Building Web Authority with Regular Fresh Content

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The web is filled with businesses competing for attention of users and potential customers. It can be tough trying to win the attention of customers in an already crowded market, so one strategy is to lure them instead.By flipping the table around, you can work the tide to your advantage. All it takes is updating your website with fresh content on a regular basis.

Start a blog with great content

Blogs are useful to brands for 3 reasons:

They help them rank well on search engines

Blogs provide great content which can be shared on social media networks

Blogs can help your brand attain authority status in your niche

Your blogs can contain information in the form of great content such as tutorials, infographics, videos and industry reviews. With quality content, you can show your audience that you are knowledgeable in your field and your brand is a go-to source for their business needs.

Why fresh content matters

Fresh content increases the frequency of your website indexing. The more frequently you update your website with blogposts, downloadable media, new web pages and more, the more frequently a search web-crawler will stop by your site. Your site has the ability to increase in rankings when more search engines crawl through its pages frequently.

A site may be indexed due to the combination of the number of inward links, the keyword density, and subject of the keyword and how often the site is updated. Each time you update your site with fresh content, the search engine notices and re-positions your website’s rankings Therefore, to increase the chances of getting higher web rankings, update your content regularly for a search engine to review your ranking on its index.


MAY | 2017