10 Tips To Engage Students In E-Learning

With the advancement in e-Learning, you might have seen many students dropping courses due to various reasons. This usually happens when your LMS becomes boring to the users/students. An ideal LMS must be able to engage the student/user in an entertaining way. Best LMS software keeps their students engaged in learning.

Tips to keep the students engaged in LMS:

  • Prior knowledge:
  • Student’s interest in eLearning can be boosted by linking the system with the prior knowledge of the student. Once they feel that these are the things they already know, they will become more curious in learning the rest.

  • Goals:
  • Ask them about their goals so that the materials in the course can be molded in a way reflecting their goals.

  • Keep their goal in mind while teaching:
  • When designing or creating materials, as well as teaching, we must always keep in mind, about the goals of the student. While learning, if they feel that they are getting closer to their goals, learning would become more interesting and engaged.

  • Find out interests of students:
  • You might have often come across students who are forced by their parents or organization to take up a course. This is the most difficult situation for a teacher. You must be able to find out their interest and teach them accordingly.

  • Connect and interact with them:
  • Make the system interactive. Social learning is one of the vital features of best LMS software.

  • Use real-life scenarios:
  • Adult learners need to know how learning is applicable. Design with real-life scenarios, so that, they will be able to know more on the topic.

  • Make use of visual learning:
  • Modern learners prefer visual learning than traditional text-based learning methods. Modern students find it interesting and easy to learn through visual learning.

  • Highlight benefits:
  • Modern learners prefer to learn things which are applicable to real world than theories. Information must be relevant and beneficial to them.

  • Serve as small bursts of knowledge:
  • Learners in today’s world would not spend much time reading big articles or long stories. They find such materials as boring and waste of time. Give them knowledge in capsule. Feed only relevant points that make them feel it’s worth reading.

  • Give them control of their learning path:
  • Learners today like to have complete control of their e-Learning experience. They prefer to experience e-Learning, which are personalized for them. This is not practical in e-Learning software. So, this can be met by providing them, the option to customize their page, so that, the user can see his/her dashboard, according to their need. With this feature, they can set their own goals or choose the next module etc. They can go at their own pace and select for online video presentation or text presentation according to their preference.


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