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Top 5 Learning Management Platforms

Do you leverage the potential of Learning Management System (LMS) to enhance your business' overall competitiveness? No? Then, be careful – you’re falling behind. You know why? Your training budgets are increasing; while others in the field are prodding more LMS choices and feeding recent and better technologies, you are still trying to chase mentors who can train your employees. As of 2018, most of the studies have remarked that LMS topped the training products that business firms intend to purchase this year, and that is of no surprise! Let us tell you why – ‘people’ are the most important asset of any business enterprise – ah, that may up for a level headed discussion; yet think about how a pragmatic motivation to enhance workers’ aptitudes and abilities can make your company more profitable. In this article, we have lined up the top LMS software solutions, which we believe are at the pinnacle of the industry. Which one will suit you? Let our detailed product descriptions below get you on top of things.

Top LMS Software solutions of 2018 which you can find and compare LMS software.

Top LMS Softwares


Heyo! IPIX, an LMS framework from India, breaks into the top 5! Foremost, this one is a software system of untapped potential. The UI/UX is extraordinarily robust. It carries multi-lingual support features, effective reporting and monitoring tools, badges to celebrate achievements, and instant messaging features. Big wins of the system are the ability to create an assortment of playlists, custom fitted dashboards, access to greater resources, including books, content materials, and videos. Mobile is of course a plus for this. What's more, this is a gamification-based system – really sturdy, and will enable you to select whether to have the system with gamification wrapped around it or not, and that applies to social at a greater degree. This additionally assists you to upload your own content – most of the best Learning Management Systems won’t offer this option. The next generation functionalities of the system include content curation, deep learning, video management, and ask a professional. The system can be applied to education as well as corporate trainings.

Litmos LMS

This is a corporate training LMS that feature brisk cloud deployment, and an array of integrations for extensible functionalities. In addition, it is quite easy to build content that is easily understandable for the newbies. The system features content for distinct industry regulations and prerequisites, significantly in the domains of HR, IT, and nonprofit. You could make your audio and video accessible 24/7.

Thought Industries

The name may seem like a think tank; however it is an LMS! What you will love about the system is the FPS detection, multi-tenant, solid e-commerce, and great UI/UX. Analytics and data visualization are likewise good. Ask experts, content curation, deep learning, video management, and so forth, are mixed, and numerous items are claimed to be on their roadmap for 2018!

Talent LMS

A cloud LMS that fits for business of any size – from freelancers to bigger enterprises. The LMS is a standout amongst the most other platforms within the niche with a diffusion of custom alternatives to suit your branding and workflow prerequisites. It supports an extensive range of content material sorts, such as SCORM and Tin Can. In fact, the system is simple, however stacked with incredible reporting and analytics features that let you apprehend each learner’s progress or the learning gaps that require quick consideration.


Another widely recognized LMS solution that features a complicated yet simple to-utilize training management toolset. Its mobile support and off-the-shelf modules will let you rapidly design, upload, as well as distribute your course materials to learners everywhere around the globe. The system is perfect not only for employee trainings and consumer tutorials, but also for business presentations. The unique ‘Coach & Share’ feature of the system enables learners to ask queries and get answers from the experts in your organization. The framework supports Tin Can API, SCORM and AICC.

There they’re – all the five! Hope this list has helped you in choosing the exceptional LMS platform for you.

List of top 5 LMS Software

LMS Software

LMS Software