA 888-676-1049
2009 www.mobomo.com

Mobomo is a unique and leading web development firm situated in Vienna; Virginia offering web and mobile app development services. For the last 11 years, they have been helping businesses create functional apps and impressive website solutions. They have offices in Denver; Colorado, Nixa; Missouri, and Buenos Aires; Argentina. The services offered by Moboma are large-scale CMS, cloud services, Drupal development and support, UI/UX with a responsive backend for businesses of all sizes.

99. Smartym Pro

Smartym Pro Minsk, Belarus info@smartym.pro
2012 smartym.pro

Smartym Pro is one of the best software development companies in Belarus delivering enterprise solutions and consumer apps. They are specialized in web applications to BI enabled IoT based solutions, social networks and workflow automation solutions. Services offered by Smartym Pro includes Native mobile application development (iOS/Android), Responsive web solutions (PWA and AngularJS, VueJS, ReactJS), MVP app development, Oracle/Java based enterprise solutions, Blockchain development services: custom Blockchain development & integration, etc.

100. Rademade

Rademade Kyiv, Ukraine welcome@rademade.com
2011 rademade.com

Rademade is a Custom Software Development company offering full cycle development services including collection and analysis of requirements, the creation of custom software solutions, architecture, UX/UI design, QA, testing, remote administration, maintenance, and support. With a decade of experience, they have an asset of high end software developers creating custom software and website solutions located in the USA and Ukraine. They also provide Business automation solutions in the form of Web and Mobile Apps along with Business Analysis, Backend/Frontend development, QA, UX/UI design.


Mobulous Technologies Noida, India info@mobulous.com
2013 www.mobulous.com

Mobulous is one of the best full- grown web and mobile app development companies based in India. They are committed to build custom iOS and android apps for startups as well as enterprises. Their technical expertise with eight years of experience moulded them to create and deliver user centric products and services. Services provided by Mobulous Technologies are web and mobile app development, UI design, project management, quality assurance, branding, hosting, consulting, deployment, and maintenance.


Rademade Ahmedabad, India sales@nectarbits.com
2011 www.nectarbits.com

NectarBits Pvt ltd is one of the most preferred, USA and India based On-demand Mobile App and Ecommerce App Development company. They have a well versed team of talented and experienced technocrats committed to serve quality products and software solutions across the globe. Services Provided by NectarBits includes iOS/Android App Development, React Native Development, Flutter App Development, Ecommerce Website Development, UI & UX Design, Quality assurance, Digital Marketing, Maintenance and Support. They are located along the US, the UK, Canada and Germany.

103. iQLANCE

iQLANCE Toronto, Canada info@iqlance.com
2009 www.iqlance.com

iQlance Solutions is one of the best web and mobile app development companies based in Canada & USA since 2009. With a dedicated and skilled team of developers, they provide dynamic and custom web solutions for clients around the world. Extending their offices in London and Australia, iQlance has developed around 200+ custom web and mobile apps for various businesses. Their service range includes Android/iOS app development, Wearable app development, AR/VR app development, WordPress solutions and Digital marketing Services to the startups to enterprise level companies across the globe.


TEKREVOL Florida, United States info@tekrevol.com
2014 www.tekrevol.com

TekRevol is based in Silicon Valley founded in 2014. They provide creative digital services to various startups and MNCs in the US and Canada. The expertise at TekRevol is specialized in custom design and development of mobile apps and websites, games and e-commerce platforms. Their office spaces are located over Houston, New York, San Francisco, Miami and Karachi. Other than web development the Services Provided by TekRevol includes Digital Marketing (SEO / SMO / PPC), ASO (App-Store Optimization), ERP, Branding & Marketing Collateral.


TAPPTITUDE London, United Kingdom contact@tapptitude.com
2013 tapptitude.com

Tapptitude is a website and mobile app development company specialized to create high quality Android and iOS mobile apps for startups and enterprises. It is equipped with an active team of talented app developers and designers. Their services include full-stack mobile app development services, product and market strategy, UI/UX app design, native app development on iOS and Android, back-end and API services,QA & testing and go-to market solutions. They have an experience of 8+ years in the field and are located in New York, London and Romania.


MOBILIUNITY Kyiv, Ukraine sales@mobilunity.com
2010 mobilunity.com

They are a Ukranian web development company providing remote development services with a dedicated team. With a decade of excellence in the IT industry, Mobiliunity creates and delivers products and services according to the needs of various businesses, irrespective of size and type. The company is based in Kyiv, Ukraine, and offers all sorts of web development solutions including Front-End, Back-End, Full-Stack, Mobile, Hybrid, Web development.

107. nventive

Nventive Quebec, Canada info@nventive.com
2008 nventive.com

Nventive is a leading website design and development firm based in the US offering high-end mobile, web & hybrid applications for various industries. They ensure to provide value-added solutions to small and mid market industries. Nventive strives to deliver unique services Mobile App development, Web Apps, Augmented & Virtual reality apps, Connected objects, Gamification apps, E-commerce development, Design & Strategy services, Graphic design, Strategic Consulting, and UX-UI Services.


