Digital Marketing

Future and Scope of Digital Marketing

Today digital marketing is the most popular and effective form of marketing for businesses of all sizes and across industries. The immense potential of digital marketing to reach wide audiences in minimal time and at a fraction of the cost of conventional marketing methods is the main reason for its ever increasing popularity.

Digital marketing companies in India today offer a multitude of services – email marketing, search engine marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, pay-per-click advertising, analytics, and more. The methods are getting more innovative by the day, and digital marketing professionals devise clever strategies to engage customers, nurture leads, and increase conversions.

Digital marketing is extremely flexible – there are numerous approaches and methods to launch and execute campaigns, and moreover, the results can be recorded, measured and analyzed – allowing marketers to pinpoint shortcomings in the strategies, and correct them. For this very reason, we can safely conclude that digital marketing will continue to be around for some time. It’s possible of course, that even newer forms or methods of digital marketing will continue to make their appearance. Here’s what we predict for digital marketing in the near future:

AI Will Permeate Even More Aspects of Digital Marketing

Already, AI is being used in several ways for activities like content curation, generating news or blog posts, email marketing, digital advertising, searches, UX, web design, chatbots, predictive analysis, etc.

  • Based on news and information, AI can generate blog posts in given templates; the best examples are AI tools like Wordsmith and Quill which are already being used by many media houses for this purpose.
  • Content curation leads to product recommendations; it’s basically done by recording and analyzing the past behavior of consumers; Netflix and Amazon are using this very successfully.
  • When you show your customers blogs that are the most relevant to them, products they are most likely to buy, or shows and movies they would love to watch – you have a winner.
  • AI is also being used to personalize email messages based on past behavior and patterns to deliver the most relevant marketing messages – enhancing your chances of converting your leads into customers. Boomtrain and Persado are examples of tools that help in this activity.
  • Digital advertising is one field where AI has been used with great success. Social networks analyze user information including preferences and demographics and predict the best audiences for a brand; some platforms integrate AI and big data analysis, and optimize ads to detect users who are most likely to click the ad and/or convert, as well as identify the most profitable platforms.
  • Voice search and Google algorithm RankBrain have revolutionized the way people search and the results they obtain. Voice search uses natural, conversational words unlike the typical keywords seen in Google searches; RankBrain delivers the best results with the use of AI and interpretation of user voice.
  • AI can help in personalizing the experience a user has on a given website. The algorithm will analyze tons of data and deliver content and offers that are the most relevant to the specific user.
  • Chatbots are already hugely popular, and we only see them becoming more prevalent. They eliminate the limitations posed by human chat agents; with AI based chatbots, businesses can provide support to their customers 24/7.
  • Lead scoring and ranking of prospects is the best example of application of predictive analysis. this activity can empower marketers to turn proactive, rather than remain reactive planners. Using available data, predictive models can identify the leads most likely to convert, at what price they are likely to convert, and which customers are likely to make multiple purchases, and so on.

VR and AR will Grow

The use of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality by digital marketing companies is already on the rise, and is expected to shoot up even more in the coming years. Swedish furniture giant Ikea has successfully used both VR and AR to help customers see how exactly a particular piece of furniture will fit in a particular room; following their success, many smaller companies have followed suit. This will be of immense value in the fashion and footwear industry too – you can actually see from the comfort of your home, how a particular dress or shoe looks on you; you can place orders only when you’re satisfied with the result!

Mobile Marketing

With Smartphones becoming commonplace, and an increasing number of people beginning to browse and purchase through them, it stands to reason that mobile marketing will experience rapid growth.

Video Marketing

Visuals have a high impact on consumers; videos, even more. In the future we are likely to see more video content, and not just as ads; businesses will make more explainer videos – showing customers how to use a product, how to troubleshoot, how to assemble and so on. With attention spans and patience running shorter with time, more people prefer to watch videos rather than read large blocks of text – leading to increased proliferation of videos.

To Sum up

Not only will digital marketing remain, it will witness exponential growth, and help businesses thrive in an extremely competitive world. Digital marketing services will be in ever increasing demand in the near predictable future. Though theoretically many of the digital marketing activities are simple enough that you can do, practically it’s not possible, because it will mean diverting precious time and resources away from your core business processes. It makes more sense to engage the services of a professional digital marketing company to handle your digital marketing campaigns.

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