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Best Free Learning Apps

Best Learning apps
Best Free Learning Apps for Students and Teachers

Amidst the worst pandemic ever happened, traditional methods of schooling and classrooms have been forcefully transferred to online classrooms and e-learning all of a sudden. Concerning this online learning applications and websites faced tremendous growth. As the online classes on behalf of school education vary in quality, parents are in search of the best educational apps available for free tutorials.

Being so flexible with time and place of learning, educational applications are mostly preferred to ease the complexity of learning alone at home including illustrational classes with videos, podcasts, and other multimedia formats.

Today finding a top educational application is easy but choosing one from around 500,000 is a daunting task. These applications are specially designed for parents and teachers to enhance learning styles making it interactive and easy to grasp. These educational apps are available over your smartphones to any other device that can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play Store.

There are numerous educational apps and their teaching method differs from the quality level of Tutors and curriculum designers. Fresh and engaging teaching methods are integral to make students learn to perform better and not just study. We have compiled a list of the best available free educational apps for students and teachers for a more attractive education system.

1. Khan Academy

Khan Academy for fun learning

khan academy -Best elearning Learning apps

Coming up with the tagline of "free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere" Khan Academy offers personalized learning practices with reliable content including instructional videos and learning dashboards. Being the leading online learning resource trusted worldwide, they empower students to master their skills helping to create their learning foundation.

They offer to coach in various subjects, exam preparations like SAT, NMSQT, MCAT, LSAT, etc. You can watch the tutorial videos either by streaming them from the website or by downloading them to watch offline. The application is available on iOS, Google Chrome, and Android devices.

Key Features:

  • Personalized learning application
  • Progress tracking
  • Multi-language learning
  • Practise exercises

2. BYJU'S Learning App

BYJU'S Learning app to fall in Love

bujys elearning educational apps

Being India's largest online learning program, Byju's app comes with the most amazing way of learning specifically designed to make students learn, practice, and understand the concepts in a deep and precise manner. Highlighting their mission to "fall in love with learning", Byju Raveendran is the creator of India's most loved educational application.

With a blend of highly skilled and talented teachers, they offer adaptive and effective educational programs for all classes as well as competitive exams like IIT JEE, NEET, CAT, IAS as well as GRE and GMAT. The app has been creating a revolution against traditional learning methods through visual lessons with animation and graphical effects.

Key Features:

  • Visual lessons
  • Personalization
  • Mapped to the Syllabus
  • Unlimited practice
  • In-Depth Analysis
  • Questions Library
  • Highly qualified lecturers
  • More than 4 crore users

3. Vedantu

The network of knowledge

vedantu elearning educational apps

The Bangalore based startup promotes education offering free access to all live classes and study materials became one of the leading online tutoring companies in India. Magnifying their mission that "India's Learning Won't Stop" the three founders keep up the pace with the country's best-curated tutors. Students can interact with the teachers by clearing their doubts and answering questions alternatively.

Two-way interactions between students and teachers using audio, video, whiteboarding equipment, and a chat box enable personalized learning methods. Courses from school boards, competitive exams, and co-curricular courses including JEE & NEET are available which can be accessed from smartphones or tablets.

Key Features:

  • Students can choose their teachers according to their convenience
  • Individual and group classes
  • Adaptive Teaching methods
  • Best Teaching professionals
  • Customized learning based on the student's learning pace
  • Convenient and safe sessions
  • Coding courses for 6-12

4. edX

Transforming Traditional education

edx elearning educational apps

Created by two popular global icons, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University, edX is known to be the only leading MOOC provider worldwide. Providing the world with the highest-quality, learning experiences, they offer courses according to the taste of the candidate ranging from literature, data, computer science, engineering, communication, leadership, or languages. Even if you are unable to admit to the world-famous universities, edX could help you achieve those valued certificates to boost your professional career.

Key Features:

  • Over 120 Institutional partners
  • More than 34 million learners
  • More than 2800 online courses
  • High-quality education for everyone, everywhere
  • Advance teaching and learning methods

5. Google Classroom

Google Classroom to expand learning

google-classroom elearning educational apps

Google classroom formerly known as Google Apps for education is a part of the G suite offering free webinar services for students in order to ease the learning process. It promotes simple interactions between students and teachers, simplifying the task of assignments. This has been a mode of online learning mode for many students due to the recent lockdown period. Teachers can add students or invite them through a code. It updates the students with the assignment list with the due date and could text a message in a group or private.