ZEALOUS SYSTEM Ahmedabad, India info@zealousys.com
2008 www.zealousys.com

With 13+ years of experience, Zealous System is one of the leading web development company based in India. They work to achieve growth and provide full time support and services to their clients. They are specialized in full-service custom web, software, and mobile app development. They have extended their work space to various countries like India, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and Namibia. Other than Web Development and Mobile App Development, Services Provided by Zealous are Product engineering services, Enterprise Mobility, QA, ERP Solutions, UX Design and strategy.


scandiweb Riga, Latvia info@scandiweb.com
2003 scandiweb.com

Scandiweb is one of the best eCommerce, Mobile, and Startup since 2003. It is a full stack vertically integrated service provider having the largest eCommerce development team in Europe and US. Various Services Provided by Scandiweb includes Website Design, Development. Data driven CRO, strategy, technology, web solutions, creative design, traffic acquisitions, magento support and R&D. They enable digital strategy for bootstrapping startups and established businesses in around 35 countries.


INFOJINI Columbia, United States contactus@infojiniconsulting.com
2006 www.infojiniconsulting.com

Infojini Inc is one of the best It firms in the USA providing web solutions to various government agencies and global clients. For five years, it has been ranked among the INC 5000 fastest growing companies and USPAACC Fast 100 growing companies since the last two years. They deliver valuable and sustainable business solutions. Since 2006, Services provided by Infojini includes Mobile App Development – Android/iOS, Website development and Design – UI/UX, Staffing, IT Security, Cloud. With an established clientele and well trained technicians, they offer a wide range of technology and consulting services including IT Services, Cloud Computing, Mobility Solutions, Testing Solutions, Hosting Solutions, and Outsourcing.


CLEVEROAD Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, Ukraine sales@cleveroad.com
2007 www.cleveroad.com

Cleveroad is a team of dedicated designers and developers, offering software solutions, based in Ukraine. Delivering more than 130 software services, they are specialized in mobile and website development. They have extended offices to the USA, and Norway, offering services all around the world. Ensuring to notch products, their expertise includes desktop apps development, user-first UI/UX design, responsive web design, and development, backend integration, and outstaff services.


APPTREAD New York, USA solutions@apptread.com
2011 apptread.com

Apptread is a leading IT firm situated in New York providing custom software development, cloud services, and digital transformation to various industries. The company has extended work spaces at Dallas, London, India and Munich. Since 2011, their team constitutes a blend of experienced and trained professionals. Their expertise provides custom app & web development, eCommerce development, medical device software, UI/UX Design, and Medical Device Software.


TRIARE Cherkasy, Ukraine welcome@triare.net
2015 triare.net

TRIARE is a popular website development company from Ukraine, providing a wide range of software solutions for various industries. For more than 6 years, they have been contributing expertise solutions supporting the growth of businesses. They are committed to deliver on time projects, worked by a professional team offering full time maintenance and support. Services Provided by Triare comprise Custom Software/Mobile app development, Web Development, Graphic design, Software Testing, Operation services (Support & Maintenance, DevOps), and Outstaffing / Dedicated teams (Full-time Developers). They share workspaces in Norway, London, US, Germany and Canada.


Belarus Minsk, Belarus info@lansoft.by
2011 www.lansoft.dev

It is a full cycle software development company since 2011 with a professional team of 30+ qualified developers. They follow the best practices in the industry and are fully fledged to utilize their expertise for the growth and success of their clients. Lansoft is based in Belarus and is ranked among the top developers in Belarus by various recognitions. The Services Provided by Lansoft include Custom Software Development & Delivery, testing, Quality Assurance, Cloud Services, DevOps Services, Test Automation, Maintenance and Support.


FULCRUM Kyiv, Ukraine hello@fulcrum.rocks
2018 fulcrum.rocks

Fulcrum is a leading software development company from Kyiv, Ukraine. With around three years of experience in the industry, they have been serving and supporting businesses around the world. They are specialized in developing Mobile Apps for Android & iOS, and Complex Web Apps. Fulcrum offers services such as Software Development, UI/UX design, Software Testing, Solutions Architecture, Business Analysis, Product Management, Cloud Migration Enablement, Native Development, DevOps, Cloud Security, etc.


WHITELION INFOSYSTEMS Gujarat, India info@whitelion.in
2000 www.whitelioninfosystems.com

Whitelion Infosystems are one of the top web development companies in India providing software solutions to small scale and enterprise clients. They are specialized in handling complex websites and mobile apps with passionate team and advanced expertise. The service range at Whitelion Infosystems includes Cross-platform App Development, website design and development, Custom Mobile App Development, Software Development, Web-App Development, Wearable, IoT, Voice, Customized Software, UI/UX Design, etc. They also have offices in USA, and Australia.

117. ACESnWS

ACESnWS	Maharashtra, India Info@acesnws.com
2013 www.acesnws.in

It is a website development company located in India offering unique and unparalleled software solutions. With an excellence of eight years, they have been sharing workspaces in USA and Canada. They serve various industries with innovative technology and high performing products focussing on customer requirements and on time delivery. They strive to help businesses achieve great success. The Services provided by ACESnWS are Software Development, Web Development, Mobile Apps Development, Ecommerce Development and many more services.


EXPOSIT	Grodno, Belarus contact@exposit.com
2012 www.exposit.com

Exposit is a one of the top software development companies in Belarus providing customer oriented IT solutions. Since 2012 they have been among the leaders in the IT industry offering various services to industries such as FinTech, Energy, Telecom, Retail, Media Management, Education, Travel, HealthTech and much more. Services Provided by Exposit includes Web Design, Web Apps Development, Enterprise Apps Development, Cross-Platform Mobile Apps Development, Software Testing, Business Analysis, Project Management, E-Commerce Development, and PoS software development.


