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Top B2B Mobile Apps in 2021 to Grow your Business

Top B2B Mobile Apps

It's hard to sort out everything at a time, managing and coordinating on a hand when you're running a business. So that entrepreneurs rely on outsourcing other firms for ease of management. Today there are numerous B2B mobile applications to assist you with managing your core business. B2B mobile apps are those that are designed to meet specific requirements like a public portal to assign and manage projects and in House apps used for inventory management.

These are tools which help in doing large scale projects more simply. These apps include food apps used by restaurants to take orders online and offer door delivery. People benefit a lot from these mobile apps, as most of their job is done without any hardship behind, with an accurate track record of data and customers.

Here is a list of 13 Top B2B Mobile Apps that would help you with business management:

  1. Google Analytics
  2. Asana
  3. Salesforce mobile
  4. Google Drive
  5. LinkedIn Pulse
  6. Voice text
  7. HootSuite
  8. WebEx
  9. EverNote
  10. Flipboard
  11. Dropbox
  12. Fuze
  13. DocuSign

Generally, there are two types of B2B apps according to the user base and restriction to access the apps.

  • Mobile apps accessible through a company website or any app store, and the users related to that specific company, including clients, employees and other users, have access to the app UI.
  • Limited access enterprise-level mobile apps available specifically to company employees through a login ID and password.

  1. Google Analytics
  2. Top B2B Mobile Apps for Managing Your Business

    You will obviously go for analytical software if you own an online website or mobile app to track the website and visitors. Google Analytics is a reliable source if you are looking for one. It features proper acquisition of data, real-time data, audience insights, conversions, etc. This digital era constitutes more internet users over smartphones than other means, and so you can keep track and evaluate the performance of your website/app with accurate information.

  3. Asana
  4. Asana Top B2B Mobile Apps

    Asana supports at every point of your business application development and is available on almost every device. It is designed for large companies to assign tasks to other members via email address so that they could maintain synchronized productivity. Asana allows a member to remain updated featuring task allocation with due dates, notifications, subtask, and much more.

  5. Salesforce mobile
  6. Salesforce mobile B2B Mobile Apps

    A reliable CRM is an essential requirement of every B2B business. It is crucial to maintain the productivity and efficiency of a sales system. Salesforce is a stable CRM development solution more than a B2B tool. It comes up with both mobile and desktop versions. It has a mobile interface that allows businesses to keep track of a profitable business.

  7. Google Drive
  8. Google Drive Top B2B Mobile Apps

    It is the most popular, safe and easily accessible platform used by the majority of businesses and users. You can keep the image, video, documents, charts, designs, recordings, video, word files and what not! Users can easily access any information anywhere. Google Drive, as a business development solution, highlights its accessibility compared to other sources. Initially, it offers a free 15 GB storage space, which is most preferred for its perfect management of business processes.

  9. LinkedIn Pulse
  10. LinkedIn Pulse B2B Mobile Apps

    This platform allows us to coordinate with other businesses in the industry of mobile applications. Linked in Pulse is a well-organized app which could help you with collecting all relevant information regarding the industry and the personalized interests of users. Businesses go for mobile app developers after the current trend in the market. Users are also allowed to share their views, information through likes, comments, etc. through the network and could connect to a large group.

  11. Voice text
  12. Voice text B2B Mobile Apps

    As an entrepreneur, people often deal with multitasking related to the business. Voice text is a transcriptor that helps you with this. It helps in sending voice and typing the content quickly on the go, without the hassle of typing massive data. The application comes with a clipboard which allows accessing, copying and pasting content to any other apps or websites. Through this application users, employees or the owners could easily send and enter data in a couple of minutes.

  13. HootSuite
  14. HootSuite Top B2B Mobile Apps

    Social media is an inevitable part of B2B business platforms and should be closely monitored analyzing the user's concern and interest. Depending on a third party, social media app development would be an option if you are running an MNC. Small B2B could stay updated with social media accounts using mobile apps. HootSuite is one such efficient tool which features search requirements flexible to many versions with multiple accounts including Twitter, linkedin, Facebook, etc.

  15. WebEx
  16. WebEx B2B Mobile Apps

    This mobile app allows you to host and attend business meetings over their smartphones no matter where you are. WebEx also supports sending and receiving messages, files or video conferencing within users. It synchronizes with the connected members of an organization. As a mobile app, it is beneficial to business allocating members from multiple geographic locations to a single platform.

  17. EverNote
  18. EverNote B2B Mobile Apps

    It is a platform that allows users at a business to create and share their thoughts or tasks through notes. It is also done manually at places hiring mobile app developers/employees. It supports multitasking within the users such as capturing images- physical or digital documents, clipping the web elements, and more. EverNote also allows the users to search and access their saved notes easily.

  19. Flipboard
  20. Flipboard Top B2B Mobile Apps

    For a business to keep up the pace, they need to get updated with the latest trends and news. But it is really hard to get the necessary publication when it's relevant. Flipboard is a remedy for this which is supported by both iOS and Android devices. The app collects data from required social media platforms, news, blogs, publications, articles, etc. and depicts it in a readable format like a magazine. So, you can avail subscriptions to various topics and platforms, to favourite topics and easily accessible through FlipBoard.

  21. Dropbox
  22. Dropbox B2B Mobile Apps

    There is always a contradiction between a mobile version and the desktop version when it comes to B2B applications. It would be not easy to access the same type of content on different versions. DropBox is a commonly used app for users to access content, multiple documents, spreadsheets, presentations, images, etc., easily at one point.

  23. Fuze
  24. Fuze B2B Mobile Apps

    It supports audio or video meetings with direct access to content and texting between the users. Fuze helps a B2B owner assist in easy sharing of documents, images, links, and other information and keep a track on the whole process. It provides customizations to manage business projects, tasks, workflow, etc.

  25. DocuSign
  26. DocuSign Top B2B Mobile Apps

    Signing documents is also an unavoidable process at business. DocuSign is a mobile app for companies to scan and apply your documents digitally, like any sensitive or confidential paper works. It is a handy app that also allows you to pass the contracts at any time.

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