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e-Learning Analytics to Enhance Corporate Training

e-Learning Analytics to Enhance Corporate Training

Table of Contents
  1. Benefits
    • Personalized Learning Experiences
    • Employee Performance Analysis
    • Improved Learner Retention Rate
    • Improved Online Training Programs
    • Cost-effective training
  2. Summing it up

Businesses now offer their employees comprehensive training programs to ensure higher income per employee than firms without formalized training. When compared to corporates that do not provide employee skill training courses, the rest enjoy a 24% higher profit margin. Businesses seem to experience success with improved productivity and better ROI. Latter being the evidence of probable development of a business, numerous eLearning analytics metrics helps to create personalized training programs and thus track the effectiveness. In this blog, let’s have a look at what they are.

Learning analytics has the power to transform the impact of corporate training on your business in a good way. It makes the way in creating meaningful training altogether revolutionizing the general perception of corporate training.

Benefits of Learning Analytics Program in Corporate training

Does the training programs rolled out in organizations worth the money invested? How much beneficial are these e-learning programs for an organizations workforce? There is an increasing number of organizations opting for e-learning methods as a part of their training strategy. New methods have been discovered to measure the training effectiveness and performance level of every course. Read on to learn about various methods in which learning analytics has influenced corporate training programs for better development and success.

  • Generates senior management buy-in and support
  • Defines your learning strategy
  • Identifies specific learner difficulties
  • Predicts future performance
  • Increased learner content retention
  • Creates long-term cost savings and efficiencies

Even if it’s collecting and evaluating training data or following it for many years, there are diverse benefits to implementing a learning analytics program for any training organization. Let’s have a look at a few of those facts in brief that influences Corporate Training and its productivity.

1. Personalized Learning Experiences:

Most organizations are now intending to provide a personalized learning experience for their employees. These methods are incorporated, so as to meet the learning preferences of individual learners or groups of learners. This is done through thorough data analysis on different roles, functional units, and learning preferences of employees within the organization. So that the e-learning technology helps to be an efficient way to roll out personalized training programs.

2.Employee Performance Analysis

In the end, most of the training programs have an evaluation or assessment process. This assessment track learners’ understanding of the course content. In fact, employee performance can also be predicted through learning analytics. The learning data is thereby used by L&D personnel to predict the learner’s performance level, their engagement level in a respective course using predictive analytics. The data collected using this can be used to incorporate new strategies to improve performance.

3.Improved Learner Retention Rate

Some learners fail to complete the mandatory compliance training programs which end up in disastrous consequence. In such cases, the corporates face a dilemma to handle such truant employees that lack training. This results in the ineffectiveness of the e-learning course and indicates a less qualified workforce. Learning analytics through an efficient LMS proffers an extremely helpful in monitoring learners’ progress and thus track successful completion.

4.Improved Online Training Programs

Learning analytics helps to keep track of the activities of the aspirants, understanding the trends and thus boosting employee engagement accordingly. Each learner would be particularly assessed based on the time spend on each module of the e-learning course, learning activities, content, or assessments of that module. A deep analysis is carried out after each course/module that analyses the feedback from the employees in order to reveal the drawbacks or on-point strategies to further modifications.

5.Cost-effective training

Businesses offer various courses for their learners but they fail to access all of them, completely or successfully. Each and every course may not have the desired reach. Only a data analysis regarding course access, completion, and assessment scores reveals the actual scenario of training programs. Also, business organizations do invest only in courses that assure a pre-assessment to gauge the current skill level of their employees and not their basic soft skills.

Why wait, Go for eLearning analytics now...

Learning Analytics assist to support the trainers to provide personalized support to each employee with the help of collecting, processing and reporting on various data to track and visualize each learner performance. As per organizations, learning analytics enables data-driven decisions making with skilled and trained employees. Knowledge and ways of application are identified and resolved, thereby supporting long-term content retention and business development. Capturing a variety of learning data allows the company to provide its training team with the opportunity to identify recent trends and patterns in courses, learning methods and updated training content. This data must be used in the best way. Learning analytics has broad applications that make way for targeted improvement across every employee group.

From extensive training requirements, learner satisfaction analysis, employee productivity and LMS performance tracking, the eLearning analytics can pave the way for much effective corporate training that results in increased revenue in the desired period of time. According to the present situation, there are numerous efficient LMS providers with multi-year expertise in eLearning software development that compete to leverage the best e-learning analytics for corporate training.

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