DOT COM INFOWAY Tamil Nadu, India ask@dotcominfoway.com
2000 www.dotcominfoway.com

Dot Com Infoway is a top leading global web development firm offering cutting edge products and services. WIth an experience of 18+ years of experience in the IT industry. They are expertised in mobile app development across iOS, Windows and Android platforms. Their highly talented developers strive to create high performing enterprise apps to streamline their clients business. Services Provided by Dot Com Infoway includes Mobile App Development, Website Development, IoT App Development, Blockchain Development, Mobile App & Games Marketing, Digital Marketing and Business Consultation.


ISADORA AGENCY California, USA hello@isadoradesign.com
2009 isadoradigitalagency.com

Isadora Agency is a leading web development firm based in Manhattan Beach, CA. This digital agency comprises 50+ professional developers with expertise in UX design systems, design, development, and branding needs. They have around 12 years of experience in the industry, keeping strong relationships with startups and enterprise clients. Offering various web solutions, their services include Web solutions, Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing Strategy, Analytics & Analysis, Search Engine Marketing, and Brand Building.


DOCKYARD Massachusetts, USA info@dockglass.com
2010 dockyard.com

DockYard is one of the top digital agencies in Hingham, MA, providing custom software development, Mobile, and website design and development services. Since 2010, they have been supporting businesses from various industries to grow and succeed. Their expertise includes 200+ talented developers offering UX, staff augmentation, and training. DockYard services include Product strategy, product design, engineering, testing & QA, project management, training, and support.


POLCODE Warsaw, Poland info@polcode.com
2006 polcode.com

Polcode is a full-cycle software development firm with more than 200 talented experts and advanced infrastructure. Based in Warsaw, Poland, they have immense experience in the IT industry of around 15 years. They have extended their workspace in Poland to Łódź Cracow and Białystok. Polcode provides web development and e-commerce development, Business Solutions, and Outsourcing services.


ROOTSTRAP California, USA hello@rootstrap.com
2011 www.rootstrap.com

With prolonged experience in the IT industry, Rootstrap is a leading web development company based in Los Angeles, West Hollywood. They were established in 2011 and have office space in New York; Montevideo, Uruguay; and Buenos Aires, Argentina. It comprises around 70+ creative and talented employees working on digital products and business application services. Apart from web development, they offer mobile development for Android and iOS, web app development, UI/UX design, custom software, and AR/VR development services.


THOUGHTBOT Boston, USA hello@thoughtbot.com
2003 thoughtbot.com

Thoughtbot is a web and mobile app development firm based in Boston. They have been leading the development industry since 2003 with an expert team of 200+ experienced technicians. They also have offices in Austin, San Francisco, New York, Raleigh, Washington D.C, and London. Their team has delivered numerous projects empowering digital solutions to enterprise-level and startups. Thoughtbot offers a wide range of services such as Ui/UX design and development, product design, web development, mobile app development, and Interface Design Audit.


TECHUZ Gujarat, India sales@techuz.com
2014 www.techuz.com

Techuz InfoWeb is a well known software development company based in India and the United States. Having an experience of 7years, they offer exceptional web and mobile app services to mid market and enterprise clients from various industries. They comprise expert professional developers delivering quality products, expertise and creative solutions. With a modern approach towards their clients, their services include web development, mobile app development and UI/UX design.


APPTUNIX Punjab, India info@apptunix.com
2013 www.apptunix.com

With an experience of 8 years of experience in the IT industry, Apptunix is one of the best Web developers in India, United States. They are known as a premium mobile app development company creating around 200+ mobile apps. They have been working with clients ensuring high quality products and excelling service consultation. With professionally talented mavens Apptunix provide immense and unique services like UI/UX design, web development, Native mobile app development, Hybrid mobile app development, responsive web development, software QA, enterprise-grade solutions, etc.


AVENGA New Jersey, USA hello@avenga.com
2019 www.avenga.com

Avenga is a leading web development firm with over 2 years of experience. Offering unique solutions, they convert startups into enterprises with valuable growth and success. With around 2500+ experienced professionals they have extended workspace in Europe, Germany, Ukraine and Asia. Services Provided by Avenga includes Digital Strategy, Solution Engineering, Managed Services, Customer Experience, Staffing as a Service, etc.


JOINSOFT Minsk, Belarus 24@joinsoft.com
2019 joinsoft.com

JoinSoft is a leading software development company based in Belarus and the USA, supporting enterprises and small scale businesses to build their brands and products. They have a team of expert professionals with deep knowledge and skills to help clients with innovative and updated solutions. Their ultimate aim is to deliver entire products or services on time utilizing advanced frameworks and expertise, along with full time support and maintenance for smooth and seamless business operations. Services Provided by JoinSoft include Custom Software Development, Custom CRM Development, iOS & Android Mobile Application Development, Web Application Development, UX/UI Design Services, App Re-engineering, Chatbot Development, etc.


ROCKETECH Singapore info@rocketech.it
2015 www.rocketech.it

Rocketech is one of the best web development companies located in Singapore, Ukraine, and Russia. They are mainly specialized in analytic driven web and mobile app development. Rocketech has been providing services and IT consulting to startups and major enterprises with proven records of 100+ accomplished products. Major services provided by Rocketech include IT Consult, Development Analytics, Web and Mobile Development, UX/UI Design, Software Testing, Maintenance and Support.


