Must-Have Features for your Ecommerce Website

The race to be on top of Google's SERPs is causing companies to forget that their primary reason for existence is to serve their clients. Don't get me wrong-it's absolutely necessary to market your brand online, run ad campaigns, make your pages SEO friendly and so on, but you also need to make sure that your website functions well and is easy to use. Here we present some of the features that you must include in your ecommerce website design:

Customer's Name

This is marketing 101. Experienced marketers know that when you address people by their names rather than a generic Sir or Madam, they are more pleased - it gives a personal touch. Just like a sales manager who asks your name at the outset and uses it often in the conversation, a good website will do the same thing. Successful ecommerce website developers know that personalization is the key to making a customer feel special, and include a quick account creation/registration to capture the customer name. Throughout the customer's interaction with the site from then on, they are addressed by their name. It's quick, hassle-free for the customer and efficient, as it helps to personalize your clients' dashboards-just don't go overboard and come across as pushy.

Products Display

You can compare this to the display windows in brick-and-mortar stores. How many times have you walked into a store because you liked what they had on display? The same principle needs to be followed for your online business. Today e-commerce web designers include the latest or trending products on the main page-and increase the chances of conversion. This especially works for ecommerce sites for clothes, cosmetics, shoes, and electronics. Rather than go through hundreds of pictures, the customer can do a quick selection from your featured products, and they will love it. Of course you will need to keep updating this display regularly. You can even display them by season - say, Christmas tree decorations from November, or raincoats during rainy days, Valentine's gifts in February - etc. You can also create a list of recommended items; Amazon is one online retailer who does this very well; this could be based on a combination of most searched and purchased products, and the particular customer's past purchases.

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Let them Zoom

Any ecommerce website development agency worth its salt will ensure you have pictures of your products on the site. The best ones will also allow your visitors to zoom in and take a close-up look at the products they are interested in; the devil is in the details, after all! Your online customers can't touch or feel the products, so you need to offer the maximum possible details visually. Be sure to have high quality photos that won't get blurry on zooming.

Shipping and Delivery Details

Detailed information of your shipping and delivery process and conditions must be included in your ecommerce website. It is the norm for e-commerce webs designers to place a link to this page right at the top of the website. You can also pin it to your page header or even make it part of the main navigation menu. It can be very frustrating for a customer to see that they can't buy a particular product because the seller doesn't deliver to that location. Offer the facility of checking delivery on the product page itself. If any product, or purchase value qualifies for free shipment, make it a point to mention it on your main page.

Contact Us and Feedback

Show customers you are trustworthy by giving them your contact details - when they know they can get in touch with you or even visit you at your place of business, they will trust you more. This will help you create a rapport and gain their long-term loyalty. Your ecommerce website developer should also include an option for your customers to leave their feedback regarding not just the product/service, but their experience in interacting with your website. This will show the customer you consider them important, and help you address any of your shortcomings. Ensure that you respond to customer queries and suggestions in a timely manner.

Reviews and Ratings

A successful e-commerce website will display the ratings and reviews left by other customers; this helps build trust, and helps visitors make purchase decisions. It helps to build a community of online customers; when customers share their experience with the product and give recommendations - it's free advertising for you. Of course, you also have to be prepared for negative reviews; but if you're confident about your products and services, it should not worry you. Ratings provide a quick and easy way for customers to leave feedback, and to make purchase decisions.

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It's very important that you allow the visitor to filter their search - by price, size, color, and so on. Price is the most important filter for most visitors; a good ecommerce web developer will make sure your website allows filtering products by price in every category. You also need to make the pricing information transparent - no hidden costs. Of course this list is by far not a comprehensive one. Looking for an experienced and efficient Ecommerce website development company? IPIX Technologies has close to a decade of experience in developing successful ecommerce sites for a wide range of clients, and using different development platforms. We can help you too – just give us a call, or shoot us an email, and we'll take it from there!

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