Make Your Website More Visually Appealing

5 Ways to Make Your Website More Visually Appealing

Everyone is going digital – which means there are thousands and thousands of websites on the internet. Therefore, it’s no longer important to simply have a website; you need to make sure that it is up-to-date, user friendly, and visually appealing.

Sure, you may have made your website very SEO friendly, and your site ranks high in the search results; but once a visitor lands on your site, you need to make them stay long enough to interact with your business, and hopefully, convert them into a buyer. This is where your aesthetic appeal becomes important. A good website development company will follow these and other rules to dazzle your target audience.

1. Less is More

Nobody likes to see a cluttered house or office, do they? Similarly, visitors get put off when they land on a home page that is cluttered and full of text and graphics. Imagine if the user has to actually search on the page to find out basic stuff about your business. The golden rule of modern websites is minimalism. Neat, clean pages with plenty of white space, with short text blocks and attention grabbing (but minimal) graphics – and within these graphics and text, you should be able to convey your message to the user. The text should be short and crisp, and written in a language that appeals to your ideal customer. Make sure that your web design company understands what you want properly.

2. Unleash the potential of Multimedia

Pictures, parallax scrolling, videos, and graphics – whatever uses multimedia is quite potent in a website, as this appeals directly to your users. Make sure to use good quality, professional photographs, and avoid stock images like the plague. Without compromising on the ‘no clutter’ principle, you can judiciously use multimedia elements to lend greater visual appeal to your website. Videos on how to use, assemble or troubleshoot a particular product is also very useful to the customers. You can also talk to your web development agency about including animated call to action buttons.

3. Make It User Friendly

Your website also needs to be easy for even tech novices to use; the navigation should be clear and simple, and users should be able to find what they want without much ado. Enhancing your website’s appeal does not mean that you compromise on the functionality and usability of your website. Complicated navigation paths tend to overwhelm, confuse and frustrate the user, with the result that they just close the tab and start their search elsewhere. Make sure that your website developer fixes broken links – this is part of maintenance – so that users don’t get a ‘404 Page Not Found’ message when they click on some link.

4. Consistency is key

Colors, fonts, graphics and other visual elements that recur on the website should all convey consistency; there needs to be a uniform color scheme, as well as the same fonts used on all pages. Tell your website development firm that the company logo also needs to be displayed in the same position on all pages so that the identity of your brand is maintained consistently across the site; maintaining this visual coherence is crucial for conveying the organization’s culture apart from strengthening the business identity.

5. Incorporate Social Media

There are over 2.5 billion people on various social networks today; it would be a dreadful oversight if you did not include social media elements on your site. Apart from making your site attractive to user, it also adds an element of trust. Add social buttons on the site so that your visitors can share stuff to their social media accounts, and also link your social media accounts to your page. You can ask your web developer to include something like this: ‘Follow us on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram’ – and display the social media buttons which are actually links to your accounts on those platforms.

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