How Learning Management Systems are Revolutionizing Corporate Education

How Learning Management Systems are Revolutionizing Corporate Education

For quite some time now, people are comfortable using computers to search for information or take courses; this trend is also prevalent in schools, as we all know. Computers have today become synonymous with learning; the technological advancements like cloud technology have impacted every facet of business, including on the job training.

A learning management system or LMS is a web based application implemented in organizations to train their employees. It is a centralized solution for storing and managing the training content, and allows tracking and evaluation of learners, and learners have anywhere, anytime access to the courses and materials. The training platforms range from basic lessons to complex; what you choose will depend on the specific needs of your organization.

Features of LMS

Education software solutions today are interactive and engaging, and include gamification and social integration to make the course more interesting for learners, especially of the younger generation.

LMSs are innovative and flexible, and include blended learning and mobile learning – web or cloud based solutions offer the option of 24/7 access regardless of geographical location.

The organization can also evaluate and test the learners to check the progress of each individual, and assess if the organizational training goals are being met.

Why it is required in the workplace?

Learning software solutions are able to impart training in a much more interesting and engaging manner, leading to a higher rate of course completion; both learners and management/HR also expressed a higher degree of satisfaction with the results. As compared to conducting training programs via in house or visiting trainers, online training solutions are more cost effective as well.

By providing on the job training to employees, companies and employees are in a win-win situation. The employees get something of value – they get to learn something new, enhance their skills and improve their chances of getting promotions and increments, so they are happy, and are more likely to remain loyal to the company. Organizations are able to retain employees, and by improving the skills of present employees, they get better trained, more qualified workforce without having to go through time consuming and expensive training sessions or recruitment drives.

Numerous companies have reported significant improvement in productivity and overall employee performance after implementing learning management software; they also reported that the employees gained confidence as they were better equipped to do their jobs after the training.

The LMS advantage

LMS software eliminates many of the problems usually associated with traditional training methods, the chief being resource management. For new recruits, the ability to access the company’s training materials and resources at their convenience is a huge plus. They can get resolutions to their queries at any time – which is not possible otherwise. There is also standardization of courses, training methods and evaluation procedures, ensuring that your employees gain the same skills and general knowledge. This leads to better teamwork, productivity and overall employee performance.

Employees can learn at their pace and time, and in a way they like; this is made possible only by learning management systems; what’s more, training can be continuous, as and when there is a need to impart knowledge on new systems, regulations, processes and so on.

By implementing a centralized online training software solution, you can upload the most current courseware, and make sure all your employees are on the same page.

All of these ensure that your employees are skilled, happy, and loyal; better teamwork -> greater productivity -> increased revenues and profitability.

If your organization is looking to implement an efficient, customizable and streamlined learning management solution, we at IPIX can be of assistance. Contact us today at to update your training methodology and improve your ROI.


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