Tips for Logo Design

7 Tips to Design a Successful Logo

If you thought that designing a logo was a simple job, you need to think again. A logo is the visual identity of a brand, and there is a lot more to it than just putting it in a box or using a fancy font. A logo impacts the minds of customers with regards to how they view the brand, their overall attitude towards it, and whether they feel like buying or not. The logo is often the first impression that customers form of your company or brand. Brand logos have permeated our lives to a great extent – with even young kids being able to identify companies from their logos.

If you’re thinking of revamping your logo, or you’re merely starting your journey, here are some expert tips from logo design experts:

1. Get Creative and Be Unique

It is absolutely essential that your logo is unique; not only will it help you stand apart from other brands, it will keep you in the clear legally. If your logo design is too similar to an existing one, you may very well find yourself in the middle of a legal muddle – the other company can sue you for copyright infringement. Apart from that, when you take the trouble to create something unique, it shows that you care about the image of your brand as projected by the logo. Let imagination run wild in your logo designing – don’t limit your creativity.

2. Know the Brand

Though the logo is an image, it is a visual or pictorial representation of your brand. Your logo needs to appeal to your target audience – and this is something you cannot lose sight of. Note down what you think your brand represents – the values, emotions, the ideology; is it serious, fun-loving, modern or utility driven – and so on. Of course, the aesthetic appeal of the logo design is important, but it needs to convey all these things too. Take the Amazon logo; it’s a simple word logo, but the arrow that goes from A to z in the Amazon, conveys that they can sell everything. It’s very minimalistic, yet powerful.

Color is Critical

You may think that it’s okay to choose any color that appeals to you – but it isn’t so. Each color has an emotion associated with it; rather each color evokes certain emotions or conveys certain things to people. Though of course, there could be certain differences, however, usually the following colors have certain specific associations:

  • Red – Bold, energetic
  • Blue – Trust, peace, health, money, water
  • Yellow – cheerful, summer, optimism
  • Orange – youthful, creative, casual, friendly
  • Black – power, strength
  • Green – vegetarian, organic, eco-friendly
  • White – pure, clean, simple
  • Purple – spiritual, wise
  • Pink – feminine, fun, romantic
  • Brown – earth, rural, historic

So you need to tell the logo design agency what your brand stands for – what emotion you want to convey, and choose the color accordingly.

4. The Name Matters

Your logo design has two important elements – a symbol and a word (the name). If your name is unique, you can create a simple but powerful and memorable logotype – like Ray-Ban, or Coca-Cola; in some cases, it may work even if it’s a common word- but only once you’ve proven your worth as a brand; for example, Subway sandwiches. Otherwise, you need a symbol that will distinguish your company. – take Mercedes, for example. Again, be careful when choosing fonts – don’t use fonts that are too fancy or not clear, and make good use of negative space – like FedEx has done, for example.

5. Think Flexibility

We live in a digital world where logos appear on the screen as much as (if not more) they appear in print: on computers, laptops, TV screens, mobile phones etc. you need to ensure that your logo looks good in digital too. Your logo should look great on multiple backgrounds, work in apps, avatars, icons, and must be size agnostic. You also need to think about playing the long game; you don’t want your brand logo to look irrelevant or outdated in a few years down the line. Design logos that will last, and can be tweaked just a little bit to be appropriate for its time. Take the Coca-Cola logo again: if you observe, it has gone tiny modifications over the years; but the changes are so small that you don’t realize there is a change.

6. Try a Visual Double Meaning

These kinds of logos are very clever; it may take a couple of seconds for the viewer to understand, but when they get it, the impact will be very powerful. It’s basically two pictures wrapped into one, which interprets the concept or idea behind the brand. Take this one for example:

Here the upright pencil tip stands for the ‘Design’ part of the brand name, and it also represents the tent. A truly professional logo design company should be capable of creating such logos that are quirky, simple and yet memorable.

7. KISS – Keep it simple, Silly

Don’t stuff your logo image with too much detail. The most memorable logos are the simplest ones – Nike’s tick mark symbol, Apple computers’ Apple that’s missing a ‘byte’, McDonald’s, Shell Oil, and many more. However, to ensure the simplicity, may take a load of hard work!

Designing a logo is best left to companies that offer professional logo design services. At IPIX Tech Services, we have nearly two decades of experience in crafting creative, unique, simple, yet powerful logos for companies in nearly a dozen countries. Are you ready to revamp your logo? Our talented logo designers can help you create a logo that will help customers identify your brand and create value. Talk to us now!