How Education LMS Is Reshaping The Academic World ?

Education has always been an ever prevalent and undeniably important part of life. Technology on the other hand has made drastic changes in life.

Now the question is – with the advancements in technology, has education undergone any transformation?

The answer is quite simple! With the advancements in technology, education in today’s time has undergone rapid transformations.

Most of the institutions, today, are making use of E-learning instead of traditional teaching and learning systems.

Some of the reasons for this change are:

  • Widespread access
  • Superior learning material
  • Breaking of geographic barriers
  • Learning at individual pace
  • Cost reductions
  • More fun and engaging type of learning

These are some of the advantages of using Learning Management System in educational system.

Changes that LMS made in today’s educational system are:

Type Of Training:

  • The type of training an LMS provides in corporate and educational institutions are vastly different.
  • An LMS for Education is more focused on offering knowledge and understanding of the courses.
  • Learners are encouraged to build more experiences for themselves.
  • The focus is more on theoretical information rather than a practical perspective.
  • Corporate LMS, on the other hand, is designed to train the employees to use the knowledge.


  • An Education LMS does not need to update its course content regularly, as they are based more on the sciences and humanities, which change at a much slower pace.

Course Scheduling:

  • Education LMS are designed to support academic years, semesters and so on, which means that course schedules are more rigid.


  • The support provided for educational LMS focuses more on educational workflows and the support staff is well known with common E-learning issues related to academics and their solutions


  • Anytime, anywhere access to courses: Through an Education Learning Management System, students can access their courses easily, no matter what their location is and at a time which is convenient for them.
  • Consolidated Information: All the courses or data that the students need to use are stored in one centralized location through the Education Learning Management System. Students can quickly access any course they want.
  • Increase in communication: A good Education LMS has features like social learning, which encourage the students to interact with other students, and increase communication by exchanging information.
  • Enjoyable learning experience: Through the use of features like gamification, students using the Education Learning Management System will have more fun and engaging learning experience.
  • Time saver: Students can save a lot of time, as they won’t have to spend time on hunting for data, resources, and submission of works.

These are some of the uses for students when they use Learning Management System, instead of traditional education systems. These are just basic advantages, there are a lot more…

In essence, a good Education Learning Management System provides a platform where the students and teachers can make the best out of their knowledge and experience!


OCT| 2017

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