Lead Generation With IPIX CRM

How to Improve Your Sales Lead Generation With IPIX CRM

A CRM or customer relationship management system is software that helps you manage all the interactions and relationships your business has with existing as well as potential customers – also called leads. Basically, it ensures that all the steps involved in customer interaction proceed smoothly so that you get maximum ROI. As a CRM solution collects data from multiple sources, it provides valuable insights into the purchase history and overall purchasing behavior patterns of leads and customers.

Today there is hardly a business that does not use a CRM solution to streamline their business. There are of course several CRM systems available today. IPIX CRM is a feature rich customer relationship management software system that is customizable, scalable, and affordable, and the choice of numerous small and medium businesses. It is an invaluable tool for businesses to nurture leads and forge long lasting bonds with customers even before your sales team interacts with them. IPIX CRM allows you to not only find new potential customers but also earn their trust, provide value, and eventually convert them into customers. Here are some pointers on how you can use IPIX CRM to boost your lead generation:

Analyze Data

One of the most significant advantages of IPIX CRM solution is that it provides you vast amounts of actionable information. Your job is to take better decisions by leveraging this information. Real time sales and profit analysis taken from different leads and marketing campaigns is a crucial piece of information provided by IPIX CRM system. A careful scrutiny of this data will help you identify those campaigns that give you the most bang for your buck. This can help you to focus more on those type of lead generation methods, eventually leading to enhanced marketing budget allocation, and an increase in your revenue.

Craft Effective Marketing Campaigns

IPIX CRM has a powerful impact on marketing. As a business you can leverage the segmentation feature to create shared groups of the target audience, and thereby improve the messaging of your marketing campaigns. You can also benefit from features like the opportunity pipeline, campaign reports, and more. With the valuable, in-depth and factual insights into potential and existing customers, IPIX CRM offers an exhaustive view of the opportunity pipeline.


Tracking Leads

IPIX CRM allows you to track and manage your leads, and shows you where they stand in the pipeline or sales funnel. You can track aspects like how many customers were contacted in the previous week or month, the queries raised by the customers, responses given, discussions that entailed, and so on. You can configure the system to generate specific reports and analytics based on these records.

You can enhance the quality of leads and achieve your business goals with IPIX CRM in these ways:

  • Use Artificial Intelligence – if you need to process huge volumes of data, incorporating AI in your CRM process will make it hassle free. AI provides several lead generation tools that help to find as well as convert new leads or prospects. This is helpful in determining the most valuable accounts as well as the most suitable marketing messaging and channel depending on the characteristics of individual leads.
  • Automate Marketing – by automating collection of data, you can generate leads of a much better quality; automation enables wider market reach and better conversions.
  • Social Media – Integrating IPIX CRM with social networking platforms will give you a huge advantage, as today social media is crawling with users. You will be easily able to generate a large number of leads from social media integration of IPIX CRM.
  • Email Marketing – Asking for email addresses of potential customers from your website is easy; you simply have to offer something that will add value to them, like free subscription to email newsletters, a report, whitepaper, or ebook. Once a prospect enters their email id, it will trigger a series of emails through an automated email marketing system connected to the CRM software.
  • Integrate Inactive databases – When you integrate IPIX CRM software with an inactive database, it has the capability to reveal hidden leads. It can segregate leads according to pre-set parameters.

Manage Relationships

One may argue that this is not within the scope of this article, but relationship management in my opinion, is inextricably linked with lead generation. IPIX CRM is a software tool that can help you manage your interactions and relationships with not only your existing customers, but also your potential customers or leads. This can help to ensure that the leads are eventually converted into customers. If the lead feels they are not receiving responses to their queries, or they feel unimportant in any manner, they are highly likely to leave your sales funnel or pipeline. Nurturing a lead is just as important as generating one.

To Sum Up

A business can not only improve the quantity and quality of leads, but also achieve its goals quicker with IPIX CRM. By studying the data and reports generated by the CRM software, you can decide on the actions to be taken that have the highest chance of converting leads into customers – thus fast- tracking your sales process, and helping you increase your revenues and profitability. When you implement an effective customer relationship management tool like IPIX CRM you can be sure to experience significant improvement in sales and revenues.


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