Maintaining Business Continuity During the Corona Virus Outbreak

How IPIX Tech Services is Maintaining Business Continuity During the Corona Virus Outbreak

The coronavirus pandemic has got the whole world in a tizzy. For many it has meant loss of jobs, stoppage of business, cutbacks, and layoffs. The need to maintain social distancing also meant that many offices had to work with half their staff. Things have probably never looked so bleak since the second World War. Several countries in the world have imposed rolling lockdowns in an effort to contain the pandemic – and prevent community spread.

While most businesses were closed for the period, and some shut down permanently, being unable to bear the loss brought about by closure, all businesses related to healthcare, and food and beverage industries, and ancillary businesses, remained open, being essential services. But the businesses in these industries need help for marketing and selling their products; this necessitated the functioning of software development and digital marketing companies. IPIX Tech Services is one of the foremost companies providing valuable service and helping business continuity during this pandemic.

Even when the country went into a complete lockdown for over two months, our team did not stop working even for a single day. At IPIX, we know the importance of getting new leads, tapping into new markets, challenging the competition, and increasing sales and revenues, and additionally, keeping systems and applications up and running. For this precise reason, we have been providing uninterrupted service to our customers.

You may be wondering how we managed to achieve this. Our dedication and commitment to our customers led us to brainstorm ways in which we could help them in this period.

Every single team member worked from home on their personal laptop or home computer, and we stayed connected to one another through IM apps, group video call apps, and other tools. Communication was simplified with the use of our own project management app, IPIX PMS. This facilitated excellent collaboration and cooperation between team members, and also with customers.

We maintained communication with our customers over phone, email, and IM apps, and responded promptly to customer queries regarding projects that were underway, and provided tech support online remotely. We reached out to businesses whose sites were in need of a revamp and provided a free consultation and suggested how they could improve traffic and boost conversions. For our regular customers, the work of continuous fixing of bugs and providing updates to apps was carried out as before.


When lockdown restrictions were eased, we started functioning with 50% of our staff in the office, after prioritizing their safety. We ensured more than adequate social distancing, provided sanitizers for our team members, and ensured everyone wore masks for the duration of their work in the office. We had already thrashed out a continuity plan, made a list of our in-house vulnerabilities, and evaluated our risks – financial and operational. And we had chalked out plans to deal with all of those challenges, and were fully prepared for any eventuality.

Working remotely from the safety of our homes, we continued to provide all the services our customers required, making sure that their websites provided excellent user experience, was able to attract more traffic, and improve conversions, thus boosting sales and profitability. We were able to help many businesses survive the pandemic by partnering with them to maintain continuity of business. We even extended our working hours so that our customers could contact us for technical support or for resolution of their queries, as this pandemic has created serious problems for them.

Our customers also include several government organizations; by providing uninterrupted support and other services to them, we ensured that the general public could access essential government services smoothly.

At IPIX Tech Services, we are always at the service of our customers – whether it’s a pandemic or world war, you can be assured that you will continue to receive uninterrupted services from our team.


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