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How To Build An Inbound eCommerce Marketing Strategy

How To Build An Inbound eCommerce Marketing Strategy

Table of Contents
  • What Is Inbound Marketing for eCommerce?
  • Why do we need inbound marketing for eCommerce?
  • Setting Up Your Inbound Marketing Strategy for E-Commerce
  • Final Thoughts on Inbound Marketing Strategies
  • Cost-effective training

During the course of a successful business, product development takes time and effort, so does execute an effective inbound marketing strategy. Probably every business needs to boost its revenue. This is where Inbound e-commerce marketing comes in. The most important factor is that inbound marketing for eCommerce strategy comprises a variety of smaller initiatives that on their own may not be anything remarkable, but when combined can create something powerful. Entrepreneurs across the world may be looking forward to the eCommerce landscape wondering how competitive it is for your brand to stand out, win more customers, optimize revenue streams. Here is the ultimate guide to Inbound Marketing Strategy to those doubting over building your e-commerce business.

What Is Inbound Marketing for eCommerce?

Inbound marketing is not just a tool but a set of ongoing activities when done in tandem, creating a highly scalable revenue driver. A set of strategic marketing techniques focussed on using relevant content to current and prospective buyers and attracting those customers and prospects towards a business and its products are known to be the Inbound marketing for e-commerce platforms. It is a process of growing your business, bonding relationships with customers, attracting them towards your services and products with the best SEO, content marketing, social media, video marketing, and more.

Why do we need inbound marketing for eCommerce?

Adding inbound marketing tactics to your powerful direct response marketing will help you to improve rank in organic search, establish your brand, and grow your social reach. Consumers are now increasingly making voice-assisted purchases on devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home. It is expected that by 2023 more than half of all product searches will be done by voice or by image search. Apart from eCommerce websites, online purchases are made through Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and many other platforms.

What are the new trends in e-commerce or online purchase? Get updated with the answer to this question to grow your business. eCommerce is now growing faster, more accessible, across wider platforms and devices. The common goals for inbound marketing for eCommerce include:

  • Increased Visitors
  • Increased Conversion Rate
  • Increased Average Order Value
  • Increased Lifetime Value

Many inbound marketing tactics are designed to bring potential customers to your sites, and thus maintaining a strong website is an important element. Here are few reasons why inbound marketing works well with e-commerce businesses.

  • Generates site traffic
  • Produces qualified leads
  • Strengthens your company's reputation
  • Builds upon itself
  • Can be personalized
  • Helps to create a cohesive brand
  • Allows customers reach you on their terms
  • Helps to build relationships
  • It provides a wealth of information

Setting Up Your Inbound Marketing Strategy for E-Commerce

In fact, inbound marketing strategies help businesses position themselves and attract their customers to the products or services in an organic way. Also, outbound marketing exists, where you attempt to get customers attracted by cold pitching your offers to them directly. Here is a 9 ultimate guide to creating an inbound marketing strategy for your e-commerce store.

  • Research the customers
  • The vital purpose of inbound marketing is to draw customer attention. This is done by meeting their requirements and expectations, appealing to their preferences. Develop the best approach to researching your customers. Monitor customer behaviour and analyze their purchasing tastes to identify their needs and demands. We need to focus on the potential customers and take a closer look at their demographics like Age, Gender, Location, Income, Education, Nationality, etc. Along with this, look out for the defaults issues experienced by customers and try working on them.

  • Develop a branding strategy
  • Elevate your e-commerce store from others on the market easily with the marketing strategy of branding. This also helps to differentiate itself from the competitors. Branding gets you closer to your customers as they prefer to do business with brands providing diverse and unique offers. Also, brand identity appeals to your audience portraying your company's mission and core values. Maintaining a core selling proposition is a crucial element of your branding strategy.

  • Leverage social media
  • Social media platforms are ideal for inbound marketing where you can interact with people creating a strong bond with your brand. Generating qualified leads through conversations and the most relevant content without relying on a sales pitch is one way. These social media platforms help to create different inbound marketing strategies. Apart from this, you can create contests and reward your audience, word-of-mouth marketing/ recommendations, keep an ambassador, etc.

  • Leverage SEO
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) is an inevitable inbound marketing activity that can organically draw your customers. You can build your e-commerce store's visibility, credibility and exposure organically, generating natural web traffic. Three different SEO strategies help you boost rankings, ie, Technical SEO, on-site SEO, and off-site SEO. These SEO activities help your customers to find you more easily online. The core purpose of SEO is organic visibility and higher ranking and the commonly used relevant keywords while purchasing online. Positioning your brand helps customers find your business website naturally.

  • Get more leads for your money
  • Both outbound marketing and inbound marketing strategies require investment. Whereas inbound marketing allows e-commerce websites to get more leads for their investment. You can host regular conferences on webinar platforms with participants for a smaller monthly package. For example, running a Facebook ad would cost $1 per day to reach a wider demographic audience all over the world.

  • Establish credibility
  • Customers are now curious about the credibility of an online store before they purchase after all those fraudulent. Inbound marketing provides e-commerce websites with opportunities to establish their credibility with customers. Creating blogs or videos that highlight useful tips following the product, answering FAQs, etc., are a few methods.

  • Target potential customers
  • Get rid of traditional expensive advertising methods which need not allow you to target the right customers. Inbound marketing helps you in identifying qualified customers who are engaged with your content. The fact is that people who simply sign up for your webinar or share blog posts shows that they are interested in your products and offers. Even if they didn't make a purchase you can capitalize on this interest by gathering their information and sending updates.

  • Improve organic search
  • People find your store more easily with a good search engine ranking which in turn enhances your sales. Google prefers simply optimized content. Publishing blog posts and uploading online videos help towards attaining a higher rank for your e-commerce site generating new traffic every day.

  • Recover abandoned purchases
  • In e-commerce stores, people abandon their cart before the close of a sale due to long checkout process, high shipping charges or simply distractions. Many cart abandonment tools are available to keep track of such customers. Inbound marketing strategies such as email marketing can be applied to re-engage them and enhance your chances of recovering the lost sale.

Final Thoughts on Inbound Marketing Strategies

Analyze the needs, aspirations, and struggles of your customers to get them towards your product. Create great content that draws them with this gathered information. Make use of the best SEO practices to attract them through search engines. Getting done with the traffic, convert the visitors with free content and influencer marketing that drives leads. Make use of email campaigns and a converting website to develop your business to success.

Inbound marketing is a long duration process and not so simple. But it is the most effective way to increase your visitors, leads, and buyers. You have to ensure that you are visible to customers and show interest in your business products despite the sales and custom offers. Establishing an online presence is one of the best ways to enter inbound marketing, which ensures organic traffic and qualified leads for your e-commerce store. Contact us if you’re interested in implementing it for your company, we’d love to hear from you!.

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