SOMNIO SOFTWARE Montevideo, Uruguay info@somniosoftware.com
2019 somniosoftware.com

Somnio Software is a leading Software Development Company based in Uruguay serving startups and companies providing custom development solutions and staff augmentation services. They comprise a team of creative and trained developers and designers that coordinate with the clients to build premium products. The team uses advanced expertise and frameworks such as Flutter, Swift, Kotlin, Java, React, Vue.js, and Node.js. Services Provided by Somnio Software are web/Mobile App Development, UI/UX Design, Testing and Staff Augmentation services.


NEKLO LLC Minsk, Belarus alex.m@neklo.com
2009 neklo.com

Neklo is a leading web development company based in the Belarus and United States offering e-commerce development services to deliver high-quality software and applications to promote the growth of global businesses. They have an expert team of developers committed to providing impeccable websites and integrated e-commerce apps and solutions. Services provided by NEKLO LLC include Custom Magento Development, Migration, Theme Development, UI/ UX Design, 3rd Party System Integration, Maintenance and Support, Speed Optimization, Security & Patch Updates, Testing Plans, etc.


RAISETECH Minsk, Belarus contact@raisetech.net
2012 raisetech.net

RaiseTech is a leading tech expert based in Belarus and United States, developing Cloud, SaaS, and E-commerce websites and applications for next-generation businesses. Since 2012, the company has been contributing to the success of many startups and enterprises. They integrate the latest technology trends and innovative approaches towards every project to meet the business needs of clients. Raisetceh comprises passionate developers providing robust solutions including Magento Cloud Development, WooCommerce, WordPress, Data Management Services, and Cloud/Data Migration.


GEOMOTIV Virginia, USA info@geomotiv.com
2010 geomotiv.com

Having 10+ years of excellence in the IT industry, Geomotive is a renowned web development firm located in USA, Ukraine, and Belarus. They are a team of experienced software engineers flexible to work accordingly on various projects. Serving startups, SMBs, and enterprises of various industries, the services of Geomotive range from Custom Software Development, Website & Mobile App Development, Software Product Development, Big Data, and Analytics, AI & Machine Learning, DevOps services, etc.


HQSOFTWARE Tallinn, Estonia team@hqsoftwarelab.com
2010 hqsoftwarelab.com

HQSoftware is a custom website development company based in Estonia with around 90+ highly qualified professional developers and designers. They have been an established developer since 2010 with offices in Belarus, and the USA, serving numerous startups, midsize companies, and major enterprises. Services Provided by Itexus are custom software development, Web development; Mobile app development, Cross-platform app development; IoT solutions; AR and VR app development; Software reengineering; Quality assurance and testing; Technology consulting and prototyping. HQSoftware is known for its unique and custom development and scalable software solutions combining agility and efficiency to ensure on-time delivery of quality products.


ARMADA LABS Florida, USA contact@armadalabs.com
2002 www.armadalabs.com

Armada Labs is a leading software developer with around two decades of experience rendering premium IT consulting services to various fintech companies and other industries. They aim at providing data-driven solutions using advanced expertise developing impressive and functional products and services wrapped up by modern technology stack. The major services provided by Armada Labs include Software Development and Service Solutions, IT Consulting Services, Cloud-Computing AWS Services, Emergency Technical Support, AI & ML, etc., using highly proficient developing experts.


CODE BRIGHT Virginia, USA Hello@CodeBrightly.com
2015 codebrightly.com

CodeBright is one of the best web development companies based in the USA serving various startups, MNCs as well as other organizations. Using advanced technology and experienced mavens, they deal with numerous complex software and product development processes. Their expertise proves the efficiency, productivity in bringing Minimal Viable Products(MVP) into the market, improving and streamlining business growth and development. Their services include strategic consulting, User Experience, Project Management, Web Development, Mobile Development, Quality Assurance, Artificial Intelligence, and API.


DARK BEARS web development Rajasthan, India sales@darkbears.com
2009 darkbears.com

Dark Bears is one of the leading web development companies based in the India, USA, and Netherlands offering unique and custom software solutions. They are specialized in building AI-powered software, applications or upgrading existing ones. Dark Bears adopt novel technologies and professional developers with great knowledge and experience to match the business needs of clients. Dark Bears offers various services like Web Development, Mobile App Development, AI & Data Science, Infrastructure & Cloud Services, Custom Platforms, E-commerce, etc. The developers are trained to build advanced technologies in AI/Ml in real-life apps that boost the growth and development of businesses.


CLOVER DYNAMICS web development Lviv, Ukraine info@cloverdynamics.com
2020 www.cloverdynamics.com

Clover Dynamics is one of the best software development companies located in Ukraine, Canada and Belgium. They are professional in helping SMEs, startups, and enterprises throughout the project cycle. They provide software solutions including Custom Software Development, Web Development, Mobile Development, IoT Development, Outsourcing Software Development, AWS, Cybersecurity, etc. Clover Dynamics serves customers across industries like Fintech, HRtech, Telecommunications, Retail, IoT, Logistics & Transportation, Education, Real Estate, and Healthcare. They are adamant in building high-quality software solutions and products, ensuring timely delivery.


STX NEXT Poznań, Poland itfirms@stxnext.com
2005 stxnext.com

STX Next is a global web developer located in Poland, USA and UK supporting startups and corporations. They are specialized in guiding SMEs through digital transformation and supporting them launch MVPs, and boost their growth. Having 20+ years of experience and an asset of 300+ developers, they have successfully delivered over 250 projects. Various services offered by STX Next are Web Development, Mobile App Development, Custom Software Development, using expert tech stack such as Python, Javascript, AngularJS, React Native, and Product Design, Web Design, UX/UI Design, Software Testing, DevOps, etc.


