E-Learning Trends That Will Help You Stay Ahead In 2018

E-Learning Trends That Will Help You Stay Ahead In 2018

E-learning is here to stay – that much we are all pretty much agreed on. We also have a fair idea of the benefits it offers and the desirable features of an efficient learning management system. But this software like any other, is constantly being reviewed and modified to suit the changing needs of both organizations and learners. So let’s see what is being incorporated and what’s in demand in e-learning designs this year.


The modern look is all about minimalism; the new mantra is: ‘less is more’. So e-learning solutions are increasingly being stripped of all the paraphernalia to retain only that which the learner actually needs – no more distractions!

Combining Conventional And Modern Design

More and more learning management apps are being designed using a mix of conventional colors and typography with contemporary semi-flat or flat design elements, to create a funky, innovative look. Industry experts opine that this type of design will be seen gaining popularity throughout the last quarter of the year.

Modular Layouts

Nobody wants to see huge blocks of text; designers of e-learning solutions are now breaking down content into bite sized chunks, and you’d do well to do the same. Small bits of information are always easier for the learner to consume. You can also make it more interactive by placing a fun quiz or something similar between two text blocks.


More designers are thinking in terms of hand drawn, unique images to tell their story, rather than rely on stock images. Hand drawn images can be perfectly tailored to align with the messaging you want your brand to convey, and you can certainly expect clients to be happy with that. Another option you have is to take vector images and tweak them to create unique images and meet the requirements of individual clients.

Smoother Transitions

Nobody likes a text dump – of the click next type; then again, if you bombard the user with too many flashy visuals, they may feel overwhelmed. One of the biggest yet most subtle trends this year is optimizing interstitial anxiety – that is, reducing the tension during the time it takes from taking an action, and giving the response. Say, you want to ensure seamless transition between clicking on ‘Next’ and going to the next slide of the course in the e-learning management software. It may seem like a small thing, but it significantly contributes to providing a smoother, better user experience.

Failure Mapping

This refers to designing the UX for the not so ideal user – rather much like the principle applied in web development to help increase conversions. Why is it important for something like a cloud based e-learning solution? It’s quite possible that at some point some users may get confused, or are unable to the flow you have set. Going back to the first point about minimalism, remove superfluous details and direct user focus to the content. When you understand who will be using the e-learning app, you can ensure that you get the app that incorporates features which will be best suited for you as well as offer the outcomes desired by your organization.


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