UX Design of Ecommerce website

6 Tips to Improve UX Design of your Ecommerce website

Almost 50% of consumers today prefer to shop online thanks to the convenience it offers; which is why we are seeing a spurt in e-commerce development. However, it’s not enough to merely have an E-commerce site; you need to provide your users with a great experience as well. If you don’t, you can be sure that the visitors will abandon your site and go elsewhere – after all, there are thousands of sites online selling similar products.

UX, or user experience, is one of the most important aspects of your e-commerce website; in fact, it is the single biggest factor that impacts conversion, customer satisfaction, revenues, and more. There are many elements on a website that impact the UX negatively; to name a few:

  • Slow load times
  • Confusing navigation
  • Prolonged checkout process
  • Broken landing pages
  • Improperly linked inner pages

If your customer is unhappy, they may buy less, and may not return – or worse, may simply abandon the cart, and shop elsewhere. Still worse, they are highly likely to tell others of their bad experience, and help drive other potential customers away!

Ecommerce development companies have a few expert tips for you to improve your customers’ user experience:

1. Provide easy, customer-centric search

The search box should be prominent and visible and easy to use; on clicking on the box, the keypad should immediately open and be displayed in an adequate size so that the customer can type easily. The search should include similar words to account for misspelt product names by the consumer. you can also follow Amazon’s example, and offer product recommendations based on their previous purchase history, or their current browsing (related products). For example, if a customer is looking at say, gourmet baby food, you can recommend organic baby shampoo with the caption ‘frequently bought together’ or so.

  • Voice Search
  • By allowing your customer to perform a voice search, you will be able to provide a great experience and distinguish yourself from your competition. The customer will be able to perform a search even if they are busy doing something else – the convenience it offers is simply amazing.

2. Visual Storytelling

Use good quality, clear photographs of your actual products – never use stock images. Try to upload photos taken of the product from different angles, or in ways that show its actual size – this is very important in the case of clothes, shoes, handbags etc., as also storage items – basically any product whose size is important for the customer. Upload videos that explain how a particular product is to be used, assembled, cleaned, and so on – this makes it very helpful for a customer, and the chance of them purchasing is higher.

3. Provide a popup view

Every time a visitor clicks on a product, they are taken to the product page, and it may take up too much time; they may also have to keep several tabs open. So provide them with an option of a popup view which displays all the necessary information related to the product. You can include a call to action that takes the user to the product page.

4. Don’t overload product information

Most people don’t have the time or inclination to read huge blocks of text; keep the product description as short bullet points – don’t leave out anything, but use minimal words. If you feel you need to provide detailed description, what you can do is allow the customer who wants such info on clicking ‘Read More’.

5. Easy Checkout

According to providers of ecommerce development services, lengthy, time consuming checkouts are one of the biggest reasons for cart abandonment. Keep it to a simple, one-page checkout with minimal steps. Don’t force the user to create an account; rather, allow them to do a guest checkout – if they are in a hurry when they are making the purchase, they will be very grateful. Perhaps, the next time they make a purchase, they may create an account on your ecommerce site.

6. Establish Credibility

You need to make the checkout and payment pages secure with SSL certification. Customers will be a lot more comfortable buying from you and entering their credit card information when they see the ‘https’ in the URL. Encrypted pages are almost impossible to hack, and it will keep the sensitive financial information of your customers safe. You can also display trust badges that help inspire confidence in the minds of the consumers like – Symantec, Norton, McAfee, Site Lock, etc. Trust badges prove to your customers that your site has been vetted and verified by these companies.

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