DICEUS web development Kiev, Ukraine info@diceus.com
2011 diceus.com

Diceus is a global software engineering company offering enterprise solutions and IT consulting services for various industries. Backed by a team of experienced developers, their aims at modern and innovative solutions and customized software services to guide businesses towards success. Their technical expertise and profound understanding of the latest trends, ensure a high-quality product and end-to-end solutions delivery. The services offered by Diceus include Enterprise IT solutions development, Software product development, Mobile app development, Training and consulting, Re-engineering and migration, Project Management, and Maintenance & tech support.


SKELIA Koerich, Luxembourg info@skelia.com
2008 skelia.com

Skelia is an international web development agency offering IT and software services to engineering organizations and established corporations. For over a decade, they have been providing staff augmentation services to various startups and large corporations. They have workspaces in Luxembourg, UK, Netherlands, Ukraine, Poland, and US. Skelia offers services in multiple ranges including Mobile App Development, IoT, AI, DataScience and Big Data, E-Commerce Development, UI-UX design, Chat bots’ development, Custom Software Development, Software Testing, etc. The exclusive team of professionals is specialized in building premium quality e-commerce and m-commerce applications.


ARISTEK SYSTEMS web development Minsk, Belarus sales@aristeksystems.com
2013 aristeksystems.com

Aristek System is one of the best software development companies based in Minsk, Belarus with a productive core technical team working in coordination for 21 years. They changed the brand name under Aristek System in 2013. The company holds extended workspace across the USA and UAE, providing IT services all over USA, Eastern, and Western Europe. The major services offered by Aristek Systems are Software Development, Mobile Application Development, Web Development, QA, and Software Testing.


GENIUSEE web development Kiev, Ukraine info@geniusee.com
2016 geniusee.com

Founded in 2016, they are an emerging Software development company based in Kyiv, Ukraine. Constituting a team of about 50+ professional developers, they are specialized in AWS, AI, DevOps, MVP, and Data Science. They serve small and medium-sized companies in fintech and edtech. The services offered by Geniusee include web development, mobile app development, product development, Business analysis, UI/UX design, support, and QA/QC testing.


MONTERAIL web development Wrocław, Poland hello@monterail.com
2010 www.monterail.com

Monetrail is a leading software development company having more than a decade of experience in the IT industry. They are a group of 110+ dedicated skilled experts based in Wroclaw, Poland. The firm ensures to provide unique and custom solutions and services in web development, e-commerce, software development, MVP development, and IoT development services to mostly small and mid-market businesses. They hold a wide range of technical stacks for web and product development such as ruby on rails, vue.js, react js, node.js, python, PWA, elixir, etc.


LIGHT IT web development Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine sales@light-it.net
2006 light-it.net

Light IT is an established software development company located in Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine with 15 years of excellence in data science consulting. Having more than 130+ experienced professionals they are specialized in delivering innovative solutions and excellent services to small and medium-sized firms. Their services range from custom web and mobile app development services, IT consulting, market research, QA, design, and business analytics. Serving companies across the world, they have workspaces in the UK and US.


CAPITAL NUMBERS web development West Bengal, India info@capitalnumbers.com
2012 www.capitalnumbers.com

Capital Numbers is an Indian digital production firm with around 9+ years of experience in the industry of software and website development. They also have offices in the US, Sweden, Australia, U.K. Comprising a team of 300+ talented experts providing services to various industries in mid-market businesses and enterprises. The services provided by Capital Numbers are web development, custom software development, mobile app development, and e-commerce development. Their clients include advertising & marketing, business services, and financial services industries.


KITELYTECH web development Chicago, USA info@kitelytech.com
2009 kitelytech.com

KitelyTech is a leading web development and design firm with offices in Chicago, New York City, Atlanta, Detroit, Austin, Charlotte, Phoenix and Miami. Being a successful technology development company, they comprise well trained and experienced project managers, creative designers, testers, and developers. Services offered by Kitely Tech include custom software development, branding, graphic/web design, Web/mobile app development, SEO, e-commerce development, AI/AR, QA, etc. They always concentrate on premium quality and on-time delivery with a highly driven management team.


TRIVIANS web development Gujarat, India sales@trivians.com
2020 trivians.com

Trivians is a leading Indian software development company supporting enterprises and start-ups to grow with innovative and unique products and services. They constitute a team of expert engineers with deep knowledge and professional experience working flexibly, offering scalable solutions and timely delivery. Their experts ensure services in Custom software development using various technical stacks such as JavaScript, TypeScript, Node, AWS, MongoDB, etc., web and mobile app development. WIth 6+years of experience, their team ensures reliable support, high performing apps with promising security, user-friendly interface, error-free and fast loading pages or websites.

149. CODUP

CODUP web development Karachi, Pakistan asim@codup.io
2012 codup.co

Having 9+ years of stability and excellence in the IT industry, Codup has been digitalizing SMEs, businesses and enterprises. Located in Pakistan and US, they are known as a full-service digital firm providing niche services in B2B and B2C eCommerce development, wordpress development, Business Process Automation, Customer Service Solutions, and Hospitality. Other services offered by them include API integration, white-label agency partnership programs and other custom software development.

150. EXATO

EXATO web development Uttar Pradesh, India info@exatosoftware.com
2019 www.exatosoftware.com

Exato is a newly launched website development company with years of industrial experience. Their service range includes software development, app development – native, hybrid and cross-platform, cloud development, full-stack development, business intelligence, Advisory and Consulting Services. With a strong professional team of mavens, they possess experience in conceptualizing, prototyping, designing, developing and delivering complex to large software solutions.


