Top 5 Crm Tools

Top 5 CRM Software Tools | CRM Software Solution 2018

With processes becoming more complex and increased digital proliferation, using a customer relationship management (CRM) software is no longer an option for businesses, but a pressing need. A CRM system records a customer’s details, like social media profiles, contact details, their preferred mode of communication, and so on. It organizes these details so that you have an exhaustive record of your customers, and provides a 360° view of their details, including their interactions with your brand/business. This enables organizations to understand their customers thoroughly, and to forge strong, long-lasting relationships. Here are the top 5 CRM software solutions of 2018:

Top 5 CRM Software

  • Salesforce
  • HubSpot CRM
  • FreshSales
  • Zoho CRM

CRM Software


IPIX offers a 30-day trial version, after which you need to pay; user-based licenses are available. With an uncomplicated and intuitive interface, it’s one of the most user-friendly CRM solutions available in the market. This cloud-based solution is highly flexible and scalable, and is suitable for small to medium businesses that are looking to grow quickly; it is domain agnostic, which means that it can be implemented in any company regardless of the industry. One great feature offered by this CRM system is the ease of uploading and sharing documents.

IPIX CRM can be fully integrated with 3rd party software and tools like HRMS, biometrics, and more. This feature-rich CRM software is also heavily customizable; it can be tweaked so that the unique needs of different departments in an organization can be fulfilled by one centralized app. The app is responsive, and its cloud computing capability allows employees to access the app and data from wherever they need to. offers round-the-clock tech support for their customers.


Feature rich, fully customizable, and scalable, Salesforce CRM has been around for almost two decades, and enjoys prime position in the market. Several global giants like Adidas, Canon, Pizza Hut and Western Union use this CRM. Several subscription levels and integrations are available, and implementation takes a little time, but it has an excellent user interface – modern, intuitive, and easily navigable. Tabs are divided into easily understandable categories like Home, Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, and so on, allowing easy access to available info, and tasks. The admin controls allow the maintenance of various permissions, and displays categorized on individual users or groups. It can be accessed from anywhere as it is also responsive for mobile. Salesforce CRM is suitable for small, medium, and large businesses.

In addition to doing all that a typical CRM does, it also provides content management, and project management functionality. Businesses can also integrate legacy or proprietary software with this CRM – with help from support staff at Salesforce. They provide ample consultation services, and can help with customization. An active online community and a catalog of training resources and documentation for implementation are also available, which you can utilize if you have in-house tech experts.

HubSpot CRM

Available 100% free, there’s nothing to beat HubSpot CRM for small businesses. It affords all the functionality you want in a CRM without the convolution some other platforms have. It’s interface can be personalized, and used for a diverse range of industries. It allows the creation of detailed profiles of companies and contacts, assigning and tracking of all deals you make, controlling employee performance for all tasks. You can also collate all the corporate activity on a centralized dashboard that everyone can access and add to. It is optimized for mobile, and is perfect for collaboration and remote teams as data can be accessed by any device, OS or browser.

It integrates easily with popular business software, and is it’s cloud-based, you don’t have to carry out lengthy and expensive installations. The interface is very intuitive, and allows you to control multiple processes from a single dashboard regardless of where they happen. It has robust automation features that allow you to target the ideal audience, and gather the viable needs in a central location, and then import those email leads with just one click. It is highly flexible, and lets you manage tens of thousands of contacts.


This is a quality CRM capable of providing your business with the requisite tools for capturing leads, qualifying and tracking them. As a single contact management tool that allows organizations to control several thousand leads, it’s one of the most widely used CRM solutions. The interface is simple and intuitive, and its rich features allow you to streamline several elements of the sales process, eliminating the need for different programs for the task. Freshsales CRM includes all functions of legacy CRM software; however, it has a unique method for optimizing sales, prioritizing pipeline prospects, and churning out valuable insights, making it a powerful tool for dynamic sales teams. Its most valuable feature is that it identifies the sources of the leads; it is able to allocate, nurture, categorize and validate leads in addition to capturing them. Call recording and routing, auto dialing, and affiliate management are some of the rich features available in its advanced suite.

Freshsales also has excellent revenue analytics tools that enable you to extract relevant metrics and assemble them in precise reports. With the several filters on offer, you can categorize, classify and customize results during summarization. It is also highly flexible and surprisingly affordable – free for small teams, with paid options for medium sized businesses, and without any hidden or recurring charges.

Zoho CRM

Zoho offers a free plan and a paid plan starting at $12 per user for a month. The free edition can be used for 3 users, and has many limitations. However, this is a highly flexible CRM solution, and is packed with great features like contact management, leads, social media integration, web forms, automated sales and marketing, etc. You can also integrate it easily with other Zoho products like project management and web forms. The Zoho suite offers tools for identifying leads on maps, recording audio notes, logging calls, recording customer visits, and so on, and you can do these via the mobile apps that offer easy access to all the data in the CRM solution.