Google for Education offers a wide range of applications including word docs, spreadsheets, slide presentation, Gmail, and forms to create forms, quiz, surveys. Google meet is a virtual classroom like video conferencing between students and teachers from anywhere. Google classroom integrates with many student information systems along with the help of websites like Curiosity.com, American Museum of Natural History, and Discovery Education.

Key Features:

  • Secured data
  • Is free classroom account
  • Education apps can be integrated with the classroom
  • Schools need to register for the Education platform
  • Resources provided to empower teachers
  • Available on all mobile devices

6. Duolingo

The World's best way to learn a language

Duolingo elearning educational apps

People are keen on learning new languages but it is not that easy. Duolingo makes this more simple and fun-oriented, gamifying the strategy of learning. It is one of the best language learning apps available to date and is highly recommended among beginners. They say" learn a language for free.forever", learning is structured into games where you can earn virtual rewards and points for completing each lesson. Being one of the most comprehensive online language tutors. Duolingo app offers a school version to learn the language, enabling tracking progress of each candidate.

Key Features:

  • Worlds no 1 language learning tool
  • Offers more than 30 different languages
  • Available on Apple and Google stores
  • Gamified learning method
  • Personalized learning
  • 300 million users around the world

7. Kahoot

Kahoot to make learning awesome

kahoot elearning educational apps

Kahoot! is a game-based learning application intended to learn through quizzes and playing games. They say learning has no age and just needs curiosity, providing separate dashboards for school, work, and home. Teachers can create a quiz session live and students can join using a user pin and can be displayed on a big screen like a projector or whiteboard. Students can interact by answering questions through their smartphones or other devices. The game has been played by 4.4 billion users since launch from around more than 200 countries.

Key Features:

  • Teachers can create interactive lessons and share content
  • Engage students in class and distance learning
  • Control and visibility into usage
  • Is available on google and apple stores
  • Can host live sessions and quizzes

8. Sololearn

Learn coding for free at Sololearn

sololearn elearning educational apps

Coding and programming are always in trend since web development rules the era of marketing and IT. Sololearn aims to make students learn coding all by themselves for free. They have an effective community of coders to assist you and a free mobile code editor to practice yourself.

Sololearn offers coding tutorials on various languages like python, java, c++, PHP, machine learning, HTML, etc. Students can reinforce and test their knowledge by testing or practicing by fun-oriented, quiz, or hands-on exercise.

Key Features:

  • Available on all major platforms and devices
  • 39,000,000 worldwide users
  • Learn while playing games and earning rewards
  • More than 2K lessons and 15K quizzes

9. Udemy

Udemy to Learn anything on your schedule

udemy elearning educational apps

People always have a tendency to choose from many, and here is a giant with 130,000 online video courses. Udemy has the world's largest selection of courses imbibing around every aspect of skills in depth including business, IT and software, music, teaching and academics, marketing, development, engineering, etc. It is one of the best learning and teaching platforms offering a vast range of online learning materials like PDF documents, PowerPoint presentations, text or video content, etc.

Key Features:

  • Open for instructors
  • Lifetime access
  • More than 40 million students and 50000 instructors
  • Intended for self-paced learning and video courses
  • Available for iOS and Android device

10. Quizlet

Quizlet with free learning tools and flashcards

quizlet elearning educational apps

Quizlet is a free education app providing learning tools like flashcards, games, and diagrams for students and helps to find resources for every subject or course. Through fun-oriented study games, they encourage the students to grasp things easily to earn good scores with more engaged classrooms. It helps them create study materials for their subjects or could save time by accessing the sets created by teachers.

Millions of study sets are available on the application so that even teachers can discover content for their needs. Teachers can discover content for their classes amongst the millions of study sets on Quizlet.