RNF TECHNOLOGIES Texas, USA contact@rnf.tech
2009 www.rnftechnologies.com

RNF Technologies is a mobile app development firm specialized in IT staff augmentation and end to end service delivery. Since 2009, they have been headquartered in Santa Monica, Calif. with satellite offices in Houston, Texas and India with over 50 employees. Working over diverse projects for clients from various industries across the world, they offer a versatile approach to mobile empowerment. Their service range includes Mobile App Development, Web App Development, Custom eCommerce Solutions, Staff Augmentation, and Product Development Consulting.

152. XFIVE

XFIVE Poland hello@xfive.co
2005 www.xfive.co

Being a full-stack software house in Krakow, Poland, XFive serves businesses, startups, and creative agencies. They deliver services in web & mobile apps, websites, and e-commerce solutions since 2005 to their clients worldwide. The services offered by XFive are Product Development Partnerships, Team Rental, One-off Projects, etc. Keeping a specialized team of 50+ professionals, they work as extensions bringing resources and expertise for various startups and web agencies.


ZGRAYA Ukraine contact@zgrayadigital
2019 zgraya.digital

Located in Kyiv, Ukraine, Zgraya is a full-service digital creative agency delivering productive results for its clients. Since 2019, the company have grown by creating functional websites, mobile and web applications, branding and digital marketing strategies. The team of 30+ developers and designers are specialized in various technologies and expertise including web design, web development, UX/UI design, and digital marketing.


CHIMPARE United Kingdom hello@chimpare.com‬
2012 chimpare.com

Chimpare is a popular mobile application development firm since 2012 based in Whiteley, UK. They possess expertise from full-stack, back-end, front-end, web and mobile app development to AI based technology solutions. Services offered by Chimpare range from Website Design, mobile app development, web development, e-commerce development, Mobile App Design, Small Business Apps, UX/UI design, Marketing Plans, Marketing Videos, Smart App, E-commerce, and IT Consulting. They are also located in New York, and Canada, staying ahead of the competition with a stunning portfolio and premium technology.


IMAGEX Canada hello@imagexmedia.com‬
2001 imagexmedia.com

ImageX is a web design and development agency based in Vancouver, British Columbia having an additional development centre in Kyiv, Ukraine. They are well-established with over 40 employees specialized in Drupal development since 2001. Being popular as a Drupal-exclusive agency, ImageX is an expert developer for the open-source CMS. Services offered by them include SEO, Design, Mobile-optimized IA & UX, Responsive Design, Cross-platform testing and Custom web app development.


REDWERK Ukraine info@redwerk.com‬
2005 redwerk.com

They provide full-cycle software development from the initial concept to a live solution. Established in 2005, they serve as a fully managed dedicated website development team and deliver custom app development projects for our customers worldwide. Located in Kyiv and Warsaw, Poland with a team of 70+ employees, they serve support software products in over 250 projects for 170 businesses across 22 countries. The service range of Redwerk includes Saas development, Mobile app development, Web development and custom software development.


BACHOO Ukraine contact@bachoodesign.com
2015 bachoodesign.com

Bachoo is a software product development company located in Ukraine and United States. Founded in 2015, they have 50+ employees and serve companies of all sizes. They focus on creating mobile and web solutions for IoT, Big Data, User Experience, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, maintaining a transparent, flexible, and predictable ideology. With a team of experienced designers, developers, copywriters, and creatives craft, they develop exceptional websites, SaaS, and mobile applications, branding and software solutions.


INTETICS INC Florida intetics.com
1995 intetics@intetics.com

Intetics Inc. is a popular web development company headquartered in Naples since 1995 with around 500 professionals. They also have corresponding offices in Minsk, Belarus, Wilmette, Ill., Krakow, Poland and Kharkiv, Ukraine, serving small, midmarket, and enterprise businesses. The services range from custom software development, mobile app development, and application management & support.


ROLEMODEL Holly Springs NC rolemodelsoftware.com
1997 consult@rolemodelsoftware.com

RoleModel Software is a custom software development firm headquartered in Holly Springs, N.C, having an office in Rochester, N.Y. They offer services in web development, web design, and mobile app development comprising expertise and a well-established team. They provide services to a wide range of clients in various industries such as manufacturing, business services, and health care.


CUT2CODE Wrocław Poland www.cut2code.com
2015 contact@cut2code.com

Cut2Code is a digital development agency offering web development, web design, and mobile app development and e-commerce development services to small, mid-sized market, and enterprise clients of various industries across the world. The Cut2Code team comprise highly skilled and dedicated technicians committed to serving the media, IT, and advertising and marketing industries.


EMERGENT Minneapolis MN www.emergentsoftware.net
2015 hello@emergentsoftware.net

Emergent Software is a website development company based in Minneapolis, proficient in custom software development, mobile app development, and web development services. Their experienced team features full-stack developers, SQL Server DBA’s, graphic & UI designers, and project managers. Other than software solutions their areas of expertise include SharePoint, Salesforce, and SQL Server consulting and database administration.


BRANDEXTRACT Texas, USA www.brandextract.com
2005 brand@brandextract.com

BrandExtract is a web development firm based in Houston offering branding services. With a team of experienced employees specialized in branding and marketing strategy, since 2005. Their services range from Business Strategy, Branding, Marketing, Digital marketing, etc. BrandExtract has served companies all over the world and primarily with clients of energy, healthcare, legal, and education industries.


