Web Development Company Can Make or Break Your Business

How a Web Development Company can Make or Break Your Business

It’s given that a business needs a robust online presence to not just survive, but also thrive, in today’s cut-throat environment. Even if you operate a brick and mortar store, most customers will check out your website to see what you’re offering; if your website is not up to the mark, the majority of the potential customers are likely to just leave your site and go to another.

You need a website that looks attractive, user friendly, and effectively converts users into customers too. It is vital that the web development company you engage for your business is the right one and should be able to help you achieve your business goals.

A Web Development Company Can Help You Make your Business With:


A web development company with experience is preferred, especially if you are a startup; unless you happen to know the developers personally, it’s a safer bet to go with experience. Don’t forget to check out their previous work, and see what the earlier customers have said about them. Do some research before hiring a provider – search online on third party websites that rate providers, ask around for recommendations, and so on.

An effective website loads quickly, features an uncluttered design, clear and strategically displays Call to Action buttons, easy search options, your business contact information, multiple channels of communication like email, live chat, contact forms etc., intuitive navigation, and attractive images with the templates and color schemes that are most suitable for your brand, among other things. Information should be displayed clearly and unambiguously, and the customer should be able to find what they want easily and quickly. A website should also be SEO friendly, which means you need to include the right keywords in your copy, image descriptions, and tags etc.

Content on the site should be just enough to convey your message; it should be relevant, original, and up-to-date, and of high quality. With more people preferring to browse and shop through their mobile devices, it is imperative that your website is responsive so that it provides a seamless experience to customers regardless of the medium they use to browse. The website should also feature good security so that sensitive financial information of customers is not compromised in cyber-attacks. Ensure that this web development company can provide you with all of this; it should be visible in their previous work.

A website that includes all of these looks efficient and professional, and conveys the message that you are serious about what you do.

Technical Expertise

Check the level of expertise they have – the more varied it is, the better; see if they are up-to-date with the latest tools, techniques, and technologies used for web development. Ask them the programming languages, SDKs, and tools which they are proficient in. Only those professionals with the skillsets required to craft cutting-edge websites should be considered.

Marketing Expertise

An efficient website development company should be able to direct a reasonable amount of qualified traffic on your way; check for the vendor’s previous successes with email marketing, paid ads, banners, social media posts and the like.

Industry Knowledge

While this may not be 100% essential, it is definitely preferable to hire a website developer who has previously worked for other businesses in your industry and/or geographical location. This means they are likely to be familiar with the kind of products, industry trends, customer behaviors and patterns, and how to convince users to purchase.

Infrastructure and Resources

A good web development company should have the infrastructure and resources to be able to complete a project and deliver it within the agreed deadlines and budgets. This includes workforce, space, equipment, access to software, and so on.


Check their previous work to see how innovative and out-of-the-box their thinking has been., creativity is a crucial part of the web development process. Innovative designs and functionality will help your website stand out among the thousands of online websites.


A good website development company must be flexible enough to incorporate changes in the last minute, in the techniques they implement, the functionality they include, and so on, so that the website is tailormade to fit the needs of your business.


A web development company that has transparent dealings and keeps you in the loop from the beginning is the one to hire. When the developer keeps you appraised of the progress regularly, you know where your money is going.

Needless to say, a web development company that does not have these qualities can break your business by developing an ineffective website which does not help you attract customers and build your brand. Even if you have good products and provide excellent service, your business may still fail.

A web development company with no industry knowledge, poor technical knowledge or resources may botch up the project and deliver an inferior product; or they may take a long time for delivery. In either case, your business will lose out on potential customers – that means loss of revenue.

Choosing the right web development company is imperative to the success of your business; IPIX Tech Services has over a decade’s experience in successfully launching websites for dozens of businesses across a wide spectrum of industries. Contact us today to create or revamp your website, and we will get back to you with a solution and pricing.