Key Features:

  • More than 350 million users
  • 50 million monthly learners
  • Reinforce vocabulary and soft skills
  • Study modes and gaming modes available
  • Available on Apple store and google play stores
  • Built-in auto-define feature to create study materials

11. PhotoMath

Gain Math - Superpower with PhotoMath

PhotoMath elearning educational apps

Mathematics is not always a simple subject to break. It has been a hurdle for many students. Photomath is a free mobile app that solves this issue using a smartphone camera in no time. Statistics listed this as one of the best learning apps as it helps to solve the expressions just by clicking a picture of the problem, using the OCR technology, showing a step by step guide. It supports several functions like basic arithmetics, fractions, decimal numbers, linear equations, and logarithms

Features of Photomath:

  • Scan printed/handwritten problems
  • Interactive graphs
  • Scientific calculator
  • Multiple solving methods
  • Animated instructions

12. Remind

Reaches wherever you are

Remind elearning educational apps

Remind app allows you to assemble multiple students altogether, also facilitating connections with educational institution communities. The community involves candidates, teachers, and parents, providing them with a specific school or class code. Once you sign in, it notifies you of all the regular activities through the community. The teachers could assign tasks and remind the class through message notifications and share images, handouts, submit assignments and projects, discuss or debate with the whole class.

Features of Remind:

  • Share photos, handouts, and flyers
  • Chat translations in 70+ languages
  • Instant messaging
  • Fast, accessible and effective

Best Corporate Training Apps


Train anywhere, anytime

IPIX LMS elearning educational apps
Best Free Corporate Training Apps

Learning online is the new normal and IPIX LMS is one of the best cloud-based LMS to streamline the process. It makes the process easier and better. Diverse courses can be accessed and customized with one single tap. It is a comprehensive suite of security features and guarantees complete confidentiality of your information.

Features of IPIX LMS

  • SaaS-Based & Product Based Delivery
  • Notifies about the events and schedules
  • Allows to upload content from your mobile
  • Access the courses even in the offline mode
  • Lets you analyze performance & course grades

2. Moodle

Most Popular Free LMS

Moodle elearning educational apps

It is one of the most popular free LMS apps which helps in corporate training programs. Being available on both apple stores and playstore, it is flexible to use on any device. The Moodle app allows you to upload files, download course resources with offline view, send messages and to track each individual.

Features of Moodle Mobile

  • Easy to use
  • All in one open-source learning platform
  • Robust, secure and private
  • Powering learning environments worldwide
  • Designed to support both teaching and learning
  • Free with no licensing fees
  • Always up-to-date
  • Highly flexible and fully customisable
  • Extensive resources available

3. Udemy

Udemy to Learn anything on your schedule

Udemy elearning educational apps

Udemy gives its users access to a range of topics guided by industry experts and real world practitioners. Whether you are looking for a good presentation, training material, an article or a white paper or a success story, corporate employees can make the best use of their business version app which provides accessibility to few crucial subjects upon payment. Vetted by over 11 million users around the world, Udemy can be the right choice for you to learn, train or get access to corporate study materials at your convenience.

Features of Udemy

  • Self-directed & virtual training
  • Relevant and authentic learning experience
  • Fresh & in demand syllabus
  • Faster learning outcome
  • Strategic & Dynamic learning

4. Skill Pill

Micro Learning for Modern Workplace

Skill Pill elearning educational apps

It is a Corporate training app for upskilling their employees in various sectors like customer service, management, sales and marketing. This app can be optimized for any device and platforms which makes it reliable and accessible. Skill Pill is a suite of integrated mobile learning tools intended for firms to reinforce their employee expertise, driving efficiency. This free app encompasses videos and supports podcasts, templates and other learning objects. They also offer you with custom courses depending on the requirements.

Skill Pill Features

  • Easy to use mobile app
  • Tailor made content
  • Ideal & Engaging micro learning
  • High quality digital learning experience

5. Mindflash

For the Modern Workforce

Mindflash elearning educational apps

It is an online corporate training app with mobile LMS software that provides training for a huge number of customers/employees. Mindflash is used by large enterprises to small startups. Ensuring utmost security they are used for compliance training on products and services. It is user friendly allowing the users to create courses, manage trainees, track their progress and results, add quiz, upload PDFs, PPT, SCORM, or any sort of training content.