AXISBITS Ukraine axisbits.com
2013 info@axisbits.com

Axisbits is a web development company based in Kharkiv, Ukraine with a team of well-versed developers and designers. Since 2013, they have been providing services including web development, web design, e-commerce development, SaaS Application Development, Startup MVP Development, CRM Development, and custom software development. Also, they offer expert software engineering and consultancy services to businesses across the world.


BIT STUDIOS Texas, USA www.bitstudios.com
1990 contact@bit.studio

BIT Studios is a custom software development firm located in Plano, Texas and Chicago, Illinois. Established in 1990, their team specializes in custom software and website development, Web Design, e-commerce development, Mobile App Development, Software Testing & QA, System integration, UX Rapid Prototyping, etc. a major part of BIT Studio is new products and Corporate Portal Development for industries globally.

How they became top web developers in the world?

Hiring a web developer is not an easy task as there are many. Independent of location, you can choose their service at any convenient time, for most of them work 24*7. The above list of best web development companies in the world is created based on criteria that made them stand out. They have been serving various industries and clients with their unique identity and technical expertise. Here are some factors on which we categorized and chose the best among many.

  • Expertise
  • The first thing to look for while hiring a company is its technical expertise and team. Even if it’s a startup or an established enterprise, proficiency in any technical stack could lead them to great success and popularity. Clients would evaluate the potential web development company capabilities in search of innovation and advanced technology among all the industries.

  • Positive Impression
  • To create a good impression, you need either an optimized, stunning website or a positive impact through successfully accomplished projects. A website is the first impression that does the talking to your customers.

  • Experience
  • A good web development company would depict their achievements as portfolio, feedback, or reviews on their website. Clients would look for their services, projects completed, and ratings to know if they’re worthy. Best web development companies have a workflow or methodology to process and create a stellar website or app for a successful project.

  • Compatibility
  • Technology is getting upgraded now and then. So that solutions change accordingly with cost. Mobile versions of websites are a necessity of the time with responsive design. Only a professional web development company possess deep knowledge and build sites using compatible mobile technology in a cost-effective methodology.

  • Unique Designs
  • Companies using a build-in website maker is likely to be abandoned by clients. It is because templates have a basic design, which can be used by anybody, leading to a boring website. Website company should comprise skills to clear-cut and clean design specifically for a product or firm.

  • Service Range
  • More than just software consulting, a top web development company provides a wide range of services complimenting the website. They would offer services from IT consulting, building website or products to maintenance and support whenever necessary. Only an established firm possess such arrays of services towards their clientele.

  • Reviews, Ratings, and Feedback
  • While choosing the best web development company, one would often go through reviews, ratings, feedbacks, etc., from clients and other sources. It ensures their authenticity and worthiness, knowing the pros and cons of working with the company.

  • Google Ranking
  • With proper SEO, a web design company can easily code your website to communicate with Google and search engines. If it’s shown up in the search results, the probability is that they have a good SEO team with desired features to optimize your website.

What Are the Skills Required in a Web Developer?

Being the best website developer is hectic and depends on various factors. Talking about the skills to possess, exploring different agencies is a time consuming laborious process to discern the qualified. Here we reduce your stress by listing some skills to look for while hiring the best web developer.

  • Language
  • Programming languages being the base requirement for an interactive and functional website. The functioning of the site depends on languages, most commonly HTML, CSS, PHP, etc. Developers now possess deep knowledge and skills in advanced coding languages like JavaScript, Python, Ruby, etc. This would also allow adding of custom features such as audio and video, page animations, scrolling abilities, etc.

  • Frameworks
  • Website developers should possess experience in various frameworks and is capable of choosing the most appropriate framework to build a website. Frameworks should be simplifying the task of coding providing lists of standard functionality. To name, the JS framework is an excellent choice to design complex user interfaces.

  • Testing
  • An expert web developer should also possess adept skills in testing and debugging during and after the deployment of the website. Choose a developer who is familiar with multiple testing methods, like Functional Testing, Unit Testing, etc. to ensure a glitch-free web development framework.

  • Analytics
  • A developer with adequate knowledge of sound analytical skills enhances the profit generation proportion in the website. To develop a highly functional website with all objectives, they should also have in-depth knowledge about the industry, competitors, and target audience.

  • SEO
  • Website development with deep fundamental Search Engine Optimization skills is an added advantage, SEO being the key factor behind marketing. SEO skills like page upload speed, domain credibility, and keyword content, improves the website ranking on SERPs thus highlights the brand value.

Have you considered the Major website trends in 2022?

In today’s highly competitive digital market it is crucial to foresee updates and adapt accordingly. Website Developers out there are always watching out to discover new technologies that can catapult them to a brighter future. Technology continues to evolve as we find innovative ways, to do things faster with more flair than before. Rather than the field of web development there is no such industry experiencing immense updations and modifications. In the IT industry keeping updated with these developments can prove to be a problem. Here are some of the new web trends relevant in 2022 and beyond to meet the decade confidently.

  • Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

  • Amidst innovative technologies, Progressive web apps (or PWA) gained the attention of modern developers and investors with their potential to perform high-quality user experiences close to native apps. In the previous years, 65% of online shopping orders through the website were made with mobile devices and tablets. The rising website trends in PWA makes it possible for users to view their desired websites on a mobile web browser or desktop without downloading particular apps or computer programs. PWA is basically written with HTML and CSS, JavaScript, React, or Angular. Besides its great user experience, PWA could send push notifications and provide users with offline access to cached content.

