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Top Ecommerce Business Intelligence Tools in 2021

Top Ecommerce Business Intelligence Tools in 2021

Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • E-commerce Business Intelligence Tools
    1. Looker
    2. Microsoft Power BI
    3. Micro Strategy
    4. Qlik
    5. Tableau
    6. Board
    7. Sisense
    8. Domo
    9. Tibco
    10. Chartio
  • Conclusion

The emergence of technology in business has highly influenced the relevance of business information delivery, improving overall business performance. Business Intelligence(BI) Tools identify customer behaviour, improve visibility and efficiency of business processes, and gather data to make perfect business decisions. There are a few must-have information on business intelligence and analytics usage to ensure while selecting an analytic tool. The researches depict a clear image of a gradual hike in BI and analytic usage. Before implementing a BI tool, research on those leading the market looking for criteria like:

  • Query performance
  • Scalability
  • Product support
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Competitive win rate
  • Speed of implementation
  • Business benefits achieved
  • Ease of use

Business Intelligence Software

While looking for BI tools consider certain aspects that suit your business and market trends. Most BI software proffers its users to experience:

  • Ease of Use
  • Certain BI analytic tools provide high complexity, needing technicians for implementation and support. Opt for BI tools offering less complexity and customization options, making it easy for non-technical users.

  • Compatibility
  • Some of the BI tools offer end-to-end solutions, and some may not be. Users need to purchase software from various vendors. Look for integrations and compatibility within BI software to avoid depending on multiple vendors.

  • Scalability
  • With high data requirement, certain BI software fails to scale up well. If there is a high increase in the data generation of your organization, a BI solution that supports and handle increased growth is better.

    Business intelligence tools offer many services and popular functions such as performance metrics, data visualization, data analysis, reporting dashboards, KPIs, etc. Most of the Business Intelligence tools comes with important features and capabilities like:

    • BI Platform Type
    • Standard Reporting
    • APIs / Embedding
    • Ad-Hoc Reporting
    • Supported Data Sources
    • Mobile Capabilities
    • Access Control and Security
    • Full-Stack Business
    • Report Output and Scheduling
    • Data Discovery and Visualization

Here we list some of the popular and top Ecommerce Business Intelligence Tools in 2021 to implement effectively.


Looker comes with a free interactive training course, along with resources, to view data, build tools, develop models, etc. It creates easy to read reports and visually oriented dashboards which display insights that determine the business metrics, locating values, and locating interconnectivity between tables. It features custom apps, data science workflows, hosting on AWS and GCP, embedded visualizations, and much more. Looker with a free demo starts at $3,000/month for 10 users with an additional $50/ user.


The Power BI windows desktop app helps users to analyze and access data from local or cloud sources and publish the report. Microsoft Power BI supports data preparation, visual-based discovery, interactive dashboards and augmented analytics. It offers both free and premium versions with a unique feature of touch-screen annotation of reports in mobile apps. Pro version starts from $9.99 per user for a month and premium at $4,995 per dedicated cloud compute and storage resource.


Targeting major enterprise markets, Micro Strategy serves various industries with cloud, on-premise or hybrid deployment options. It features Digital credentials that help you replace physical ID cards, passwords and tokens in favour of mobile role-based identity badges tied to smartphones. Its drag and drop interface allows users to create custom data visualizations and develop personalized, real-time dashboards. Offering a 30 days free trial, it possesses various features like enterprise


Qlik is a high-performance proprietary analytics platform with self-visualization, guided and embedded analytics. It represents how the data should be related and uses in-memory indexing. This maintains data relationship and serves multiple products like Qlik sense which is a free proprietary platform for interactive visualization and effective decisions. It offers three versions Qlik Sense Desktop, Qlik Sense Enterprise, and Qlik Sense Cloud


It is a free proprietary BI system supporting data exploration and data visualization with in-memory architecture. Users can access data from multiple sources and custom data on their own. Tableau is easy to use and integrates with Microsoft SharePoint supports mobile BI strategy. It features one-click rapid reporting.


Board International combines three in one, ie. BI, Corporate Performance Management, and Business analytics. The proprietary platform aims to serve enterprises and features reporting by multiple data source access. One of the important features offered by Board is language support along with data visualization, drill-down, and drill-through functionality. The Ad-hoc querying and multi-dimensional analysis assist users with strong b.usiness decision making.


Sisense is an end-to-end proprietary BI tool with mobile and web-based deployment and benchmarking features. It uses Elasticube analytic database, which is built on in-chip technology, supporting the cloud platform. Major features include Ad hoc Analysis, Ad hoc Queries, and Ad-hoc Reports, Data Visualization. It is specially designed for users unfamiliar with BI encompassing Key Performance Indicators, Profitability Analysis, Strategic Planning.


Domo is a cloud-based on-premise BI platform for CEOs, sales, and marketing BI professionals. It comes with a robust mobile interface, focussing on business-user-deployed dashboards and ease-of-use. It provides business intelligence tools tailored to various industries and organizations. It helps the users connect numerous native data sources faster, optimizing the entire system.


Tibco Spotfire is an AI-powered data visualization platform featuring data preparation, workflow, self-service, and interactive visualization. It provides ML-based data preparation that supports building complex data models. Tibco aims a user audience of data analysts and data scientists. It possesses data science techniques, geo-analytics, and real-time data streaming using natural language query and natural language generation.


Chartio is an extensive suite of the most accessible data sources, visualization tools targeting e-commerce businesses. It helps users to build and share dashboards used for data research and performance tracking. Chartio is available at different pricing for startups and premium, with additional pricing for custom features.


Business is a mass concept, and Business Intelligence helps in continuous business performance improvement than that through manual processing. With the help of advanced BI reporting tools, business tasks can be managed simpler and quicker. BI platforms face continuous change concerning the business requirements and advancement of technology. The above list might help you select an appropriate BI tool for your business to achieve the target.

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