Flutter For Ecommerce App Development

Top 10 Reasons To Choose Flutter For Ecommerce Development

In recent times, Flutter has garnered immense publicity in the mobile app development field, particularly among the new generation of programmers. Its popularity is evident from the fact that several multinational corporations like Google Ads, App Tree, Birch Finance and so on have switched to this platform. Thanks to its features like user-friendly UI, rapid deployment, integration with other frameworks and its unified code, it shot to popularity in 2019. Using Flutter helps save time, reduce expenses and shortens code, among other things. For these reasons, it has stolen a march over other hitherto popular platforms like React native, Angular, and so on.

Why exactly should you choose Flutter? We give you 10 good reasons:

1. Flutter overrides cross-platform limitations

Though the mobile app development industry has toyed with the idea of cross-platform app development approach to eliminate the need to create several versions of the same product, there was nothing definitive. The user experience of apps developed through such platforms failed to provide the same exciting experience as provided by native mobile applications. Flutter allows you to write the code one single time, as well as deliver an absolutely native experience on both Android and iOS. Flutter also overcomes other challenges that were posed by conventional approaches to cross-platform app development, like limited design, slow coding and testing, below par US, and so on.

2. Hot reload Enables Developers to Increase Productivity

The mobile app developer can scrutinize the changes made in the app almost immediately, and resolve the issues quickly. Without going elsewhere, the alterations can be viewed as soon as they save them; this is called hot reload, and it occurs by default, whenever the programmer saves any change. This enables improved collaboration between developers and designers so that the application interface can be improved. It also helps to decrease the time required for app development by 30 to 40 percent and developers can complete their development quicker.

3. High Performance

Dart is the only language used in Flutter, and it is a powerful object-oriented programming language. The programming style of Flutter is said to be declarative and reactive, and it does not require the use of a JavaScript bridge to improve the overall performance including the startup times of the mobile app. Dart is able to achieve high performance because of the ‘Ahead of Time’ compilation and Just in Time compilation. This helps to improve Flutter’s development workflow via the hot reload capability. It is able to refresh the user interface in the development phase without having to create a completely new build.

4. Better UI capabilities

An app in Flutter can be created leveraging a combination of widgets, so that every element could be a place holder for Scaffold, Drawer, and so on. The process is very straightforward – you just wrap a widget within another, to create multiple functionalities, delivering a superlative experience to users. This is possible regardless of the platform used to run the app. You can also stack the widgets one on top of the other and create vertical and even horizontal layouts, to create a final rectangular visual element with text.

5. Easy Error Handling

Whenever an error takes place anywhere in an app, the mobile app as a whole, stops functioning, making it problematic for the developer to pinpoint the error or resolve it. However, this is not the case in Flutter. As the mobile application is created using several widgets and their combinations, if there is any problem in any widget, only that specific widget and its sub-parts are affected, with the rest of the app functioning normally. The error message is only displayed for those elements, allowing the developer to pinpoint and handle the error easily and quickly.


6. Speedy Server Configuration

The support from firebase enables the speedy launch of the mobile app; cloud storage and other functions actually complement Flutter, eliminating the need for backend development. Without dedicated DevOps support, you can achieve continuous delivery thanks to development automation tools, and methods like Fastlane.

7. Smooth Migration from Other Platforms

Consider that your existing app is a native one, developed exclusively in Android or iOS, and you now want to switch to another platform; Flutter can help in converting the existing mobile app in Flutter, and in offering multiple platform support as well. This ensures easy and affordable maintenance of your mobile app by using one single source code. It will provide great UX to the customer – as mentioned earlier, a native app experience.

8. Powerful Design and Easy Animations

Trusted platforms are available for Flutter mobile app development, facilitating the creation of exciting user interfaces. Different themes with a range of colours, styles, and fonts are available. Adding animations is a breeze, thanks to flexible APIs. Expressive animations can be added with small changes in the code.

9. Ideal Platform to Develop Minimum Viable Product

Flutter is perfect for startups who are brimming with ideas but are low on finances when it comes to developing your minimum viable product for making a presentation to potential investors. Flutter helps in building the mobile application swiftly and is capable of serving native platforms Android and iOS. You just need to develop a single app, instead of two separate ones.

10. Supports a variety of IDEs

The Flutter platform offers support for many IDEs like VS Code, Android studio, and so on; they don’t necessitate the use of bridges between programming languages and user interface components. The apps developed using the platform are compiled straight to the native code.

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