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Best Industries That Drive the On Demand Services

Best Industries That Drive the On Demand Services and Economy

Table of Contents

Industries That Drive the On Demand Services

  1. What is On-Demand Service?
  2. Transportation and Travel
  3. Food
  4. Grocery
  5. Fuel
  6. Cooking Gas
  7. Healthcare
  8. Salon Services
  9. Laundry
  10. Car wash
  11. Learning
  12. Professional services
  13. eCommerce Industry
  14. Logistics
  15. Fitness
  16. Conclusion

Every day, we see new business models emerging in the market, sometimes replacing many of the conventional businesses that we have grown comfortable with. One such sector is the on-demand services industry, which leverages robust apps for the instant provisioning and delivery of products and services by offering some attractive features along with them.

What is On-Demand Service?

Let's understand this with the help of an example in the field of transport; earlier, buses and trains ran on fixed schedules, and passengers would book tickets, often days in advance, choosing the most convenient time for them. But things have changed now. People want to find transportation when they need, and not the other way around. Rather than check schedules, they demanded transportation right away. This necessitated a change in the way the services would be provided - and we all can see the result: ride share companies like Uber and Lyft. Likewise, consumers became more demanding for a number of services.

This trend also gave birth to on-demand services application development. Rather than make phone calls, now customers can simply order the service they need on their mobile phone. On-demand services allow customers to get their needs fulfilled immediately notwithstanding time or place constraints, and they help remove the gap between demand and supply.

Price Waterhouse Cooper predicts that by 2025, on-demand apps are likely to cross $300 billion in revenues - I guess it's safe to say that we can see a steep rise in the number of on-demand apps and businesses. Already, there is substantial investment in these startups, and it is disrupting the conventional business models in multiple industries. Around the world, demand for and emergence of on-demand services has fostered the growth of industry verticals, motivating them to implement automation of services.

Let's look at the top industries where on-demand services

  1. Transportation and Travel
  2. The pioneering, and most famous on-demand service in the worldThe pioneering, and most famous on-demand service in the world, is undoubtedly Uber, and its equivalent in the travel sector is Airbnb. It has of course spurred the growth of many similar businesses, like Lyft, Ola, Via, Expedia, HomeToGo, and so on. App development companies like IPIX offer ready solutions for ride-share on-demand services, so that as a startup, you need not invest huge amounts into developing a proprietary app for your business. Of course, you can always ask for a bespoke app for your company if you want; but a generic SaaS app can be customized easily to reflect your brand., is undoubtedly Uber, and its equivalent in the travel sector is Airbnb. It has of course spurred the growth of many similar businesses, like Lyft, Ola, Via, Expedia, HomeToGo, and so on. App development companies like IPIX offer ready solutions for ride-share on-demand services, so that as a startup, you need not invest huge amounts into developing a proprietary app for your business. Of course, you can always ask for a bespoke app for your company if you want; but a generic SaaS app can be customized easily to reflect your brand.

  3. Food
  4. People want to have restaurant food, but at home, and that too without waiting at takeaway counters; this has made food delivery apps like GrubHub, DoorDash etc., very popular. These services became especially popular during the pandemic times when in-house dining was not allowed. These apps let you choose from several restaurants, and have the food delivered to your doorstep, usually in about 30 to 50 minutes.

  5. Grocery
  6. The Covid-19 pandemic made it nearly impossible for people to venture outside even for their daily essentials. On-demand mobility solutions for grocery were life-savers, as customers could get everything they needed at their doorsteps without stepping out. The convenience offered by these apps has ensured that even in the absence of lockdowns, consumers prefer to shop comfortably from home rather than make the commute and wait in long lines at the checkout. This trend actually helped local suppliers to grow, as they can meet the growing demand of on-demand grocery delivery. Conventional grocers also implemented this model, as it brought more transparency in customer service.

  7. Fuel
  8. You may be surprised to see this industry featuring in the list of on-demand businesses but it's true! Several on-demand fuel delivery services have sprouted all over the world, enabling consumers to refill their vehicles with just a few taps on their mobiles, if they get stuck on the middle of nowhere with an empty tank. No more do you have to push your vehicle to a pump, or wait in long lines; you get fast, safe, and speedy fuel delivery solution whether you are at home, the office, a parking lot, gym, or anywhere else. Booster, Filld, Yoshi, etc., are the top apps in this sector. This is a relatively new business model, which is why there is immense scope for entrepreneurs to enter this field and start a successful business.

