Now is the Time to Close that Gender Gap!

According to the latest reports, women in the technology arena amount to about one fifth of the entire workforce, which is a number that has drastically fallen over the last few years. If this number doesn't immensely improve, the whole world will have an economic problem on its hands very soon. Even though untold attempts have been made to push women into technology, we are still so far from the complete gender parity in this domain. But, where are we going wrong, and how would the world look like, if the numbers of men and women in the sector are almost equalized? As we are on the verge to celebrate this year's International Women's Day, now is the time for us to look into this...

...Because, "SHE" is capable!

There is a fact that most of us usually miss out to care and that is about the co-relation that exists between a company's internal values and their final products or services. Around us are many examples of tech firms where their internal attitudes towards women employees are reflected in their products or services. If more tech companies are led by women, it could almost change the values shown in their organization's services or products, thereby slightly changing the way women are treated in the society. And of course, they are capable! So, why can't we encourage more women into tech businesses that are beginning from the ground up?

Bettering the world at large, through "HER"...

With greater equality in the tech world, the industry would be of use from not only the work titles free of gender but also various perspectives. More diverse voices would facilitate the industry to produce better products and services designed and marketed to women, rather than those that are just covered in pink! Ultimately, it would mean a better world!

When it comes to respect in the field...

If the CEO of a company is a woman, a very common trend among us is to call her the "female founder". Why do we do that? Why can't we call her just founder, like how we call our male CEO's? To be frank, no women would want their accomplishments or achievements to be attributed to their gender. She can create, lead, and manage, just as easily when taking that gender implication out of her job title. Titles like "lady boss" or "female founder" actually disparage her power. There is no need of separating her from others through a label; her works will speak for herself- as it should. We won't slap a racial representation onto a job title, right? So, why is labeling someone a mumpreneur or a girl boss ever okay..?

Tech world needs you!

Now, most of the job seekers have a misinterpretation that the opportunities for women in tech field are restricted to those who have engineering or coding experience. Yes, tech firms do require women with such skills, but they also demand ladies with expertise in the realms of marketing, finance, human resource, etc. And today, most corporate leaders are trying to include more women in non-technical roles to ensure that diversity broadens beyond all functional silos.

Brilliant strides have already been made by most of the organizations in the tech field to close the gender gap that exists in the sector; howbeit parity still remains a long way off, as with most other sectors. Managers from all the firms across the industry should join hands together to foster inclusivity. This International Women's Day, let us come together to push the agenda for women in the tech world and subsequently for women around the globe, to '#pressforprogress' for gender equality. Yes, together we can make that difference!


MAR | 2018

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