Benefits: Project & Time Management Software

9 Benefits of Project Management Software with Time Tracking

As a business, not using project management software can result in you doing a great deal of work without the revenue you expect. This is because you could be wasting time on doing little things and repetitive tasks that could have been automated. However if you have the appropriate tools, you can avoid all of this. You can leave it all to your trusty software, and free up your time to do something more important. There are different types of project management solutions you can use – here are some of the main benefits of project management software with time tracking :

Easy Collaboration

using a project and time management system enables you and your entire team to collaborate seamlessly on large projects. This software allows everyone in your team to share documents, status updates, messages, and timelines, enabling you to get real-time info on the status of tasks, projects, and so on. The team members can exchange information and get answers to queries almost immediately.

Stay on Schedule

Staying on schedule when working on a project can be hard, especially when you don’t have a way of keeping track of how much time you’re spending on each task, when it’s due, and so on. But with a time and project management solution, you can easily track project schedules. With this vital information available to employees, it will be easy for them to complete tasks within given deadlines by scheduling their tasks wisely, eventually completing the project in time.

Track projects

With time and project management software, you can track the progress of every project your team is working on. Team members are able to provide real time updates about their progress on tasks, and work still pending. You can reduce or even eliminate meetings and emails and save time.

Improved Communication

In addition to sharing and collaborating with your team, your time and project management system can help you maintain easy, quick, and smooth communication with team members, clients, and vendors. Clients will be able to provide feedback, make changes they want and monitor progress of projects, once they are given access to files. The only thing you need to do is provide them with usernames and passwords so that they can access it at any time they need.

Optimized decision making

With all the details of a project in one single place, it allows you to make the right decisions at the right time.

Delegate Tasks

A time and project management solution helps you to delegate tasks across your entire team with ease. Everyone will have clearly defined roles and responsibilities, and they will be very clear on who they have to report to, or contact in case of any issue they may face, or suggestions they have to make. In case of any confusion, they can simply check the software, and get clarity.

Increased Accuracy of Time and Attendance Tracking

A time and project management system can help you keep precise records of the attendance, leave taken, and time spent on tasks of every employee. You can also record the hours spent as billable and non-billable, making it easy and convenient to generate invoices.

Boost Productivity

With a time and project management software solution you can ensure that your payroll is more accurate and efficient, and complete it quicker. This will free up time of the HR department to focus on more critical tasks.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

When a project is delivered on time to a customer, that too without any issues, the customer is bound to be pleased with the outcome. A happy customer is almost certain to return.

Whether large or small, every business can benefit a great deal from implementing time and project management software. It allows you to keep everything organized and ensures smooth progress of projects. Optimal use of time, enhanced decision making, improved deliverability and delighted customers all mean one thing – success for your business, leading to more profits.

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