How to Build your Website for Personal Branding

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If you are a dynamic person with dynamic personality, your personal brandin speaks volumes. To become an force in your industry, you need a strong personal brand. Website is one way to make your personal brand strong.

The experts and influencers will grow only when they have a strong presence in online. If you get online presence you can be a successful influencer. An earned presence is when third parties write about you and your achievements, and an owned one is written by you or your representatives.

When building a website for a strong online presence, here are some ways to start:

Register your website

Your personal brand is supposed to last your entire career. Websites are not only for corporates, it is also used for many other types such as personel branding , information websites like so many. As an individual, you can edit and run your personal brand separately from your company. It is a simple task to register a domain and share your passions with the people.

Avoid running your website like a blog

Personnel websites are not used for personal updates like when you meet a star or you have won a match like that. More than that you could interact with your audience both professionally and informally on your website. You can inform your new products or advertise a product, offer valuable insights to a new concept, review items, promote a cause and so on.

You should have an actual content marketing strategy to keep your website updated with fresh content on a regular basis. This way you keep building your audience’s numbers and loyalty.

Use your website to become an authority

Use fresh and high quality content on website for search engines that they rank better if the content is fresh and updated. And if your content has the right keywords, they will easily be discovered by search engine crawlers and ranked above other competitors in your industry.

If your page is ranked high on search engines, you will get better traffic. Many web development company's are trying to make traffic to their website. If your content is good then the chance of ranking in search engine is more. Getting links from trustworthy websites also has the potential to increase your website’s trust-flow and valuable leads.

Publish Quality Guest Posts

Blog syndication is a method to make traffic. Write unique guest posts for other influential websites and link them to yours. The websites don’t necessarily have to be Forbes status, but as long as they have a satisfactory readership size, it is enough to draw attention to your website.


MAY | 2017