  9. Cooking Gas
  10. The on-demand model has been very successful for cooking gas; previously, booking of gas cylinders was done in advance, but now the model has changed, and has become simpler, without documentation and registration. Customers can now refill their empty cylinders with just a few taps on their handheld devices.

  11. Healthcare
  12. This is of course, more about necessity than convenience; with pharmacies staying open for limited hours, and patients having to wait to see a doctor in serpentine queues or in emergency rooms, on- demand service for healthcare was just waiting to happen. Healthcare apps now allow you to book appointments with the doctor of your choice at your convenient time, receive medical reports, order medicines and get them delivered at your doorstep. Some of the facilities made available by on- demand healthcare delivery services are: doctor on demand, pharmacy on demand, diagnostics services on demand, and so on. Examples of these apps are Healthtap, Pillpack etc. the apps assure transparency, quality and speed of service, and provide relief in times of medical emergencies.

  13. Salon Services
  14. With the busy lives most of us lead nowadays, it is not easy to find time for self-care, and spend time at salons; everyone wants to look well groomed, but few of us are able to actually do it. Thanks to the advent of on-demand salon services however, it has now become possible. Customers can book appointments for whatever service they need - hair, nails, skin, etc., at a time that's convenient for them. They can get beauty treatments in the comfort of their homes - also safer in the pandemic time. Salon owners can save on renting huge spaces for salons or maintaining a large staff.

  15. Laundry
  16. Doing laundry can be a tedious chore, especially for young people who live alone and have to manage work/study and home all by themselves. They also might prefer to spend the free time they get, with friends, or engaging in physical or artistic activities and so on. This has given rise to on- demand laundry services. Once the app is downloaded, the customer can simply schedule pickup of clothes, and the laundry will deliver the clothes back once they are cleaned and ironed.

  17. Car wash
  18. Even at automated car wash centers, one sometimes has to wait a long time for their turn - as most of these places are pretty crowded all the time. This means a waste of time for customers who can't do anything in all that time. Now with on-demand car wash apps, they can simply book car wash services, with add-ons like tire polishing, internal cleaning and anything else they want. They can choose a time for pickup as per their convenience, and the service will pick up, carry out the service and deliver the car within a short time.

  19. Learning
  20. With even middle-aged homemakers and business executives not feeling shy to go back to learning, on-demand services for education have made their appearance. Thanks to learning apps, now nobody has to go to school or library at specific times, but rather, can study at their own convenience. Learning apps offer daily lessons, tests, gamification, certification, evaluations, reports, and so on. Learners are free to choose subjects that interest them.

  21. Professional services
  22. This is undoubtedly the broadest and most versatile sector in on-demand services arena, and it also has enormous potential. Through the apps, customers can place orders for a wide range of professional services like:

    • Electrician
    • Plumber
    • Appliance repair, like A/C, TV, etc
    • Carpentry
    • Pest Control
    • Mason
    • Housekeeping
    • Gardening
    • Baby sitting
    • Upholstery cleaning
    • Home and office sanitizing

  23. eCommerce Industry
  24. E-commerce is a sector that has benefited the most from on-demand services requirement; almost anything can be bought and sold online today: from footwear to home appliances, from expensive mobile phones to artisanal soaps, and everything in between. The convenience of shopping from home is not limited to not having to commute and stand in long lines, but also includes getting access to a mind-boggling range of products in numerous categories, in just one place. The success stories of Amazon, e-Bay, and similar platforms, is ample proof. Moreover, conventional stores like The Home Depot and Walmart, have also adopted the on-demand business model to attract new customers.

  25. Logistics
  26. Thanks to the demand for immediate services in the courier and other logistics activities, services have become more efficient, and smoother. With live tracking, customer notifications, smooth booking process and so on, on-demand courier and transportation services have made for innumerable happy customers. It has also brought in more parity in the pricing structure; this includes booking trucks for transportation of cargo in bulk by large companies. The tracking feature allows companies to know where exactly their cargo is at any given time, from the time of dispatch right up to delivery - it has increased accountability on the part of service providers.

  27. Fitness
  28. Something extremely essential, but that which people tend to put on the back burner, because they are simply too busy. With the arrival of on-demand fitness services and apps, people don't have to go to gyms at specific hours, but rather work out at their convenience at home. Often, the apps assign personal trainers to customers who provide consultation online, or even in-person if required.


We are likely to see on-demand services continuing to grow, and enter more industries with every passing day. There is tremendous scope for anyone who wants to begin an on-demand service; your scope is only limited by your imagination! Consult an on-demand services application development company like IPIX Technologies to get your own unique app at cost-effective prices.

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