Features of Mindflash

  • Online training with mobile LMS software
  • Flexible on desktop & mobile devices
  • Secure & mobile Optimized
  • Online learning management
  • Report and dashboard
  • SCORM and API

6. iTunes U

To ignite your creativity

iTunes U elearning educational apps

The corporates can make use of iTunes U through apple stores to access educational content from institutions or public media organizations. Users can access their files from the iTunes U to their apple devices. The visitors could find the library of free and premium content including business and skill development on any apple device, specially designed for all types of corporate atmosphere.

Features of iTunes U:

  • Come with flexible tools
  • All in one platform
  • Self-paced professional learning program
  • Easy integration & customization
  • Built in accessibility features

7. Apple Keynotes

To stand out with Presentation

Keynote allows users to create presentations on their iOS devices, allowing easy saving through iCloud or Dropbox. This free app is an Apple product that helps to create live course content and PowerPoint presentations. Keynote is a great tool for businesses to build custom course content and allows the users to exhort in multiple formats, independent of location.

Features of Apple Keynotes:

  • Features brilliant tools assisting presentations
  • Accessibility descriptions using technology
  • Custom themes and mode
  • iCloud Drive folder sharing
  • Offline collaboration
  • Showcase videos and movies across slides

8. Lynda.com

Unlimited access & expert teachers

It offers around 2000+ business courses, comprising management training, content marketing, advanced Google AdWords tutorials, and accounting fundamentals. This free app is available on iOS and Android platforms and allows users to access, save and share courses for offline viewing. But the access to Lynda.com's course library is restricted with a payment of $19.99 a month for four users. It allows the users to create a course playlist and stream course videos to a TV using Apple AirPlay or Chromecast.

Features of Lynda.com:

  • Gives personalized course recommendations
  • The course is available to download and access offline
  • Video tutorials include captions to make learning simpler
  • Users can create their training plan

9. Blackboard Collaborate Mobile

For Advanced learning

Blackboard is known to be the third most popular LMS with numerous utilities for corporate training programs. It allows the users to join web conferencing sessions, discussions, meetings and access whiteboard content. This free app is available to download on both iOS and Android devices. Blackboard also requires a hosted enterprise collaborate license to use.

Features of Blackboard:

  • Synchronous Learning
  • Unmatched User Experience & Convenience
  • Better Collaboration for More Effective Learning
  • Rich, High-Quality & engaging content

10. Yammer

Work Smarter, Work Together

The Yammer collaboration platform allows the users to integrate business applications using Open Graph. It is available on iOS, Android, Windows phones, and Blackberry. Yammer helps to set up a private learning community with the employees to collaborate during training, share information and discover alternate learning paths. Yammer is used by various enterprises to provide employee training with an effective learning environment.

Features of Yammer:

  • Create groups according to work and interests
  • Get questions and answers
  • Collaborate with contractors, customers, or sister companies
  • Keep content in context, adding them to conversations
  • Yammer supports both iOS or Android mobile app

How to choose the best online learning platform?

Even during the regular schooling period, educational mobile apps came into usage and during the pandemic, it just exploded. This is due to the excessive demand of parents and teachers to discover another medium to ease the learning process. Why is that so? What is exceptional to e-learning platforms than traditional education methods?

Personalized learning methods with added fun elements, practice sessions, and games make them stand out of the line. Students learn fast with simple and game-oriented teaching methods and tactics. There are many learning applications available and you need to analyze and decide if it fits your requirement. These platforms offer a grand library of courses and tutorials in any category.

As you can read from the above list, each differs with its own strong and weak sides, some are paid and others are free. Even the complexity of the application or time consumed may probably make you low. Make sure that you check the free trial before purchasing a paid app so that you won't go wrong. After all, choosing the one that best possesses your requirements and suits your budget should be the best option you could make.

Can't see what you're looking for?

Sometimes all your requirements do not come under one roof. You could either select one the above Educational apps or corporate training apps and integrate your requirements or, opt a unique and custom LMS software only made for you. There are many software firms creating LMS solutions for institutions and organizations. IPIX LMS is one of the best cloud-based Learning Management Systems and really easy for anyone to get used to. It supports 40+ languages and you can track the progress of the learners. Sometimes you only get short term requirements and you can choose the IPIX LMS. It best suits for both long term and short term uses and also you can gamify your content and can make learning more interesting. IPIX LMS has been in the field for a pretty long time now and their experience helps them to create highly interactive LMS for educational institutions and corporates of all sizes.

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