Improve Your Local Presence Using Website Content

5 Ways To Improve Your Local Presence Using Website Content

It’s a no-brainer that to rank for SEO, you need good content that has been optimized. It is not enough to have good links, meta-tags, and so on. To rank high in the search engine bots’ result pages you must have readable, relevant, updated, quality content on your website.

If you want users to find your products and services as a local business, you need to have a plan to enhance your local presence online. After all, there are millions of searches conducted every

Now the question arises, how do you go about improving your local presence? To help you out, here are a few smart ways you can achieve this. It will not only drive more relevant traffic to your site, it will get you more customers coming into your brick and mortar store.

Location Based Content

Let’s say you have a couple of stores in the state of California; create content for every location. After all, someone living in Sacramento is hardly going to drive to San Diego to pick up stuff – unless you deal in extremely rare goods! Creating content based on each geo-location you have your store in will help shoppers know that there’s a store near them that they can shop in. If you have stores spread across the country – create state-wise content; if you’re international, you need country specific content… you get the drift. This is one of the best ways to get a relevant audience.

Create a Regional Landing Page

When you want to pit your business against others in a specific area, you need to make your presence felt right from the first page. Nobody is going to wait hopefully till they hit the second or third page to find content that’s relevant to them location-wise. Ergo, it goes without saying that you need to create a landing page that is specific to each region (if you have multiple locations). This serves a dual purpose – you can drive only area-specific audience to your site, and your visitors will be able to easily find goods and services available in their area.

Including an FAQ section

Any website worth its salt has an FAQ section. This can be your central repository of local content – talk about the different services, shipping options, USPs, local store addresses, and more.

Search engine bots crawling your website content also go through the FAQ section; therefore, if a user searches for say pet spas in San Jose, Google will throw up snippets of relevant content from FAQ sections of websites. Your FAQ section also helps you widen your reach to include mobile search users who are heavily dependent on voice search to find local businesses.

Creating Content for Sales and Special Events

Do you have a big sale planned? Are you launching new products for Women’s Day or Earth Day? Use your website to announce it to your local customers. You can create posts especially for people in a specific area, and use appropriate long-tail keywords to emphasize the location. For example – ‘announcing flat 20% off for all our female customers in Manhattan on the occasion of Women’s Day’. Many entrepreneurs erroneously believe that creating location specific events or sale offers limits reach but the opposite is true – you can appeal to a local, relevant audience rather than a generic one with low conversion rate.

Sponsor local events

Dance event, quiz contests, cooking contest, bake-off, bingo nights – whatever is happening in your area, be sure to be present there. Participation in local events is a great way to gain brand visibility. Ideally, you should pick an event that is connected to your products or brand image.

Announce this on your website as banners, and promote it on your social media handles too. You can also create lightbox participation invitations for your local customers.

Using these ways you can improve your website content and make it more relevant to your local audience; and as you have seen, it does not cost an arm and a leg to gain visibility online.

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