    E-commerce, news platforms, companies with low development budgets, and those who aim for a bigger audience without losing it on the app downloading stage could make use of these trends. An interesting fact is that PWA can change money algorithms in App Store and Google Play Market world where paid apps should share profits with app aggregators.

  • Internet of Things (IoT)

  • One of the major reasons behind today’s tech revolution, the Internet of Things (or IoT) is a network of interconnected devices. It requires no or almost no actions from the users’ side to execute operations and performance. Most of the existing and upcoming web development trends will be caused by IoT development.

    Approximately there would be around 30 billion Internet devices operating in 2025. Forecasts state that solutions that could level up secureness on automated IoT interactions could face a huge demand. The basic reason behind this is the rising potential of IoT. Generally, people are now less overloaded with routine tasks and likely invest in IoT applications like payment automation, smart home and smart city technology, e-health environment development. Today it rules the technology world for its existence and development with the ability to make human daily life simply more convenient. Transport, healthcare, housekeeping, and marketing are some of the major IoT niches seen today. Certain changes in the IoT environment can also influence new trends in web design (UX).

  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (or AMP) is one of the newest web development trends. It is intended to speed up page performance and reduce the risk of users abandoning sites. AMP technology is almost similar to that of PWA. With this technology, pages become accelerated due to the open-source plugin recently developed by Twitter and Google. These optimized pages operate faster along with simple and convenient design as basic features compared to web products.

    These new trends in web designs, including AMP development, results in the growth of user-oriented internet usage. 5G Internet technology is gaining its fame now and still most of the brands choose to develop native apps for better user experience. AMP plugin offers companies to save costs on UX at better Internet speed. This leads the niche products towards successfully competing with huge market leaders.

  • Responsive websites

  • It is impossible to discuss web development trends without a responsive website. This trend was introduced back in 2016 when mobile devices and mobile users hit a tremendous hike. Then developers and designers had to work on both user formats- desktop and mobile. Basically, this was done by following three methods. Firstly, building a mobile-first website and then adapting it to desktop. Secondly, relying on a mobile-friendly website. Lastly, a responsive web design (RWD) and using the same HTML code with CSS could alter the rendering on the website. The RWD approach highlights mobile user-friendly products and services where it influences competitiveness. Only a user-friendly website could get the right indexing from the search engine. So that a responsive website is a vital element to consider while developing a product or service-based website.

  • Artificial Intelligence and Bots

  • The future of web development is said to be dependent on AI and Bots, that they are about to be more of self-learning and in accordance with user requirements. The vital factor is that a 24/7 operating bot have the capability to replace employees and even support managers. Thus it saves much time and money. AI-based bots offer various benefits to developers with their problem-solving potential, human-like experience, and deep consumer behaviour analytics.

    Chatbots would be the most common among them to serve clients, being a crucial part of digital development. Major B2C companies have already implemented this technology to serve their customers better. A few of them are official page chatbots of Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, etc. A bot can also be integrated into PWA, a regular website, professional or household equipment, or any other Internet-connected application. The advancements of AI and ML have influenced the trends in web development, resulting in the demand for virtual assistant designs with visual experience, product serving algorithms, and sound design.

  • Blockchain Technology

  • In 2020 a revolution came into effect that blockchain currency trading cannot be ignored by authorities. This concept appeared back in 2004, ie., cryptocurrency as a web development technology that is based on Blockchain technology which then explored outrageously. In the past decade, its usage significantly hiked and bitcoins and other currencies were widely accepted as major payment modes.This technology also requires legal regulation, hardware and software support, and infrastructure for trading. Blockchain operations need to be secured, protected from hacking and tech errors. It can cause numerous changes being a trsuted and accessible source for people.where they could pay taxes, and avail governmental services.

  • Mobile-First Development

  • There are significantly more mobie devices in 2022 than personal computers which causes 54% of todays internet traffic. The web design and devlopment trend is going to be more restricted to small screens than horizontally oriented desktops. Some of the latest web design ideas now recommends to provide content with no decorative meaningless elements, reducing page numbers and avoid column usage, use triggers with a mobile-oriented call to action, use vivid colours, simple geometric shapes, contrasting colour schemes, and illustrations. Also, it is a fact that starting from 2018, Google maintains a separate search ranking algorithms for mobiles where mobile-first sites are prioritized. Mobile first development is nothing but not working out the desktop-oriented website and then deal with adapting it to a mobile box. But to start with a minimalistic and intuitive product that is easy to interact with using smartphones and tablets. According to this concept, a product would be started to treat using mobile screen and other mobile hardware features such as productivity and physical buttons placement as major tech framework you need to work with.

Choosing a Perfect Web Development Company

Around the globe we have numerous website developers and companies, but how can one choose among them? Every company provides websites, designs, and web services, but which one suits your requirements? To choose one among many, you have to analyse certain factors like their performance and professionalism, experience and skills, your business requirement, reviews and recommendation, budget, quality of work and service, etc. Before you choose any make sure you choose the best that suits your business goals.

Do make necessary contacts in direct before making deals, so that you make sure you get the best service. If you require a bespoke and user-friendly website with well-structured designs and content suiting your business needs, IPIX Tech Services, would be a great choice, for we have acquired immense knowledge and experience in the field of all web solutions with a handful of satisfied clients and successfully established projects.

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