Mobile App Development for Marketers

Importance of Mobile App Development for Marketers

To be a successful marketer, you need to know your customer well; you need to know their needs, their fears, their habits, preferences, demographics, income groups and more. Only then will you be able to create and deliver offerings that create value for them.

We live in a world where digital marketing has overtaken conventional marketing methods – thanks to the inherent benefits it offers; the increasing proliferation of Smartphones means that marketers must integrate mobile marketing into their digital marketing activities to tap into this vast market.

The mobile app market is showing continued exponential growth: according to Google 91% of Smartphone users look at their phones when they need ideas; Yahoo says that 90% of mobile usage is from business apps. The number of mobile phone users is around 5 billion worldwide – and growing. What more information do you need to be convinced of the necessity of mobile app development for your business?

Integrating mobile application development as part of digital marketing strategy is being touted as one of the most important tasks by marketing experts. Mobile apps work on several levels – you get initial access to customers, the buying process gets simplified, special offers can be shared, and customer data can be mined easily – eventually helping to grow your business.

How Mobile App Development Benefits Marketing Campaigns

Having a mobile app for your business can help you reap several benefits. Here are the most important among them:

Leverage Data to Develop Long Term Strategy

Mobile business apps can be used to mine customer data; by attaching the app to a cloud, you can simplify the process a lot more. Your marketing and sales teams will have easy access to customer data, and will be able to manage it more effectively too. By detecting behavioral patterns over time, they will also be able to craft more efficient strategies. With mobile app development companies able to create apps that literally follow your customers everywhere, you can get a wealth of real time data that will help you provide much better service to your customers.

Expand your Reach

A mobile application can help connect to local businesses by providing links on customers’ phones – this way you reach customers, rather than wait for you to find you online. This has significantly boosted accessibility. A mobile app allows you to have a global presence, not limiting you to a niche related or local presence. You can experience greater engagement with users and improved mobile search rankings simply by implementing a mobile friendly theme.

Connect Your Brand to your Customer’s Life

If you think about it, today a person’s life is wrapped up in their Smartphone: GPS that takes them where they want to go; social media apps that lets them stay connected to friends and family, Calendar to create reminders, plan meetings, etc., email apps that allow them to stay connected with work, and so on. Your business app could well become the one element that connects your brand and your customer’s life. There are apps that remind users of tasks they need to complete in a certain place by using geo-location; for example, if you have a luncheon in a certain area close to your regular supermarket, the app may remind you that you need groceries.

Use Push Notifications

Push notifications allow mobile app developers a simple method of reminding users to just open the app, or that new features have been released. How it helps businesses is that such apps give them the means to inform customers about new products, services, offers etc. Push notifications are right on the home/lock screen but without being invasive. Users can simply turn them off if they want to. Push notifications are like a marketing program by themselves. You need to perfect your timing and use crisp wording to make sure that users actually open them and take the desired action..

Business mobile app development is a skill in itself; at IPIX Tech Services, we have a top-notch mobile application development team with deep expertise in the latest technologies, commitment to customer delight, and a passion for building innovative mobile solutions. To help you get the most out of your business app for mobile, we make sure that your app is user friendly, responsive, intuitive and adds value for your customers. We’ll help you formulate a long term strategy that includes methods of getting customer feedback, incorporating necessary improvements, and more.

Do you have a mobile app for your business yet? Or do you have one but it’s not getting you the results you desired? Perhaps it’s time for getting rid of that, and get a new app developed. At IPIX, we’ll be happy to partner with you and help you fast track your growth journey. To know how our mobile application development team can help you tap into new markets, increase conversions and boost your revenues, get in touch with us now. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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