What is IPIX ERP and How It Is Helpful

What is IPIX ERP and How It Is Helpful For Businesses

Every business has goals, and it’s necessary to plan and work towards achieving them efficiently and without extraordinary effort. A proven solution that helps a business in this quest is an ERP system, or Enterprise Resource Planning system. Any business in any industry can make use of this software to bring all business operations and processes into a single centralized solution. ERP software helps to synchronize departments, boost efficiency, and ensure precision and accessibility of business data, by eliminating manual efforts and reducing costs.

IPIX ERP is a custom cloud-based ERP solution that helps you streamline your business, strengthen customer relationships, manage supply chains, and maintain compliance. Let us look at the main features of this best ERP software solution in India & USA.


1. Visibility

IPIX ERP software provides enterprise wide visibility , empowering businesses with greater control enabling them to make informed strategic decisions, making them more agile, and streamlining business processes. A bird’s eye view of the entire internal control functions are provided via a visual medium that enables the management to configure the authorization and review process, and monitor it.

2. Scalability

IPIX ERP is perfect for businesses experiencing rapid growth, as it is designed to scale with your business – regardless of whether the growth is permanent or a seasonal or temporary surge. Our resilient solution helps you build your business hassle-free.

3. Advanced analytics

With IPIX ERP you can get a handle on the issues, challenges, trends and opportunities relevant to your business. The massive volumes of data collected, are presented through graphs, summary reports and charts, and provides insights that help decision making.

4. Rich Reporting

IPIX ERP has an inbuilt user-friendly report builder that you can set up to generate reports on KPIs that matter to you. These can be delivered over email or SMS, empowering management to take wide ranging strategic business decisions.

5. Production Management

Thanks to IPIX ERP’s real time production management visibility, you can operate the manufacturing processes more efficiently and speed up time to market. Our solution provides end-to-end visibility into the production process, and helps you make informed decisions; you can also bring down your cost considerably, and get your products to any market in the world with our ERP solution.

6. Supply Chain

IPIX ERP offers user-friendly simple inventory tracking suitable for single and multiple location retailers and wholesalers. It lets you see the latest stock levels and values, average purchase cost, and the quantity of stock committed to quotes, and more. You can also report on product performance, check your profit margins by item, and leverage this the information to make better ordering and pricing decisions.

7. Financial Planning

Our cloud based ERP software enables the reduction of cycle duration, engage with users, and boost your planning process with a solid budget –and-forecast solution. Integrated with the inbuilt business intelligence feature, this module empowers managers to take faster, more intelligent decisions.

Now that you know what the features of IPIX ERP are, let’s take a look at how it is useful for businesses.

Benefits of IPIX ERP Software

Feature Rich Technology

IPIX ERP is an all-in-one, feature rich solution that enables in the strategizing, management and coordination of your business operations..

Smooth Integrations

Our apps integrate painlessly and allow complete automation of your business processes. Our holistic solution helps you avoid the need for interfaces between multiple applications.

Robust solution

With business ops streamlined, you are free to devote precious resources and time to core business activities that drive growth and innovation. Plan, procure materials, manufacture, manage orders and deliveries more efficiently with our comprehensive, cloud based ERP software solution.


For all its rich features and benefits, IPIX ERP is extremely cost effective, making it the ERP of choice for startups and small businesses.


IPIX ERP is versatile and fully customizable so that you can enjoy functionality specific to your business and automate your workflows for a smooth business experience. It needs no technical acumen to operate, and can be used by anyone.

Regulatory Compliance

With IPIX ERP, you can keep in step with changes in the regulatory environment almost as soon as they are made; we help you meet GRC requirements so that you are not penalized.

Have you implemented an ERP solution for your business? Are you looking for a better solution than what you have at present? If you’re looking for a reliable, flexible, and secure ERP software solution, you have come to the right place.

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